DO NOW: Internet Service Providers ARE Blocking My Content. How You Take Control…

Some ISP’s are blocking

Do this NOW, because this information will be BLOCKED when your ISP blocks  It WILL HAPPEN.  

I am getting notices that access to is blocked in some areas.  If you get any kind of error loading our pages, it is most likely that your ISP is blocking content.  It WILL happen to you and you need a VPN now, because finding one later might be hard.  How To…

The way around ISP blocked content is through an encrypted channel.  Find some VPN’s that offer a free trial and try the free trial.  I use my VPN every day, and for about 1/2 the day.

Here is a duckduckgo private search for free VPN services:

Cell phone security.  The best I know of is Signal.  End-to-end encryption for text and voice.  If you and your contact use Signal, no one can intercept and read your text messages, nor even know who you are texting.  You can also encrypt voice communications so you can talk to your friends safely when the globalists take over the world.

Also, get a free email account and re-register/subscribe using your new email address.  This is an end-to-end encrypted mail delivery system that no one will have access to except you.  Proton Mail is very good, its free and lots of semi-famous Truth folks you are familiar with use it.

Do all three.  Do this.  Don’t wait.  Get Signal installed and tell your contacts to get it, too.  Get Proton installed and get a VPN set up.  When you get Proton installed, re-subscribe with your proton email address, please.  Then we can delete your insecure email address here.


PLEASE PLEASE --- CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION NOW. FIRST. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE. It is almost certainly in your SPAM folder, especially if you use GOOGLE.

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