Purify Your Heart & Clean Your Rifles

Originally posted on January 9, 2021 @ 12:30 pm

Remember my vision of the flaming sword and the Words spoken to me by Yahuah, that “I am coming to separate the Righteous from the unrighteous.”?

The separation is nearly complete.

Our troubles as a people are inspired by wicked spirits.  Satan is pouring on the gasoline but he truly does need the help of wicked men and women to complete his plans.  He has plenty of people directly serving him by choice, and many more indirectly serving him from ignorance.  Many who call themselves “Christian” or Catholic serve satan every day of their lives.

Salvation is more than an utterance, or a belief or a baptism.  Salvation comes when the Holy Spirit of Yahuah enters the heart of a man and resides there.  Then, as Yahusha teaches, He Himself manifests within that saved heart.  We change, and become loving people.  We exhibit the peace in the midst of turmoil, the love in the face of hatred and we look out for the best interests of everyone, friend or foe.

Salvation does not mean that we do not fight.  David (Daud) was an excellent warrior, prevented from building the Temple because he had too much blood on his hands.  Yet Yahuah tells us that Daud was a man after His own heart.  His lamb will rule from the very throne of Daud.  Clearly being a warrior is in no way an impediment to a real relationship with Yahuah.

In fact, Yahuah will hold true warriors in esteem because they are passionate, hot.  The lukewarm He spits from His mouth.  Do not be lukewarm.  Be red hot and remember that Yahusha did not come to bring peace.

Remember too that Yahusha commanded that you arm yourself.  Why do you think that is?  Do you think Yahusha is stupid?  Simple-minded?  A blatherer or a man prone to shooting off his mouth?  A fool, perhaps?  Not God?

Perhaps you do, because when He commands you to arm yourself, you hesitate.  You justify disobedience and prove that Yahusha is NOT your savior.  One cannot claim salvation and simultaneously reject His Words.  Either He is your GOD or you are your own god.  Even the satanists who claim they worship the satan do not actually claim him as their savior.  They are in it for gain.  Its a business.

That is very much like most “christians”.  They are in it for gain, same as the satanists.  They seek wealth or power or influence or popularity, same as the satanists.  People who disregard the commands of Yahuah do not worship Him.  They will burn as the chaff is burned, gathered up first before the wheat.

I say all this to reinforce that the strife about to be opened upon the earth cannot be measured.  Justice will prevail, but also much death and dying.  Political events are merely part of the show.  The most important thing for YOU is salvation and walking in the Way.  Love your neighbors.  Do good to those who persecute you.  As you are armed, be prepared to defend yourself.  You can actually buy shooters insurance that covers your legal expenses if you lawfully kill someone with a firearm.  Its inexpensive, and if you have to shoot someone you can be sure that that persons family will sue you in civil court.  You can win the case but your legal expenses will be through the roof.  Buy the insurance.

Make some friends.  Go to a Torah church if you can find one, and start locating Torah adherents if you cannot find a Torah church.  A friend of mine turned me on to a local Torah church after I spent a year or two without after leaving my Christian bible church.  The entire time I was alone, there was a great Torah church less than one mile from my house.

Expect a major announcement from Mr. Trump in a few days.  Maybe today at 5:30.  Possibly.  It will be the most incredible announcement of my lifetime, and I have heard some doozies.  I hope he makes it today.  That will start the fireworks like the world has never seen.  As I write this I consider Dana Coverstone‘s prophecy dream that he spoke of back in the 4th quarter of 2020.  Biden on a draft horse, pulling Kamala Harris in a wagon throwing dynamite, while Trump walked to his Limo and three failed assassination attempts on him.

But that’s not the big announcement.  That is a by-product of his coming announcement.  I don’t know how he is going to make it, because Twitter banned him for life, Youtube banned him for life, Google and Apple are banning Parler media because Trump put up a channel there.  Its full on war and the lost are using every tool at their disposal to silence the Truth.  Churches and Bibles will be banned soon.

As for me, I look forward to the fight.  You might as well look forward to it, too.  Yahuah created you in this time and put your eyeballs on this information for His good reason – to raise you up and to prepare you for the fight.

Go polish your bullets and sharpen your knives while you listen to someone read  the Holy Bible.  Prepare for battle.

— Those of you who prayed for my son Lukas, thank you.  He walked in the door last night after being reported a run-away to the police days earlier.  More soon.  – jerry

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3 years ago

Jerry 😊 I prayed for your son Lukas to be safe. So glad he arrived home. Last night explosions , I am guessing gas tanks, proceeded a house fire two doors from us and the police presence is still there this morning. The neighbor is a good man but caught up with ungodly family members. Normally a quiet community we have been shaken and stirred😔 please pray for us. I know the fight is at our doorstep. Kind regards Nell

Welcome To The War
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