Sacrifice Everything To Establish Love As Who You Are. Do Not Delay. 

How to share these things with you?  Which words to use and how much to tell?  At what point does information cease to matter?

In the complex matrix of “the world”, where billions of people trade thousands of trillions of dollars in exchange for desires, there is only one, single Truth.

Among the lies, hopes, opinions and beliefs of those billions of living souls, a single candle exists to shine in the darkness.  One, solitary candle – The Truth.

This is not an opinion.  It is an observed reality.  “An”, as in a reality that is not shared by all, but only by one or some.  Reality for those who recognize not The Truth is something different, and that assumed “reality” might or might nor be shared by others.  Regardless of shared or unshared status, every living soul on earth assumes it exists in a dynamic, finite reality that is apparent to many, if not to all.

That assumption is incorrect at its base, as it assumes that their presumed grasp of the “real” is accurate.

Two Things

First Thing – we have no idea what “reality” consists of.  Sure, go ahead and assume that reality means eating food, sleeping, conversation, etc.  All those things we all do every day.  So very physical.  Centered on physical.  Centered on the carbon-based, self-replicating, self-healing, three-dimensional and time-limited machine we occupy.

But you are a living soul, not a living machine.  That “body” you occupy is a MACHINE, designed to house you in this specific physical environment – earth.

Second Thing – Living souls have one purpose, which is to face Yahuah.  He is the Master, the entity none have ever seen, which exists “within impenetrable light“.  That permanent being which none understand.  The magnitude of the difference between He and We is unfathomable.  We will never grasp the magnitude of His Authority, not in these carbon-based machines.  The Holy Spirit of Yahuah, which teaches all who seek Him, will give a taste of His Authority, but a taste only.  Our machines cannot contain what is possible, only what is wisely shared with us.  At every moment in all dimensions of “time”; now, in the past and in the “future”, He knows the precise location, velocity and energy potential of every photon, every neutron, every quark that exists in all of creation, and where it is going, and where it has been.  Nothing is outside His authority or knowledge.  Every thought ever thought or ever to be thought exists simultaneously in His knowledge. There are no moments, because time does not exist.

Our “time” as humans, as living souls dwelling for a moment in this carbon (dirt)-based machine, is nothing.  To us, it seems we have lived but a short while.  To the Master, it is not even the blink of an eye.  As fast as a kernel of popcorn popping, we are born, live a span of time, and then our machine fails.  That fast, and its finished.

This world we see, feel, hear, touch, smell, eat, hate and love is also aging and will also terminate at some point in the future, which is no future at all.  There is no timeline.  There are no actual “years”, and there is only one actual “death” – the judgement of those who declined Yahusha.

You beautiful souls who love Yahuah through your tears, He knows you, too.  He does feel your heart.  He does feel your pain, your joy.  He understands your desires, your hopes, your anger, your love.  He knows you struggle against the Cherub who challenged Him.

I can tell you much about that Cherub, but it would detract from what is important.  About his work I will only say this: Logarithmic acceleration is underway.  Everything is coming together.

You, living soul, do this: Love those who hate you.  When you are hated and despised, love that one the most.  Love those who spitefully use you.  Love is the weapon Yahuah created to overcome hate.  Love is the ONLY weapon that overcomes hate.  If you truly want to live, love.  Love is the answer.  Love is the key.  Love is the doorway to divine eternity.  Love is why you exist.  It is your super-power.  Love is the super-power.  Love.  Sacrifice everything called “yours” to establish love as who you are.

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2 thoughts on “Sacrifice Everything To Establish Love As Who You Are. Do Not Delay. ”

  1. Tell me something, does God love His enemies??!! Will God forgive satan and love him again?? Why not?? Maybe because it’s the unforgivable sin?? Well how about Judas then! Will God forgive him and show him some love!! You can’t humanly love your enemy, it’s not possible, it goes against our very nature to show love to someone who tortures us day and nite and who is trying to kill us!!😠

    1. Hi, Linda. “Does God love His enemies”? Yahusha (aka ‘Jesus’) states that “If you love me, you will keep my commands and my Father in Heaven will love you…” So, first we love Yahusha, then Yahuah loves us. The adversary will never love Yahusha, and will never seek forgiveness for his transgressions of the instructions of Yahuah as stated in Torah. The only transgression which cannot be forgiven is rejection of Yahusha. All others can be forgiven, and will be when we turn to Yahusha and follow Him in the Way. Great questions, Linda.

      Judas – you know, its possible Judas could become saved, but he died from his own hand, driven to death by Satan, following wickedness of his own free will. Perhaps he will be given an opportunity for salvation on the resurrection of the dead, since he died (I think) before Yahusha died on the cross. Judas is a great example of how serving Satan leads to death. But if Judas died before Yahusha died, then I would expect him to be given an opportunity to accept or reject the risen Savior. We will certainly see. Revelation tells us that the Accuser is thrown into the pit, so I reckon that’s that. The spirits of the nephalim still prowl the earth, and being non-human, Yahuah rejected them via Enoch in Book 1.

      You are right, it is sooooo difficult to love ones enemies, especially when they are abortion-loving anti-christs who promote homosexualism and pedophilia. Oh, that is HARD. Too hard for me. I have to ask Yahuah to forgive me all the time, because I consider those folks to be blood-enemies and worthy of all the war I can bring to the table. Yet the Spirit restrains, and wisely. Still, they are enemies of life and of everything of Yahuah.

      Great questions. If any reader has thoughts on this, share them.

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