Russia Is Methodically Crushing Ukraine. The Proof Is Here. Best Of All, Russians Are Likable People.


Based on some pretty good information, it definitely looks like Russia is going to crush Ukraine.  Apparently, based on military assessments of combat strength, Russia still retains about 90 percent of its fighting capability.  Russia also established “air supremacy” within about three days.  Remember the “40 mile long” Russian equipment convoy that Putin left parked on the highway for four days?  Do you know why the Ukrainians with their alleged “thousands of fighters” and “thousands of anti-take weapons” did not attack that convoy?  Do you know why Ukrainian jet fighters did not strike that convoy? 

I’ll make it easy – they did not strike that convoy, parked in the open in a perfect single file line ideal for any combat brigade to attack, because Ukraine did not have the fighters, or the jets or the helicopters to attack it.  Putin parked his convoy in the open to test Ukraine’s ability to fight, and Ukraine failed the test.

Whatever we are getting from Western news sources is hogwash.  The battle maps I have seen, and which you are about to see, prove that Ukraine is falling and will fall to Russia.  In fact, Russia is executing a well-planned and effective battle plan that is slowly choking Ukraine into submission.

I have gotten similar information from other sources, and the convoy test proves that Ukraine has no gas in the tank.  Russia will defeat Ukraine.

Biden knows this and Biden wants to start WWIII.  He needs a war because elections are coming up and Americans tend to keep in office those who are in office when wars start.

r/TheWayWeWere - Russian High school students in weapons training. USSR, ca. 1970.
Russian High School students, around 1970.

Expect this war to spread.  Already border countries with Russia are shooting at each other and Russia seems unable to stop them.  The Western propaganda leads other nations to believe that Russia is a backward, 2nd tier nation incapable of fielding a powerful, professional army.

So let me ask you this: What are your sons, daughters or grandchildren doing in school these days?  Tik Tok?  Instagram?  THC vaping?  Drinking?  Sleeping around?  Skipping school?

Here’s what Russian high school kids are doing…

Do you really think that the Russian soldiers in Ukraine are inept, lazy, soft, afraid, incompetent?  Do you think that Ukrainian “soldiers”, who were volunteers and practicing with wooden cutouts of rifles, can outfight these Russian high school juniors and seniors?

In the end, the Russian people are just like the American people.  Their government might be corrupt, but do you really want to claim that American leadership is better?  We the People, and that includes the Russian people – it is we who will suffer at the hands of our so-called leaders.  Americans, do not go to war against the Russians.  Russians, do not go to war against Americans.

Let’s live in peace, because we are just alike.






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