Redeemed – A Miracle Of Yahuah And Proof That He Is Faithful

Originally posted on December 8, 2022 @ 9:42 am


As suddenly, simply and as naturally as if it happened every day, Yahuah changes reality.  Yesterday, about two hours after I published “When Sin Is Rampant In Your Own Family“, my 16 year-old son Lukas called me on the phone.  If you know about my relationship with my son, which I have published earlier, then you know this is Yahuah.

I published my writing on forgiving the sins of others at 12:37 PM Central time, and at 2:22 PM Central time Lukas phoned me and asked to do a podcast with me right then, and could I “come over?”.

To grasp the magnitude of this phone call and request, you need to read this writing, which describes the violence and bitterness that was between us for so long.

Yesterday when I got to his mothers home, I sat down with a young man that obviously was on fire for Truth.  His passion and zeal for Righteousness was startling.  His wisdom, for a 16 year old former wreck of a human being, was on a level that surpasses most adults I know.

We have not had a conversation of more than one or two sentences in over two years.  The last substantial contact we had was the day before I carried him to rehab, when he violently attacked me.  I let him do whatever he wanted to do in his attack, and I offered very little resistance.  I wanted him to burn off his rage and felt nothing but love and a heart broken for him as he carried on his attack.

The next day, I drove him to his rehab facility, and he did not say one word to me.  When he returned home six weeks later, he did not say a word to me, and for the next year+, he did not say a word to me.  Not, to the best of my recollection, one single word.

He broke every single rule.  He had run-ins with the police several times.  Disappeared in the middle of the night.  Took car keys and cars, made a pact with Satan, used mushrooms, vaped THC and conducted himself with utter contempt for Yahuah, for his mother and for me.

His mother divorced me at the very beginning of that timeline.  That is when he was 13 (age 16 now), and he was caught running a shoplifting operation at Walmart.  The police told me that it was classified as “racketeering”, and therefore a felony.  He had lookouts and helpers and they used their cellphones to coordinate their thefts.

It got worse from there.

In all that time, I prayed for him daily, most of the time praying for him and his brother Michael several times per day.  I prayed for them on my rising, and when I lay down to sleep.  I prayed for them in the car driving, when I was alone at my desk and when I rode my motorcycle.  I never stopped praying for him and also his brother, Michael, who is a sacred and priceless treasure of a son to me and one year younger than Lukas.

Yesterday I got a phone call from Lukas wanting to do a podcast that he has been hinting about for a couple of months now.  Yesterday we had our first conversation in years, and it was one hour and 45 minutes long and he loves Yahuah, knows of the Way and wants to start a Bible study for his friends, who also want to know the Words. A young lion.

We recorded that conversation at his desk, and when I get it edited I do plan to publish it.

I am not elated, nor am I jumping for joy or shouting from the rooftops.  Instead, I marvel at the perfection of my Holy Father, who promises all of us that He hears the prayers of the Righteous and that, in His own time, He responds.

He changes reality with a single thought, and He did so with my son, Lukas.  He did so with me.  Reality changed, seamlessly and perfect. The world is different now.  Luke’s life is returning to him.  My life is changed.  My family’s’ life is changed.  The future is the narrow path.

This same Holy Father hears your prayers.  He weeps with you in your sorrow and He asks you to remain steadfast in your pain and in your faith.  So many of you have suffered so much from the abuse of the wicked.  Wicked wives, wicked husbands, wicked neighbors and wicked, rebellious lying children.  Unbelievers who mock and ridicule and scoff at this “invisible god” who allows so much suffering in the world.  They never seem to realize that the suffering is due to the sins of the unrighteous.  The fault lays in the lap of the wicked, those blind dogs with dead souls.

Forgive them.

Yahuah saves whom He will.  None come to Truth unless He allows them, and generally the wicked must knock a few times before He opens the door.

But I promise you that if you are faithful in you love for Truth, Truth is faithful to you.  Never quit.  Always pray for those you love.

I wrote this in a writing I published a while back, when I was in a very painful place regarding my personal family:

I find myself walking in a dark place.  I am like one alone on a great plain, with mountains only in the far distance.  The wind blows, not forcefully but almost continuously.  The loneliness is pressing on me, but I have lived with it for so many years now that I find it both painful and comforting.  The familiarity of solitude.

Never stop praying for your people, but do let go of them.  Love them, but let go.  Pray for them, but let them go.  Then you carry on in righteousness, in love and facing the rising sun, because you, dear brothers and sisters, are made in the image of the Good Father.  You have His attributes.  You have His living spirit dwelling within you.  Have Faith in Him.  You are His.  Yours is Heaven.  Yours is eternity in peace and in love and in gladness and in joy.  You possess them, and soon you will serve Yahuah and reign with Him.  Your joy will come, but the Kingdom of Heaven is open to you here.  Enter it by letting go of the world and all that is in it.

Pray that you can receive this.

I love you,

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1 year ago

Shabbat Shalom Jerry and readers! Jerry, What an awesome testimony!!! Halleluyah!!! Yah is showing His hand. In my life too. Halleluyah! Shalom, Kathleen

kim k
kim k
1 year ago

wonderful news!! Amen brother:)

1 year ago

I am so happy for you! It gives me hope for my prodigal daughter. I also pray all of the time for her. We must always speak life and never lose faith.

1 year ago

Jerry, Just beautiful, so touching, prayers for continued growth for you and your family.

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