Russia Invited To Send Troops To Nicaragua, 1200 Miles From Texas


Nicaragua (a communist state) is now allowing Russia to station troops in Nicaragua.  Nicaragua claims that the allowance is to help combat drug cartels, etc., and the article or news release (Stars and Stripes, US Military publication) also states that the United States is similarly invited to participate, but the bottom line is that Russia and Nicaragua have been allies for decades.  China and Russia both strongly supported the re-election of Communist Daniel Ortega as President, again.  The invitation extended to the USA is a smoke-screen, a way to soften the blow, a “spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”.

This is the toe-hold that I have been watching for.  Russia going in to Nicaragua, which is about 1200 miles from Brownsville, TX (straight line, across Gulf), is certainly not acceptable.  Russia went into Ukraine over similar concerns (NATO establishing a military presence in Ukraine), so Ortega will have to be eliminated.  But will illegitimate President Joseph Biden administration take military action to drive the Russians from Nicaragua?

No.  Remember, the Chinese have the Joseph Biden videos.  Biden knows he will be immediately removed from power if the Chinese release even one of the definitive Biden videos.  He will do whatever they ask, because they literally own him.  He will do whatever is necessary to keep China from releasing the videos they have of him.

So keep your eyes open for information regarding Russian and Chinese development in Nicaragua.  As we already know very well – the Second Seal is war.  You didn’t think America would be spared, did you?

The most unpleasant icing on the cake for the United States was the sensational announcement by Daniel Ortega, president of Nicaragua. He allowed Russian troops, ships and planes into Nicaragua. Of course, only for humanitarian purposes, Russian troops can enter Nicaragua in the second half of 2022,” said Russian state television presenter Olga Skabeeva.

If U.S. missile systems can almost reach Moscow from Ukrainian territory, it is time for Russia to deploy something powerful closer to U.S. cities,” the journalist added.

The US military has some opinion on this matter.

On March 31, Kerri Hannan, an official of the US State Department, warned that Russia threatens to export the conflict in Ukraine to Latin America through military cooperation with Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba.

“Russia maintains an unsettling attitude in Nicaragua and they could affect the stability of the region,” said Admiral Kurt Tidd, when he was head of the U.S. Southern Command.

Daniel Ortega has always been an ally and supporter of Russia, as evidenced by the relations between the two countries.

Putin on your left, Ortega on your right. Friends.

The closeness to Russia has been political and personal. Members of the Ortega Murillo family frequently travel to Russia on government delegations, and Nicaragua is one of the seven countries in the world to recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, two regions of Georgia that declared themselves independent under the patronage of Vladimir Putin’s regime.

Obviously the “invitation” of the USA to participate is merely for show.  The Russian military is apparently moving into Central America.  China will certainly come with them.

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1 year ago

China and Saudi Arabia are now buying up border lands in the US, the sharks are circling.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jerry

It was mentioned on one of those news blitzes I heard recently on American Journal. I don’t remember which day though. I was listening not watching so I do not know where Harrison read it from. I just found an article on, maybe that is where he found it. I also see it on

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