Satan Is Summoning His Legions


I love you, brothers and sisters.  Many of you follow Yahuah, and because you truly worship Him as GOD, you subsequently study and submit to His commands.  You honor Yahuah because you recognize that His Words “forever” and “always” and “eternally” mean what they imply – that the commands of Yahuah are permanent.

Hold on to your faith.  Continue to ask Yahuah to increase your faith, and to increase your humility.  Pray for the spirit of humility.  Pride will destroy in the coming holocaust.

So what is this coming holocaust going to look like?

It is going to be greater than anything ever imagined by any human being at any time in the history of man.  The earth will be systematically destroyed by Yahuah, and by man.  Utter and complete destruction, which is why Yashua said that if He did not return, not one soul would be left alive.

Why is that important?  Why is it important for there to be survivors, so important that Yahusha Himself comes to guarantee survivors?

Will you be here for this planet-wide holocaust?  Will I?

What about the children of earth?  Surely all of them are heaven bound.  All not yet old enough to be held accountable will ascend to heaven.  All of them will vanish one fine day.  Yahuah is separating the Righteous from the unrighteous.  It is a constant, ongoing process.

In the war that will ultimately swallow the West, the diminutive Jew called “Zelensky”, a small horn indeed, is recruiting the Jewess witch Marina Abramovic to represent Ukraine world-wide.

No doubt that Hillary Clinton was instrumental in getting this witch appointed.  Clinton and Abramovic directly serve Satan, and after all, Satan wants the throne.

The Ukrainian troll Zelensky wants Abramovic to be some type of ambassador, helping “reconstruct schools”.  He is a liar.  He wants her help in worshiping Satan, turning Ukraine into a servant of the Nachash.  She is over there to help fight Putin, who apparently follows Yahuah, as do many Russian people.

This Ukrainian war truly is the war that I originally posted on February 12, 2022 @ 10:24 pm, the Red Horse –  the Second Seal.  War.

Marina Abramovic is an active anti-Christ.  She will conjure up bus loads of demon and dark spirits, all in the name of Ukraine.  Bear in mind that Russia is a God-fearing country while Ukraine is the child-trafficking capitol of the world.  Many of those children are sacrificed on a Satanic altar.  Putin speaks of Yahuah often, and the Russians, especially the Russian government, hates the wickedness of the West, especially the United States.

Lady Gaga – also a Jewess.

America has become the haunt for every wicked thing, every dark spirit, ever foul creature, demons, hatred, lust, murder.  There is no justice in America.  America is a zombie nation, a stumbling corpse.

America will not rise from her ashes, but will in fact decompose like a great dead horse laying in the mud of a rotten swamp.  Flies filling her nostrils, a belly ripped open by the unclean birds, eyes chewed out by rats and wild pigs – America died and will never rise from her sludge.   Good riddance.

In Canada, the toddler called “Trudeau” and his running dog parliament paid tribute to to a former member of the Waffen SS, a NAZI officer given a standing ovation in the Canadian Parliament.

Yet where is the outcry from the Jew Anti-Defamation League?  Not a peep.  Are the Jews in collusion, then, with the Jew Zelensky?  It is the Jews, after all, who plotted to use Ukraine to fight Russia and deplete the armies of both nations.  It was that fetid and disgusting Rabbi Schneerson who conjured up this dark dream.  Perhaps this is why the Jews are silent on the NAZI being hailed as a great man.

The Jews go way back regarding Ukraine.

For me this is very personal. The founder of the Chassidic movement, Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov, my ancestor, who was born in the Carpathian mountains in Ukraine founded the Chassidic movement which took the Jewish world by storm in Medzhybizh, Ukraine. The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the seventh Rebbe of the Chabad-Lubavitch dynasty ,was born and grew up in the Ukraine. His father, the saintly rabbi Levi Yitzchok was the chief rabbi of Dnipro, Ukraine. Both of my parents were born in Ukraine, my father is from Kiev and my mother is from Krolevets.

So you see, this is a Jew war.  American treasure for Jewish gain.  The Jews call Ukraine “Greater Israel”.  The image below was taken in Israel at a rally supporting Ukraine, from which came (it seems) most of the Israeli leadership and their offspring rule Israel today.  The Rebbe Schneerson, whom many Rabbis consider the Messiah, was born in Ukraine.

Israel and Ukraine – Two Jewish states

And lets not leave out the Jew Rothschild.  Here he is with his cohort – Marina Abramovic, standing before a painting titled “Satan, Summoning His Legions

Thomas Lawrence’s grandest history painting attracted strong reactions. It is dominated by a muscular male figure, naked apart from his sword, helmet and some carefully placed drapery. He is Satan, the rebel angel, who has been sent to Hell. Standing by a lake of fire, he summons his followers. The subject is Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’, Book I, line 330, ‘Awake, arise, or be for ever fallen’.


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8 months ago

Hope you had a blessed Day of Atonement .
Rothschild Banksters have always been the Luciferian merchants of death.

8 months ago

Are we living in an alternate universe? Jews supporting a Nazi state (Ukraine)? Israeli News Live was saying there were many Jews leaving Israel due to the Talmudic Jews taking control. Have you heard that? We are living in times of upheaval and many things are not as they seem. I guess that is what happens when the father of lies gets a foothold in the world.

8 months ago
Reply to  Jerry

I guess it all comes down to the fact that those posing as Jews are actually hijackers. Those that claim to defend Jews are the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

8 months ago
Reply to  Jerry

Yes, that was an interesting article. I commented on it. My theory is that there was a holocaust of the Jews, the Hebrew Jews. When you want to replace someone you must do away with the original. This also gave them the antisemitism card to play.

8 months ago

Thank you Jerry for your constant encouragement to be and stay ready.
That witch looks like another goat drag queen.

Welcome To The War
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