Ronald Bernard Interview – Part Two

Part 2 of the Ronald Bernard interview.  Mr. Bernard was a European businessman who was offered an opportunity to make more money than most people can imagine, with the caveat that he must understand going in that he would face some very hard choices.

The money baited him and he went for it.  His story is how the elete of the world live and how they make money.  You will never forget his story and you will understand who is making decisions for the world a lot better.  It is not good.


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1 year ago

I saw Mr Ronald Bernard videos some years ago. He is definitely a good and honest man. Soon, very soon we will not need money and connections from many in this world because we will have the superior justice from the heavens to take us into the divine system of perfect government. Read James 5:1-11 to know that the rich men and their wealth are to perish.

I hate retelling what follows because no one will consider the possibility that I being an ignoble person could have been spoken to by Almighty God through information spoken by a chosen messenger. If only I could speak of these things and be believed. What I was told has came true except I was told to search for someone whom I could explain prophetic fulfilment to one person who in turn would receive proof by my testimony and by evidence pertaining to that and by one human witness testimony. I was told when I do this I would then reveal these facts to very important people and then the Kingdom of God would be established over the earth.

I was told a person would listen to me and act accordingly and would receive blessings in the day of Our Lord (Genesis 49:10, 24-26). I doubt anyone will understand these prophesies even if they read them. Unless they are inspired by Holy Spirit to understand. It has been so difficult for me to accomplish what I was instructed to do. Now it seems an impossibility to find anyone. I am sure the Kingdom must come without my compliance to the instruction to find someone because not only will no one listen to prophesy that is true or my knowledge of prophetic fulfilment of prophesy but the way this world is now by the power of IMF and all associated with these higher, Satanic world powers I wonder what will come to be and if the promises of finding a person could really come true.

Hebrews 1:6 and Revelation 12:1-5, 16 have been fulfilled. Warp speed vaccines in warp speed administration and the forcefulness of this implementation concurring with continual lockdowns, masking and constriction of movement make it seem impossible for me to fulfil what I was instructed to do. I remember being told ‘Things will be changed’. So perhaps the angels of God will be commanded to put in their sharp sickles and begin to reap Revelation 14:14-20. But then I remember that the battle against the evil begins by the information that proves the Son of God rules over earth so if the sharp sickles are operative first who are the others who will fall after that process begins I wonder because I know some will want to kill me and others will oppose that decision. I also know I have divine protection.

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