Satanic Ritual Abuse: Creating A Satanic Army Everywhere You Live

Satanic Ritual Abuse feeds demonic power into the human abusers. The abuse is specifically to bring in demons to an immediate area, and direct the power of those demons into the people abusing the children. The purpose is to create ever greater power on earth for Satan to use the instant the Restrainer is taken away by Yahuah. As you will see here,

Satanic Ritual Abuse: Russ Dizdar on the Force Prepared By Satan

When this happens, you will know exactly what it is. You best prepare by obeying Yahuah, including being prepared to fight.

Originally posted on November 27, 2019 @ 1:25 am


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    1. Linda, He is among His people. He is within you if you love Him. Jesus said the same thing on the cross 🙂 “Why have you forsaken me, Daddy?” Sin exists everywhere around us, and Satan hates the faithful. Prayer, Linda. Prayer gets results.

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