Q-Anon Targeted The Powerless To Build A Controlled Cult. Q Was Never A Patriot.

Q did not pan out.  Q led people down a yellow brick road.  Q was a deception to manipulate decent people who saw the urgent need for change.  Q was a plan, an operation based on “Operation Trust”, which was created by the communist Russians (mostly Jews, incidentally) during the Bolshevik revolution.  Operation Trust was a secret operation to lure anti-communists into an organization (think Q-Anon) that would resist the communist (think Biden/CCP) takeover.

The resistance movement would then be captive, subject to the direction of Operation Trust.  Followers of Operation Trust could then be manipulated into doing certain violent acts, which the Bolsheviks planned for in order to further, not weaken, the objectives of the communists.

Wikipedia has a technically detailed breakdown of Operation Trust.

Attorney Robert Barnes, a premium Constitutional Law attorney does a fine job describing the fraud that was Q on Alex Jones in this Alex Jones “Emergency” video.  Mr. Barnes section begins at about 1:25 (one hour, 25 minutes in)

If you listen to him, you will finally understand that the Q movement was engineered to manipulate and control the opposition to Deep State.  It was well-done, and successful except for one major fail: Q could not get anyone to kill people.  Q could not get Trumpers to do bad things.

Let’s attribute that fail to Yahuah and the Holy Spirit.  And let’s pray a lot.


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1 year ago

So is Alex Jones.

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