Satan Wants His Throne And He Comes In Rage For The Righteous

Have you ever wanted to rumble?  You know, to get into a fight, maybe with hammers?

We are in an interlude, a quiet time on the linear path to global governance.  While we go about our lives, the enemy is positioning and making final preparations for whatever the next major step forward will be.  In the interim, I notice information across the web which plants the seeds that reinforce  global “groupthink”.

The groupthink operation never stops.  It runs like a great river through the web, and subsequently through the minds of every person who reads even only the headlines.  We are fed a consistent diet of manipulative, made-up lies in media, and not only in the major portals, but also in individual blogs, tweets, obscure news sites, etc.  It is like disinformational rain, getting all of us wet.

The division is happening.  It will continue, escalate and accelerate.  Major division is underway.  It will distill into this: Righteous VS Unrighteous.  This IS the future, and this IS the plan.  There will be a sharp, painful and destructive divide between those who walk in the Way, and those who do not.  There will be many, many Christians and Catholics who violently attack, either with kinetic force or with virulent verbal hatred, those who follow the Way.

This I tell you with certainty.  Hatred will flow like a tsunami from those who hate the Truth.  If you have accepted the Truth that Yahusha is the Son of God, that He died and rose from that grave having been sacrificed for our failure to walk in the Way, and if you subsequently turned from your disobedience and now walk in the Way, you are the most hated soul in all of the Luciferian domain.

Ha Shatan, satan, the devil, Lucifer – he goes by many names and I cannot publish what I believe he is called by the fallen ones – his darkness is complete.  He is the anti-God.  There is nothing he will not do to you if it advances his rule.  He knows that he has already lost, but he also knows that nearly every human on earth has no understanding of Truth.  Therefore, he presents the deluge of lies across the entire earth through every possible means of communication 24 hours per day for thousands of years.  It never ends.

His goal is to rob God,אני, I AM, Ani, of His children.  Satan is the pedophilic drug dealer selling fentanyl to the elementary school children so he can rape, butcher and cannibalistically consume them by the billions.  He has thrown the largest net in celestial history to ensnare the most prized possession in the greatest numbers of all time.  

Yet still there is a remnant outside his grasp.

His rage against the Truth is immeasurable.  The darkness in him is complete.  You do not want to plumb the depths of it, not to even imagine what that might be like, lest the darkness seduce you.  That darkness is very subtle, beguiling, a gentle slide into the oblivion of damnation.  At this very minute, while you read this paragraph, thousands of human beings are falling into his bondage.  Thousands and 10’s of thousands are being taken from their human body and clawed into hell forever.  Like a great swirling funnel of death, so are the lost being swallowed by the domain of hell.

All hope burns with them.  There is no existence for them other than the boiling inferno of eternity.  They will dwell in the roiling sea of fire forever, scream in hatred for relief that does not exist, cursing God forever.

Our enemy is worse than those eternal flames.  He never rests, never sleeps, never eats, never tires of his mission.  He leads humans, develops tribes of human commanders, using those human leaders to seduce and corrupt and blackmail and entrap others using the most horrific methods imaginable, always widening his circle of infernal slaves, working throughout the entire world for thousands of years to build one secret society after another, all designed to lead to him.

He is the all-seeing-eye at the top of the pyramid on the US dollar.

To his chosen few he reveals himself as the angel of light.  He identifies himself as the one true god who wants nothing other than to free mankind from the slavery of obedience to I AM/Ani.  He makes his most devoted slaves richer than Midas, giving them power and the means to wallow in the most wicked debaucheries and rituals.  He reminds the skeptics that it was Ani  who flooded the earth and slaughtered mankind, omitting the fact that it was mans’ corruption, led by the fallen ones and supported by the offspring of the fallen ones from his story.

We know these secret societies, and there are many.  One in particular exists in almost every town and city on earth.  They are world-wide, and their leadership is committed to service to Lucifer.  These members have infiltrated every branch of government in every government on earth.  They are judges, lawyers, ministers, princes, kings, presidents, doctors, billionaires, premiers, commissars, dictators, governors, police officers, sheriffs, constables, pastors, preachers, writers, editors, publishers, directors, producers, actors, singers, bankers, generals, admirals, family members and neighbors.

Like terminal cancer consuming its host, these secret societies gain power and authority and eventually, run everything.  One ring rules them all.  One.  You know it.  You know.

How do you think it is that the fraud of Biden could happen?  How is it that justice is never served?  How could 72 voter fraud cases be denied a fair hearing by many different judges in many different states with many different laws?  Seventy two.  All denied a hearing.

Satan wants his throne.  You might be in the way.



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