Snowflakes Do Not Comprehend Trump Will Lawfully Remain As President Even When Trumps Meeting Notes Are Photographed

Have you ever seen a person who was completely clueless about some event or person?  Or have you ever watched a person flail about all around the real core of an issue without once, not ONCE, landing on the truth or the fact or the meaning?

Here I have a great example of blind stupidity, or wild ignorance when the truth, the facts are standing in his face screaming.  Yet still he misses the entirety of the fact that Donald Trump obviously intends to remain in office for four more years.

This fellow is obviously proud mommies liberal.  He … nah, I don’t want to comment on this snowflake.  But what he has in his hands is the outline of how Donald Trump plans to proceed this week as he moves forward with taking his rightful place on the podium Jan 20.  Except I do not think there will be a podium.  Not certain here, but I think he is just going to declare a national emergency and move forward with the Commander in Chief part.

Gina Haspel is being replaced as Dir. CIA by Kashi Patel, a brilliant and apparently loyal gentleman close to Mr. Trump.  You might ask where Ms. Haspel is.  Go ahead, ask.  You SHOULD ask because she is/was the Director of the CIA.  She has not been heard from since November.  You might want to ask where Gina Haspel is.  It is kind of important and I will leave it to you to fill in that blank in your mind.

Do not be foolish.  The United States is at war with China.  It is a real war, with real consequences.  China wants to keep it non-kinetic as long as possible, because the USA can incinerate China, and should.  China has been waging a spy/bribery/political and commercial influence war for decades.  During a private meeting in Houston, TX with a Chinese customer in 1998, I was asked by a Chinese spy and member of the Chinese Communist Party to supply China with “high performance GPS navigation system for cruise missile”.  The request came after a phone call, in Chinese, to my customer as we sat at her conference table.  She had already offered me a huge bribe over lunch.

I liked my customer.  She was a beautiful and soft-spoken Chinese woman who had been taken as a young girl and trained by the CCP.  Her parents had been moved from the countryside into Beijing, a big deal for poor Chinese peasants.  But the relocation was more to hold her parents hostage than it was a reward for her hard work.  Her other job, aside from being a spy, was as a consort for visiting Chinese dignitaries and members of the CCP.

This same scenario was repeated thousands of times across the USA for decades, and someone supplied whatever China wanted.  Anyone making money from China is giving China something it needs to become more powerful VS the USA.  All business with China strengthens the most powerful foreign threat to America on earth.  China is the enemy of mankind.  Ask the Uyghurs, who have been rounded up and literally gutted by the Chinese for profit.  China sells the Uyghurs’ hearts, livers, lungs and other body parts on the web.  That is what China does, and these are Joe Bidens’ business partners.

Donald Trump will remain President for as long as is necessary to finish his business.  He is fighting for the American people, and we all need to fully back him up in this endeavor.  There will always be antifans and blm’s.  There are anarchists in every nation, and they cause problems when given opportunity.  There will certainly be plenty of problems with anarchists in America when Biden is arrested.

That’s why the law guarantees your God-given right to own and carry firearms.  Go. Buy. Carry.

Here is this blind young man’s video.  The notes are from a planning meeting where Team Trump is laying out its plan for proceeding this week to maintain the Office of President.  Someone, maybe you, might reach out to this powder-puff and wake him up to the fact that Biden will never hold office in America again.

His most enduring words – “It’s weird, that’s all I can say.  It’s weird.”

Donald Trump will remain President.




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