Ronald Bernard – Local Powers: Interview 5. Final.

Watch all five interviews if you want a much better understanding of how the satanists ruling the earth are squeezing the life from humanity.  An amazing series of interviews that are a real blessing, especially coming from a man who turned away from hundreds of millions of dollars and walked away when he was required to sacrifice a child.


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1 year ago

Dear Jerry, I have just watched hours of footage from one video by Jana Ben Nun interviewing Deborah Tavares of you have probably watched it but if not it was screened 05/03/2021 I cannot connect to copy ip but wrote it down it could be as follows:/ If I have written it down correctly I thought you would like to view this if you haven’t already.

In Scotland where I live no one will listen to anything I speak. There was just one governmental person who did listen to me but he lost his job for doing that in 2011 I am sorry to say. No one else in religion or politics will listen neither will family or people on the internet including Jana and Steven Ben Nun unless it is to save their site which I cannot connect with to join or comment on.

You were saying you are writing books and were also discussing Hebrews 10:28 about the importance of keeping the law of Moses I would like to ask you to consider vs. 25 regarding gathering ourselves together and correspond that with Matthew 18:19, 20 Yahusha said to his disciples “If two of you on earth agree concerning anything of importance they should request, it will take place for them due to my Father in heaven. For where there are two or three gathered together in my name there I am in their midst.
I am asking you please if you will consider important matters in this period of time? All I want is for the Kingdom of God to rule over earth as promised in Matthew 5:4, 6,9. Religious people shut off from any knowledge not pertinent with what they have already cherished in their hearts. But look who has taken possession of all organised religion. The same power and authority that kept leading the nation of Israel astray. Religion like science and religious education come under the authority of the Beast Power as I recon you yourself know and teach if I am not mistaken.

I ask if you will please consider this by prayer and supplication to our Elohim by the name of our beloved Saviour on our behalf that we can be directed on how we can light up the world by the Divine Word of our Sovereign Lord and God and by the Divine Teachings found in scripture by our Saviour the Christ.

All I claim, just as you claim is written in scripture.

With thanks for allowing me to view your testimonies.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jerry

Yes Jerry, You have full permission to make use of any information I post. Remember a very recent post you put at the end “don’t miss the boat?” That morning I was awakening and knew I was on this little peculiar boat. Like you the world situation has been taking away my feeling of faith in what is to come but that is being renewed and I feel you are my only hope of Salvation for this world who are mislead by the dragon and the beast system. When I feel really down I usually visit “Akiane Kramarik’s videos and I did that and at the beginning of the video I clicked onto Akiane was looking out to the sea and there was that peculiar little boat I saw in my dream.

Have you seen her painting she named “The Prince of Peace?” That painting is so like Yahushua. I know that because I was spoken to by “The Mighty Son of God” many years ago.

Thank you so much Jerry for listening and for being a Spiritual friend together in Christ x

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