Remember The 1984 Olympics When The USA Olympic Hockey Team Beat The Professional Russian Hockey Team? “Do You Believe In Miracles?”

Prepare for great things.  Although it looks like major problems are being born unto America, God (I AM – Ani) will act.  Expect to be astounded in the spring.  Expect magnificent things.  Then, in the summer, one major issue after another.  Big problems that will shake our confidence.  But in the fall of 2021 there will be revelation after revelation of the wicked men and women who worked so hard to destroy America, followed by the winter of divine victory.  

We do not deserve this, but Ani is merciful and America is the land of the faithful.  Righteousness will prevail, and delight will encompass the land.  All the world will rejoice, and our enemies will be brought low.

Pay attention.  Listen carefully.  The God of gods speaks through His prophet.

Joy in the spring.


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GM Linder
1 year ago

Hi jerry, this is just for you.
I have watched & listened to this three times. Now, for nearly a year I have been aware that the Lord has put April in my heart & mind. I do not have anymore than that, but listening to Amanda Grace she mentioned April, but like me that’s all she has. One thing I have become aware of in the last week is that April 20th is the spring Equinox and it struct me and the next day doing my morning Codeword the first word at the top left hand side was Equinox! I have been led to count down the days from the last red moon 1,260 days, they end on April 20th. I leave this with you, make of it what you will, I could be wrong and we will soon know. Bless you.

1 year ago

Fellow prophets. I like how this is all put together! Very interesting and finding others I didn’t know of, but very refreshing to see we (as a prophet and Healer) are on the same frequency. 8/9 the Earth will shake (or quake)

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