Salvation Comes With Responsibilities, And If You Don’t Shoulder Their Burden You Will Get Motivation From God


There is only one thing that matters, and that is your own salvation.  If you have that, you have everything.  If you do not have that, you will burn forever in hell.  It’s a real place which is fallen out of fashion to teach.  Indeed, salvation from fear is not the preferred motivation, but whatever it takes He will provide.

We cannot truly love until we are saved anyway, so fear of eternal damnation is an acceptable method of getting the attention of the lost.

I do not know when I got saved.   Some people can rattle it off like its their drivers license number, but I cannot.  I can only guess.  I do remember asking my cousin in church one afternoon at church camp if he wanted to walk to the front with me at the invitation to come forward and be saved.

I was maybe 12.

My cousin, Stuart, declined my offer of a double, but I did walk forward and a week later I was baptized in my wee Baptist Church in Lufkin, TX.  Happy Hour Baptist Church.  It was a great little church and a bunch of my relatives went there, too.  Cousins, aunts and uncles – a lot.

My cousin Stuart went there, and his brother and his mom and his dad.  His dad took kids to youth events at various churches around East Texas where I lived.  It was good that he did because there was little to do.  Nor days we have lots of options for activities, some of them very cool.  Not so much back then, when I was 12.

Stuarts dad built saddles as a hobby.  Horse saddles.  One time I spent the night with Stuart and the next morning his dad asked me if I wanted to see his saddle-making setup, and I did, so we went out to his little saddle barn and he showed me his tools.  It was pretty neat.

I was interested in the various needles and the wooden form that he built these saddles around, and turned to ask him a question about the thread.  Much to my surprise, when I turned to ask him, the man had his pants down around his ankles with a significant level of stimulation protruding from his loins.

I was speechless, but not confused.  I asked him what he was doing that for, and he told me to “touch it”, in that voice that dripped with pedophilia.  You know, the voice they select for the bad guys which is kind of husky and dark, not whispered but sort of?

That voice.

But I declined, and said as I turned away to bolt for the door “I’m gonna tell my daddy.”  He retorted that “You will get in trouble”!” to which I replied “No I won’t.  You will!”

And out I ran.

I ran in the front door and my aunt was washing dishes in the sink, so I commanded “I need to use your phone to call my momma”.  She pointed at the phone and nodded her consent, and I dialed the number.  My aunt just watched the saddle barn through the window over her kitchen sink, as the barn was in front of the house, off to the side a bit.

I told my mother to come get me “right now”, and when she asked me if everything was alright, I just repeated myself.

She was there in about 10 or 15 minutes.  Pretty quick as we didn’t live far from there, and I got in the car.  No visiting and saying “bye”, I ran out the door and got in the car and said “Let’s go home now.”

I didn’t say anything all the way home, but at home in my moms kitchen I told her what happened, and she denied it.  She told me three times that what I said happened did not happen. I told her four times that it did happen, and on the last “Yes it did”, I said “I’ll tell daddy”.

My mother then told me that if I told my dad, he would do something bad and that he would go to jail, ending with “You don’t want daddy to go to jail, do you son?”

So I looked into the den where he was seated and watching TV, and then looked at my mother standing over me, and concluded right there that I was alone in this world with no one to watch over me.

After that, I started making my own decisions about everything.  I guess I was 10, maybe 11.  I really don’t know.  Probably younger.  Had to be because there was another incident later that I know I was younger.  It was when I spent the night with my grandmother, and I didn’t do that more than once or twice in my life and I was little.

My grandmother didn’t molest me, which I thought was remarkable.  I remember the moment I realized it.  She had fallen asleep and I thought “She’s not gonna mess with me”.  It was liberating, and in fact she never did “mess with me”.  She was just my grandmother who loved me and called me her “little pet boy”, which I loved.

I suppose that getting baptized in the name of Jesus qualifies me as being saved at the age of 12, because I did answer the call, but it took the demons to drive me into the arms of Jesus.

I was 36 years old when they came for me.  I know I was specifically chosen because one of them applied for a job with me and I hired her and her first day on the job she seduced me.  She came after me like she had known me a long time, asking me very personal questions in front of everyone.  She was unashamed, and I was interested.

She was beautiful, and looked strikingly like Joanna Kerns on the TV sitcom “Growing Pains.”

Joanna Kerns, Growing Pains

Jonanna Kerns had long been an ideal woman kind of icon with me, although I rarely watched the show, and one afternoon in El Paso, TX, a young woman looking exceptionally similar to Joanna Kerns walked into my office and asked me for a job.  I hired her immediately and put her to work that night.  That night she also started her work on me, and when we were finished for the evening, I took her to my apartment.

I have gone over all the apartment information several times here, but if you haven’t read it, you can start right here after you finish reading this.

The next night, despite my resolute decision to never do it again, I took her back and that is when I knew that I was about to become the dead.  I took her back to the dark street where she wanted me to drop her off, drove past her to get back home, and fell on my knees praying “God, if you are real I will follow You, because it would be crazy to do otherwise”.

That was my prayer.  I resigned from my job, spent a year reading the Book, every page of it, and then went back to work in the same job with the same employer.

In the succeeding 31 years I have walked the walk.  I have honored Yahuah in my words and my behavior.  I have diligent sought the Truth at any cost.  He owns me, all of me.  I am His.  Not that I am prideful about it, but I rejoice and am glad to have my ear nailed to His door post.  Physical death has no hold on me. Life here is not life at home, and I am ready for home.

If you are on some kind of threshold regarding salvation, just answer the call.  Say “Yes” to the Spirit of God and be baptized.  Abandon this world, ignore all who say words that chip away at your faith.  Make yourself strong in wisdom and wise in understanding.  Obey God.  Forgive everyone.  Judge no one.  Live in peace as much as possible and always keep your face turned to Yahuah.

It was God who came as a human, and God who died on that bloody, filthy cross.  He was fearless of the cross, but the burden of the sins of mankind?  He wanted to abandon the project but He wanted to do the Will of Yahuah.

Mat 26:39  And he went a little further, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as you will.

See?  A heavy burden that not even GOD Himself wanted to take on.  Nevertheless, Yeshua did the Will of Yahuah.

That is what we are called to do – to love Yahuah with all our heart, mind and soul, and to love all others just as much as we love ourselves.

So forgive everyone.  If you are persecuted where you are, leave for a better place, but as much as possible live in peace with every person.  This is the Will of Yahuah.

I love you.




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1 month ago

Dear Jerry, thank you for those encouraging words of yours:
“Obey God. Forgive everyone. Judge no one. Live in peace as much as possible and always keep your face turned to Yahuah.”

Surrendering to Him through faith in Our Messiah Jesus and His Holy Ghost is a long-suffering yet beautiful exercise for me. Now, I am finally standing on my life`s journey and though it is hard I want to learn to love it.
May the true acceptance of Our Lord Jesus Messiah bring about the good fruit in each of our hearts.

See you soon, kind Jerry 💜

Last edited 1 month ago by Andreas
Andreas Uhrig
Andreas Uhrig
27 days ago
Reply to  Jerry

Kind Jerry …. for sure, Texans are a different breed :-)
I suppose YOU have grown up desert hiking, shooting rifles, horseback riding, hunting deer, survival skills honing, saloon fighting.
Thus, your “Weakness” is probably something other than mine.

Andreas Uhrig
Andreas Uhrig
26 days ago
Reply to  Jerry

“The realities of the fallen world weigh heavily on my spirit. It is so hard to be joyful when I can see the monster that is already here.”

I dont think that monsters hindering you, dear Mister Davis. You have just spent to much of your valuable time preparing and wanting to fight it (the evil). Now it is standing in your line of sight blocking you from perceiving what is already favorable and hopeful about our given world.

Please Jerry, allow yourself to make a conscious effort to gaze outside at the many kind-hearted and loving human beings who are already working the will of Our Heavenly Father. It is them who deserve a competent teacher like YOU.

1 month ago

I am truly sorry that you had that terrible experience with your uncle, what a creep. I do not understand though, why you said you had another “incident” with your grandmother at an earlier time. Did you mean that your uncle lived with her then and something may have been done to you? The story about the demonic employee is chilling, I know that demons can be sent over to attack or people can astral project, so that is a possibility. I am glad you were saved and are now under His protection. Remember to ask for the armor of God daily.

Welcome To The War
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