Psalm 119 – Truth For The Trustworthy.

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Lest we forget that which is truly valuable, Yahuah reminds us in Psalm 119.  There is one Way, and only one Way.  That path is salvation through Yahusha, who is the Strait (narrow, tight, the only way in) Gate, and adherence to Truth, which is Torah.   This is the Way, taught by the disciples and for which Paul was arrested and executed.

If you walk in this Way, you will change and your life will change.  Peace will come to you, and walk with you.  You will prosper in every good thing.  You will understand and understanding will increase.  You will plainly see that you are not of this world, but are merely in it. 

Torah is easy.  Yahusha is correct when He states that His burden is light and His yoke is easy.  It is true.  If you worship Yahuah, you will follow His Way.  There is no middle.  One is either His or one belongs to the adversary.

Remember the thief on the cross?  He did not walk in the Way but he was with our Savior that very day in Paradise.  Why was he not held accountable for Torah?  Because he got saved while dying and was not judged for his failure, but rather for his faith in Yahusha.

But those who live for long years, all the time renouncing the Truth and the Way, claiming the lie that Torah is of no value and bears no standing in this time – they blaspheme Yahuah and He will judge them for refusing His teaching.

Proverbs 28:9 –

“He who has no ear for Torah, even his prayers are abomination.”

He who despises Torah is a blasphemer

blas·​phe·​my | \ ˈblas-fə-mē  \
plural blasphemies
Definition of blasphemy
1athe act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God // accused of blasphemy
2irreverence toward something considered sacred or inviolable

So is rejection of Torah an act of blasphemy?  It seems so, but I need to study this more.  If true, then few will enter through the Gate.

Psalm 119

Your Word Is a Lamp to My Feet
Psa 119:1  Aleph. O the happiness of those perfect in the way, They are walking in the law of Jehovah,
Psa 119:2  O the happiness of those keeping His testimonies, With the whole heart they seek Him.
Psa 119:3  Yea, they have not done iniquity, In His ways they have walked.
Psa 119:4  Thou hast commanded us Thy precepts to keep diligently,
Psa 119:5  O that my ways were prepared to keep Thy statutes,
Psa 119:6  Then I am not ashamed In my looking unto all Thy commands.
Psa 119:7  I confess Thee with uprightness of heart, In my learning the judgments of Thy righteousness.
Psa 119:8  Thy statutes I keep, leave me not utterly!
Psa 119:9  Beth. With what doth a young man purify his path? To observe—according to Thy word.
Psa 119:10  With all my heart I have sought Thee, Let me not err from Thy commands.
Psa 119:11  In my heart I have hid Thy saying, That I sin not before Thee.
Psa 119:12  Blessed art Thou, O Jehovah, teach me Thy statutes.
Psa 119:13  With my lips I have recounted All the judgments of Thy mouth.
Psa 119:14  In the way of Thy testimonies I have joyed, As over all wealth.
Psa 119:15  In Thy precepts I meditate, And I behold attentively Thy paths.
Psa 119:16  In Thy statutes I delight myself, I do not forget Thy word.
Psa 119:17  Gimel. Confer benefits on Thy servant, I live, and I keep Thy word.
Psa 119:18  Uncover mine eyes, and I behold wonders out of Thy law.
Psa 119:19  A sojourner I am on earth, Hide not from me Thy commands.
Psa 119:20  Broken hath my soul for desire Unto Thy judgments at all times.
Psa 119:21  Thou hast rebuked the cursed proud, Who are erring from Thy commands.
Psa 119:22  Remove from me reproach and contempt, For Thy testimonies I have kept.
Psa 119:23  Princes also sat—against me they spoke, Thy servant doth meditate in Thy statutes,
Psa 119:24  Thy testimonies also are my delight, The men of my counsel!
Psa 119:25  Daleth. Cleaved to the dust hath my soul, Quicken me according to Thy word.
Psa 119:26  My ways I have recounted, And Thou answerest me, teach me Thy statutes,
Psa 119:27  The way of Thy precepts cause me to understand, And I meditate in Thy wonders.
Psa 119:28  My soul hath dropped from affliction, Establish me according to Thy word.
Psa 119:29  The way of falsehood turn aside from me And with Thy law favour me.
Psa 119:30  The way of faithfulness I have chosen, Thy judgments I have compared,
Psa 119:31  I have adhered to Thy testimonies, O Jehovah, put me not to shame.
Psa 119:32  The way of Thy commands I run, For Thou dost enlarge my heart!
Psa 119:33  He. Show me, O Jehovah, the way of Thy statutes, And I keep it— to the end.
Psa 119:34  Cause me to understand, and I keep Thy law, And observe it with the whole heart.
Psa 119:35  Cause me to tread in the path of Thy commands, For in it I have delighted.
Psa 119:36  Incline my heart unto Thy testimonies, And not unto dishonest gain.
Psa 119:37  Remove mine eyes from seeing vanity, In Thy way quicken Thou me.
Psa 119:38  Establish to Thy servant Thy saying, That is concerning Thy fear.
Psa 119:39  Remove my reproach that I have feared, For Thy judgments are good.
Psa 119:40  Lo, I have longed for Thy precepts, In Thy righteousness quicken Thou me,
Psa 119:41  Waw. And meet me doth Thy kindness, O Jehovah, Thy salvation according to Thy saying.
Psa 119:42  And I answer him who is reproaching me a word, For I have trusted in Thy word.
Psa 119:43  And Thou takest not utterly away From my mouth the word of truth, Because for Thy judgment I have hoped.
Psa 119:44  And I keep Thy law continually, To the age and for ever.
Psa 119:45  And I walk habitually in a broad place, For Thy precepts I have sought.
Psa 119:46  And I speak of Thy testimonies before kings, And I am not ashamed.
Psa 119:47  And I delight myself in Thy commands, That I have loved,
Psa 119:48  And I lift up my hands unto Thy commands, That I have loved, And I do meditate on Thy statutes!
Psa 119:49  Zain. Remember the word to Thy servant, On which Thou hast caused me to hope.
Psa 119:50  This is my comfort in mine affliction, That Thy saying hath quickened me.
Psa 119:51  The proud have utterly scorned me, From Thy law I have not turned aside.
Psa 119:52  I remembered Thy judgments of old, O Jehovah, And I comfort myself.
Psa 119:53  Horror hath seized me, Because of the wicked forsaking Thy law.
Psa 119:54  Songs have been to me Thy statutes, In the house of my sojournings.
Psa 119:55  I have remembered in the night Thy name, O Jehovah, And I do keep Thy law.
Psa 119:56  This hath been to me, That Thy precepts I have kept!
Psa 119:57  Cheth. My portion is Jehovah; I have said—to keep Thy words,
Psa 119:58  I appeased Thy face with the whole heart, Favour me according to Thy saying.
Psa 119:59  I have reckoned my ways, And turn back my feet unto Thy testimonies.
Psa 119:60  I have made haste, And delayed not, to keep Thy commands.
Psa 119:61  Cords of the wicked have surrounded me, Thy law I have not forgotten.
Psa 119:62  At midnight I rise to give thanks to Thee, For the judgments of Thy righteousness.
Psa 119:63  A companion I am to all who fear Thee, And to those keeping Thy precepts.
Psa 119:64  Of Thy kindness, O Jehovah, the earth is full, Thy statutes teach Thou me!
Psa 119:65  Teth. Good Thou didst with Thy servant, O Jehovah, According to Thy word.
Psa 119:66  The goodness of reason and knowledge teach me, For in Thy commands I have believed.
Psa 119:67  Before I am afflicted, I—I am erring, And now Thy saying I have kept.
Psa 119:68  Good Thou art , and doing good, Teach me Thy statutes.
Psa 119:69  Forged against me falsehood have the proud, I with the whole heart keep Thy precepts.
Psa 119:70  Insensate as fat hath been their heart, I—in Thy law I have delighted.
Psa 119:71  Good for me that I have been afflicted, That I might learn Thy statutes.
Psa 119:72  Better to me is the law of Thy mouth Than thousands of gold and silver!
Psa 119:73  Yod. Thy hands made me and establish me, Cause me to understand, and I learn Thy commands.
Psa 119:74  Those fearing Thee see me and rejoice, Because for Thy word I have hoped.
Psa 119:75  I have known, O Jehovah, That righteous are Thy judgments, And in faithfulness Thou hast afflicted me.
Psa 119:76  Let, I pray Thee, Thy kindness be to comfort me, According to Thy saying to Thy servant.
Psa 119:77  Meet me do Thy mercies, and I live, For Thy law is my delight.
Psa 119:78  Ashamed are the proud, For with falsehood they dealt perversely with me. I meditate in Thy precepts.
Psa 119:79  Those fearing Thee turn back to me, And those knowing Thy testimonies.
Psa 119:80  My heart is perfect in Thy statutes, So that I am not ashamed.
Psa 119:81  Kaph. Consumed for Thy salvation hath been my soul, For Thy word I have hoped.
Psa 119:82  Consumed have been mine eyes for Thy word, Saying, ‘When doth it comfort me?’
Psa 119:83  For I have been as a bottle in smoke, Thy statutes I have not forgotten.
Psa 119:84  How many are the days of Thy servant? When dost Thou execute Against my pursuers judgment?
Psa 119:85  The proud have digged for me pits, That are not according to Thy law.
Psa 119:86  All Thy commands are faithfulness, With falsehood they have pursued me, Help Thou me.
Psa 119:87  Almost consumed me on earth have they, And I—I have not forsaken Thy precepts.
Psa 119:88  According to Thy kindness quicken Thou me, And I keep the testimony of Thy mouth!
Psa 119:89  Lamed. To the age, O Jehovah, Thy word is set up in the heavens.
Psa 119:90  To all generations Thy faithfulness, Thou didst establish earth, and it standeth.
Psa 119:91  According to Thine ordinances They have stood this day, for the whole are Thy servants.
Psa 119:92  Unless Thy law were my delights, Then had I perished in mine affliction.
Psa 119:93  To the age I forget not Thy precepts, For by them Thou hast quickened me.
Psa 119:94  I am Thine, save Thou me, For Thy precepts I have sought.
Psa 119:95  Thy wicked waited for me to destroy me, Thy testimonies I understand.
Psa 119:96  Of all perfection I have seen an end, Broad is Thy command—exceedingly!
Psa 119:97  Mem. O how I have loved Thy law! All the day it is my meditation.
Psa 119:98  Than mine enemies Thy command maketh me wiser, For it is before me to the age.
Psa 119:99  Above all my teachers I have acted wisely. For Thy testimonies are my meditation.
Psa 119:100  Above elders I understand more, For Thy precepts I have kept.
Psa 119:101  From every evil path I restrained my feet, So that I keep Thy word.
Psa 119:102  From Thy judgments I turned not aside, For Thou—Thou hast directed me.
Psa 119:103  How sweet to my palate hath been Thy saying, Above honey to my mouth.
Psa 119:104  From Thy precepts I have understanding, Therefore I have hated every false path!
Psa 119:105  Nun. A lamp to my foot is Thy word, And a light to my path.
Psa 119:106  I have sworn, and I confirm it , To keep the judgments of Thy righteousness.
Psa 119:107  I have been afflicted very much, O Jehovah, quicken me, according to Thy word.
Psa 119:108  Free-will-offerings of my mouth, Accept, I pray Thee, O Jehovah, And Thy judgments teach Thou me.
Psa 119:109  My soul is in my hand continually, And Thy law I have not forgotten.
Psa 119:110  The wicked have laid a snare for me, And from thy precepts I wandered not.
Psa 119:111  I have inherited Thy testimonies to the age, For the joy of my heart are they.
Psa 119:112  I have inclined my heart To do Thy statutes, to the age— to the end!
Psa 119:113  Samech. Doubting ones I have hated, And Thy law I have loved.
Psa 119:114  My hiding place and my shield art Thou, For Thy word I have hoped.
Psa 119:115  Turn aside from me, ye evil-doers, And I keep the commands of my God.
Psa 119:116  Sustain me according to Thy saying, And I live, and Thou puttest me not to shame Because of my hope.
Psa 119:117  Support Thou me, and I am saved, And I look on Thy statutes continually.
Psa 119:118  Thou hast trodden down All going astray from Thy statutes, For falsehood is their deceit.
Psa 119:119  Dross! Thou hast caused to cease All the wicked of the earth; Therefore I have loved Thy testimonies.
Psa 119:120  Trembled from Thy fear hath my flesh, And from Thy judgments I have been afraid!
Psa 119:121  Ain. I have done judgment and righteousness, Leave me not to mine oppressors.
Psa 119:122  Make sure Thy servant for good, Let not the proud oppress me.
Psa 119:123  Mine eyes have been consumed for Thy salvation. And for the saying of Thy righteousness.
Psa 119:124  Do with Thy servant according to Thy kindness. And Thy statutes teach Thou me.
Psa 119:125  Thy servant am I—cause me to understand, And I know Thy testimonies.
Psa 119:126  Time for Jehovah to work! they have made void Thy law.
Psa 119:127  Therefore I have loved Thy commands Above gold—even fine gold.
Psa 119:128  Therefore all my appointments I have declared wholly right, Every path of falsehood I have hated!
Psa 119:129  Pe. Wonderful are Thy testimonies, Therefore hath my soul kept them.
Psa 119:130  The opening of Thy words enlighteneth, Instructing the simple.
Psa 119:131  My mouth I have opened, yea, I pant, For, for Thy commands I have longed.
Psa 119:132  Look unto me, and favour me, As customary to those loving Thy name.
Psa 119:133  My steps establish by Thy saying, And any iniquity doth not rule over me.
Psa 119:134  Ransom me from the oppression of man, And I observe Thy precepts,
Psa 119:135  Thy face cause to shine on Thy servant, And teach me Thy statutes.
Psa 119:136  Rivulets of waters have come down mine eyes, Because they have not kept Thy law!
Psa 119:137  Tzade. Righteous art Thou, O Jehovah, And upright are Thy judgments.
Psa 119:138  Thou hast appointed Thy testimonies, Righteous and exceeding faithful,
Psa 119:139  Cut me off hath my zeal, For mine adversaries forgot Thy words.
Psa 119:140  Tried is thy saying exceedingly, And Thy servant hath loved it.
Psa 119:141  Small I am , and despised, Thy precepts I have not forgotten.
Psa 119:142  Thy righteousness is righteousness to the age, And Thy law is truth.
Psa 119:143  Adversity and distress have found me, Thy commands are my delights.
Psa 119:144  The righteousness of Thy testimonies is to Cause me to understand, and I live!
Psa 119:145  Koph. I have called with the whole heart, Answer me, O Jehovah, Thy statutes I keep,
Psa 119:146  I have called Thee, save Thou me, And I do keep Thy testimonies.
Psa 119:147  I have gone forward in the dawn, and I cry, For Thy word I have hoped.
Psa 119:148  Mine eyes have gone before the watches, To meditate in Thy saying.
Psa 119:149  My voice hear, according to Thy kindness, Jehovah, according to Thy judgment quicken me.
Psa 119:150  Near have been my wicked pursuers, From Thy law they have been far off.
Psa 119:151  Near art Thou, O Jehovah, And all Thy commands are truth.
Psa 119:152  Of old I have known Thy testimonies, That to the age Thou hast founded them!
Psa 119:153  Resh. See my affliction, and deliver Thou me, For Thy law I have not forgotten.
Psa 119:154  Plead my plea, and redeem me, According to Thy saying quicken me.
Psa 119:155  Far from the wicked is salvation, For Thy statutes they have not sought.
Psa 119:156  Thy mercies are many, O Jehovah, According to Thy judgments quicken me.
Psa 119:157  Many are my pursuers, and adversaries, From Thy testimonies I have not turned aside.
Psa 119:158  I have seen treacherous ones, And grieve myself, Because Thy saying they have not kept.
Psa 119:159  See, for thy precepts I have loved, Jehovah, According to Thy kindness quicken me.
Psa 119:160  The sum of Thy word is truth, And to the age is every judgment of Thy righteousness!
Psa 119:161  Shin. Princes have pursued me without cause, And because of Thy words was my heart afraid.
Psa 119:162  I do rejoice concerning Thy saying, As one finding abundant spoil.
Psa 119:163  Falsehood I have hated, yea I abominate it , Thy law I have loved.
Psa 119:164  Seven times in a day I have praised Thee, Because of the judgments of Thy righteousness.
Psa 119:165  Abundant peace have those loving Thy law, And they have no stumbling-block.
Psa 119:166  I have waited for Thy salvation, O Jehovah, And Thy commands I have done.
Psa 119:167  Kept hath my soul Thy testimonies, And I do love them exceedingly.
Psa 119:168  I have kept Thy precepts and Thy testimonies, For all my ways are before Thee!
Psa 119:169  Taw. My loud cry cometh near before Thee, O Jehovah; According to Thy word cause me to understand.
Psa 119:170  My supplication cometh in before Thee, According to Thy saying deliver Thou me.
Psa 119:171  My lips do utter praise, For Thou dost teach me Thy statutes.
Psa 119:172  My tongue doth sing of Thy saying, For all Thy commands are righteous.
Psa 119:173  Thy hand is for a help to me, For Thy commands I have chosen.
Psa 119:174  I have longed for Thy salvation, O Jehovah, And Thy law is my delight.
Psa 119:175  My soul liveth, and it doth praise Thee, And Thy judgments do help me.
Psa 119:176  I wandered as a lost sheep, seek Thy servant, For Thy precepts I have not forgotten!

a 1 This psalm is an acrostic poem, the stanzas of which begin with successive letters of the Hebrew alphabet; moreover, the verses of each stanza begin with the same letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
b 33 Or follow it for its reward
c 37 Two manuscripts of the Masoretic Text and Dead Sea Scrolls; most manuscripts of the Masoretic Text life in your way
d 112 Or decrees / for their enduring reward

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2 years ago

Hi Jerry Psalm 119 one of my favorite. I do have a question thow. Wondering why you have pointed out that “Paul was arrested and executed, for following the way”. The way is Yahshua all right, followed by the Natsarim and Israel. Yahshua also points out the 2 commandments being To LOVE the Father YHWH Elohim and your Neighbor as your self. To Love the Father WE follow his law as stated in scripture. John 14:21 “Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them.” ( I have seen him OK ) From the Jerusalem Council at Antioch that denounced the Natsarim as Ignatious declared him self the first Bishop that had the power of god. And started calling those that wanted to follow Yahshua “Christians” Yet you call your self a Natsarim and this is confusing to me. Please explain your rationalization . Paul also alienated all the… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Jerry

Great answer
I do appreciate it as I have been trying to resolve all of it.
Now I think I understand that Acts 15
Means There is no need to require
Gentiles follow the law and be grafted in .
Kink of like a parable as per intent .
Like trying to talk to some folks that are pro mRNA.
Listening to the old song Let it Be, just fits.
Thank You much

Welcome To The War
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