Slaughtered On The Altar Of The Church Of Democracy

Like most voters who voted for Mr. Trump, and I did, a certain amount of anxiety is part of my day.  We hate to see evil flourish, and it finds fertile soil in America.  Nonetheless, there are still many faithful followers of Yahusha here.  That makes a difference.There are many wicked people in politics.  One-Worlders, dictators, tyrants, oligarchs, brute thugs – all kinds of people, and in both parties.  But there are no, and I do mean zero saved people in the Democratic Party.  How can I say this?


Any person who supports the slaughter of children openly serves Satan.  Imagine going to your church, only to discover that they were going to slaughter a baby before the monthly Sunday luncheon.  How many followers of Yahusha would remain there?


But to make it palatable for the pro-lifers, the church board members hired a real doctor to come do the sacrifice.  The donor of the baby is a pregnant church member who simply does not want to have to raise a child at this stage of her professional career.  She is a hairdresser.

So after the sermon, a great one on perpetual, unending “grace“, with all sin forgiven for all time and how once a person is “saved”, he is saved forever. Period.  No questions asked.

The sermon ends and everyone feels great.  Euphoric, even, and they all crowd into the side room to observe the ritual sacrifice of innocent and utterly defenseless human life.

The doctor slaughters the baby and all present agree that it is a woman’s right to choose.  According to this church, a woman can kill at will as long as it takes place within her own womb. The baby has no rights, and is not even given the dignity of being considered human.  Ripping the child to pieces, alive and fully capable of living outside the womb is just fine with these members of the Church of Democracy, the Democrats.

These same Church of Democracy members are counting votes.

If they demand the freedom and even free state funding to slaughter human children at will, what will they do with the votes for a man who endeavors to ban human sacrifice?

The people who demand the right to kill children are in fact putting up window blinds to prevent the observation of their “vote counting”.  They do in fact bring in boxes of votes in the wee hours of the morning, under cover of darkness.  They do in fact demand that licensed and certified election observers leave the room where the counting is taking place.

So yes, these same killers of innocent children will absolutely lie, cheat and steal in order to perpetuate their satanic rituals.  There is nothing they will not do.  The presence of the Holy Spirit can NEVER reside within such as these.  All the saved left the Democratic Party, the Church of Democracy long ago.  Voter fraud is a team sport among the Church of Democracy faithful.  There is no limit to their depravity, and if it means killing you, so be it. Just ask Antifa.  Satan is their master.

Burn that into your brain and never doubt it.  No matter how “nice” a Church of Democracy member might seem to you, at heart he cuts babies into small pieces and sells the organs for profit.  That is the Democratic Party.

On the altar of the Church of Democracy lies the bloody pieces of what was moments ago a beautiful human baby.  Down the block, church members are counting votes, firing police officers and burning bakeries.  Many of those votes are yours, but many more are fake, overwhelmingly in favor of their champion and his imminent replacement, Kamala Harris.

If Biden is sworn into office, Kamala Harris will be in charge.  Biden is the white-haired anglo male selected as the front man.  He did not campaign very much because he knew months ago the votes were already boxed up and ready to go when needed.  He didn’t care of zero people showed up for his speeches – he knew the votes were already in the warehouse, signed, sealed and ready for delivery to the vote counters in the key states.

This is a hard time, and we must stand up and take action.  We cannot let this treason go unpunished.  Pray for strength and courage to take whatever action is necessary to save your nation.  Pray for Donald Trump, the law abiding judges, lawyers and investigators who are fighting the fraud.  It is massive and we must put an end to it now.

לוחם חנית



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GM Linder
3 years ago

Sad but true, we are no different in the UK.

Welcome To The War
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