September 8th, 2023: Prepare


Things are moving along quickly now.  Charles is King, and bear in mind that both he and his mother claimed kingship/queenship over Israel.  This will give Netanyahu pause, because certainly he, under the blaspheming Sanhedrin and its “Noahide” law, deigns to be king himself.

The bible is only a few clicks from outright ban, and if Trump is barred from office again, we will see legal action against the Holy Bible in America.  Finland is banning bible quotes.  We are only a few months from the real potential of a world-wide ban of Righteous speech.

Persecution is rising in the West.  Do not fear moving elsewhere when you are persecuted at home.  This growing hatred of GOD will not abate.  Yahuah and all who follow Him are passionately hated already.  If your own family members hate you because of your devotion to Yahuah, then leave them.  You are not called to remain where you are hated.

Finland is disgustingly anti-Christ.  So is America.  So Is England.  So Is the Pope.  The whole world is black with wickedness.


All of you should begin praying for options now.  Pray for Righteous friends, pray to BE a Righteous friend.  Pray that you are the safe place for others who flee persecutions.

If you are well-armed, that is good but bear in mind that weapons will only carry you so far and that the enemy is better equipped.  Disappearing is a good option, and know that Yahuah is your God.  He will provide you with everything you need, but not everything you want.  Meeting needs is sufficient, and our fellowship will be important.

I am going to have de-indexed and will block the search engines from finding this site as long as possible.  I mean, this site is already indexed and known by all of them, but I think if I remove it from the search que, maybe they will not block it for a year or so.

The tribulation is not a thing do dread, friends.  It is a dark time where the enemies of Yahuah will crow and boast that they have conquered Yahuah and His people, but then He is going to absolutely slaughter them.  We have nothing to fear, although I know many of you are afraid.

Don’t be afraid.

As for money, I am looking at crypto, and the crypto technology I am looking at most closely is XRP.  Very good privacy controls, and second only to Bitcoin.  XRP will give owners a transportable store of wealth with no identification given when it is used to make purchases.  I am just getting familiarized with it so I’m not a good source of information, but you can look it up.

Cross-border payments are a specialty of XRP.

Buy silver ounces and gold.  Start selling things to convert them to crypto, gold, silver and some durable clothing and storable food.  Buy extra medicine of you take medicine.  Try to eat mostly beef protein, fresh eggs, then chicken and fish and plenty of clean water.  You need to become as healthy as you can make yourself.  Get plenty of sleep and start walking (in new, good boots) every day.  Ride a bicycle if you have one.  Put some miles in.  Be consistent.  Make some reliable friends.  Keep your secrets.  Have a place in  mind to disappear to if you feel the need to abandon your home on short notice.

If you are strong enough, have a backpack loaded and ready.  Be prepared for winter.  Get your passport, but remember that the government will be looking for people who are still of pure blood.  You might find yourself restricted to your own borders.  And of course, Yahuah is Lord of all and Yahusha tells us to be brave and that He is always with us, all the way through to the end.

The reign of the anti-Christ is not an “exciting possibility” any longer.   He is waiting to take his throne as you read this, and he is eager to hunt us down.  The Red Dragon, remember?  And the Red Dragon is the base upon which King Charles (the Unicorn with the human eye) is chained and upon which he stands.

Death of Elizabeth II; Accession of Charles III | EXARANDORUM

Note that the three vav figures (bottom, left ostrich feathers) are in fact three “6”s.  and the “Ich Dien” is a German phrase which means “I Serve”.  So Charles’ personal and unique to him only heraldry says, among many other things, that he serves the anti-christ and that the red dragon is the basis of King Charles reign.


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john geis
john geis
7 months ago

I believe the Azovmena prophecy is in the process of fulfillment. I have no doubt that once Russia takes all of eastern Ukraine we will give Ukraine neutron bombs and they will use them. Then America gets nuked. The pottery found in Sodom indicates it was nuked or the equivalent.

7 months ago


Welcome To The War
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