Sid Roth – The Sunflower Prophecy. Great Hope Is Rising.

Have you ever watched Sid Roth’s youtube channel?  If you have, you probably learned about his beautiful faith in God.  Sid is a marvelously gentle soul, a saved ‘Jew’.  He is a truly childlike spirit who joyfully loves our creator.  His Sunflower prophecy is such a blessing that I want to share it with you now.  There is enough pain in the world and I know that you need good news.

I subscribe to him and have for years, but I go long stretches without watching his show because he has lots of guests who have had dreams or visions and while those are awesome blessings, I’m more focused on my own faith and do not rely on visions or prophecies outside of the Word.

I do watch and listen to some/many, but when I do watch them, I give them years to pan out.  Then if they do come to pass, I look that person up to see what else might be going on.

Visions and prophecies are real.  Some are bogus, of course, but my own personal experience with Ani (I AM) proved to me repeatedly that people do have visions, and people do hear the voice of God.  No doubt.  Absolutely.  For Sure.

Sid is a true believer.  The Holy Spirit does reside in Sid and recently, even Sid had a vision.  A good one and the power of the Holy Spirit present in the in Sid is quite evident.  The conviction of Sid here is perhaps the strongest I have ever seen in him.  It is a powerful, meaningful vision that is one of magnificent hope for all of us who follow Jesus.

At the 12:40 mark, Sid said “It’s going to be a dividing line” and certainly that division is coming hard and fast.

Today, we have in Sid a message of genuine hope, and what I am about to say next has nothing to do with Sid or his vision.

I love my Father.  Let me tell you this: Do not be surprised if the part of the Tribulation we see is not what you or I expect from reading The Revelation.  Ani is above all else merciful.  He loves extending mercy.  It is probably His favorite thing to do.

Watching the people on earth, including His own people, suffer in world-wide torment, fear and anger over the tyranny of Satans slaves in high places is NOT what Ani wants to see.  He knows exactly how each of us hurts and He is in a very bad mood toward the sons of hell.

It isn’t that our human lives are so important, they are not.  But it is that there is a significant body of saved people here who are HIS, and He loves us.  Therefore, the wise will start looking up.  The expectations of the wise induce the love of our Father to manifest within us and recompose our temporal reality.

Jesus is coming.  When is He coming?  When we least expect Him.  When do we mostly expect Him?  Near the end of the seven years.  So when would we least expect Him?

Now, back to Sids powerful vision.



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10 thoughts on “Sid Roth – The Sunflower Prophecy. Great Hope Is Rising.”

      1. I feel drawn to orthodox monks and saints. Humility, ascetic. Found this via american ortodox monk Blessed Father Seraphim Rose. Or yt channel Gregory Decapolite.

        1. Hi, Karla. I know what you mean about being drawn to the orthodox monks. I personally and very often just want to retreat into some desert place or in the mountains and live alone with the Word. But Yahuah will not let me go. He tells me that to do so would be like hiding my lamp under a bushel, or a basket. I have to keep warning any who will listen, and pointing them at the Words of Truth. Get close to Him, Karla. Eternal life in paradise with Yahuah is worth any possible price we will pay. Truly.

  1. Thank you for sharing .
    The commandment about The Father’s Name.
    Says to not let his name come to nothing .
    His name is YHWH / Yahweh Not Ani
    I remember when your started using it and why, BUT.

    Peace and Shalom

    1. “come to nothing” – good point, Enoch. But where in the Word does Yahuah Himself state that we are to all him Yahuah? Where does He personally state that he is to be called I AM (Ani)? The word “god”, which is a Teutonic generic word for whatever a person worships does make His name into nothing. Calling Ani “God” is calling Him the same thing one might call a rock or a stick or an animal skull or whatever one worships. The word “god” truly makes His name into nothing. Thank you for caring.

    2. Semantics are not important to Him. He only cares for what is in your heart and what you are praying for. He knows if you are not praying to Him, He knows if you are. He is so much bigger than a translation of a name. Let’s be kind to one another.

      1. Thank you for your kind words, April. Enoch is a trusted brother and his understanding is good. He just has a resistance point with the name “Ani” because it is foreign to him and he defends the Words. That is what we do – we defend the Words. Yahuah did instruct Moshe to use the name “Ani” and to tell the nations Moshe negotiated with that the name of the Father is to be called “I AM”. He did not speak to Moshe in English, and most likely used Hebrew. Hebrew for “I AM” is “Ani”, according to two different native Hebrew speakers that I asked. Abiding by the Words of Ani can be difficult, but our calling is to abide in His Words. Any rejection of His Words is rebellion. Not that we reside within the Words as a strait jacket, but because we love our Father and worship Him the only way He accepts – through obedience.

          1. Yeshua is a name that many call ‘Jesus’. The name ‘Jesus’ was completely made up by the translators of the 1611 King James Bible. They used the Greek name ‘Iasus” (pronounced ee-ay-soos and meaning “healing son of Zeus” as a model for the name they created. In fact there are countless mistranslations in all Bibles, making it really hard to fully understand what it is teaching. But still, reading the Bible is the best thing to do, April.

            As for most people, they just look around and see what everyone else is doing, and the trend these days is to call Jesus “Yeshua’. It is a perfectly fine name, but I do think “Yahusha” is closer to the mark. Here is what “Yahusha” means…

            YAHUSHA has a wonderful meaning. Strong’s H3467 declares that ישׁע (yâsha’) is used as a primitive root, meaning properly: to be open, wide or free, that is, (by implication) to be safe; causatively to free or succor: to avenge, defend, deliver, help, preserve, rescue, to be safe, to bring or to have salvation, to save, or to be a Savior, or to get victory. We have elected to publish the name YAHUSHA, in the first instance because it is the most accurate transliteration of the name given to the Messiah, as he was given the same name as Husha / Yahusha son of Nun, whom the English world has always called Joshua. However, the name YAHUSHA means I AM HE who avenges, defends, delivers, helps, preserves, rescues, saves, brings salvation, your Savior, who brings you to victory.

            That’s a pretty good name, huh?

            As for Yahuah – He is my Father. If you follow the Way then you are His daughter. I call Him Ani most of the time because that is what He told Moses to call Him when anyone wanted to know His name. “Ani” means “I AM”.

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