Prophecy: John Paul Jackson – 2007 Prophecies Pandemic, Dirty Bomb, More.

John Paul Jackson is a respected teacher of the Word and a well-known prophetic speaker.  I have no experience with him but was referred to this video by someone I respect for his passion for truth.  There is some rather remarkable accuracy in his prophecies for America in this video, which is a good indicator that his other prophecies of America are also valid.

He tells of a weak pandemic that is mostly only fear, and a second pandemic that is very deadly.  I will post more on the second pandemic in a subsequent post.

He also mentions a bomb, in this case a radioactive “dirty bomb” in a U.S. coastal city, which I also mentioned in a post a few days ago regarding the Taliban, Israel, China, Taiwan and war.

When a prophets old prophecies are coming to pass, pay attention to what has not yet happened.


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9 months ago

I know it has been getting darker. I know the people of the world must see the perplexed state they are in and call out to God for salvation as they did before the flood of Noah’s day. Yehoshua said in this day he will be lifted up as the copper snake in the wilderness John 3:14; Gal:3:13.

My daughter declared to me, ‘no one will believe unless something obvious and drastic happens in the world’. She died by that drastic development that was implemented, devised and provided for administration by the human sons of Satan by means of demonic intelligence. She knew my opinion regards what was developing and being thrust on people who had reached 60 yrs of age as defined initially for that age group. She knew I was annoyed at what they were scheduling and why.

I could began to observe the increase of funeral businesses, large newly built health centre facilities as well as large developments of cremation facilities and disable spaces in parking lots. These became abundant before disabled people became disabled en masse. Now the media are feeding the ideology that people can expect to become disabled and zoom about in wheel chairs like the proliferation of a certain pretty women fully, impeccably dressed with high heeled shoes and a great big smile on her pretty face.

Our Eternal Father will bring to ruin those ruining the earth., Rev. 11:18, and will reverse the weapons of warfare against these perpetrators of wickedness Jer. 21:4, 14, 50:23-26, Ezekiel 9:9. Isaiah 34:8 this is the day of vengeance of our Lord Yehoshua and our Eternal Father, Isaiah 59:12, 18, their revolts are many. In accordance with their dealings he way repay correspondingly. They will not escape punishment Joel 3:4,5. Deuteronomy 19:16-21. As for that last verse I will stand against a forefather born two centuries before me for what he did to his family. He was a man of great fame who has an epitaph placed in St Peter’s Church dedicated to his greatness and his philanthropic endeavours for the poor people supposedly. He like all the wealthy running the world today gain wealth from poor people. They take away and give crumbs in return all for the benefit of gaining power and prominence.

I know about him only because the Most High God sent a messenger that Holy Spirit would reveal all these truths to me. Then my father told me about that family. I had been told in 1966 a book was to be written about that forefather. In 1995 I was reminded about that book and phoned the company the recipient of his entrepreneurship had inherited. I was told the company was about to be sold and the owner of the company was about to actually write that book. The book was published and bought by me in 2010 where I saw all God Almighty had told me and all my father told me was written therein. I was also reminded of my forefathers being from Mattathias Maccabeus and I remembered having been told by my father about Judas Maccabees and John Hyrcannus son of Simon Maccabeus. I googled and bought that book ‘The Antiquities of the Jews’ by Josephus who was a descendant of the Maccabee dynasty by Jonathan Maccabeus. I saw in that book all I had been told was true and did relate to me. I remember having been told this family is descended from Aaron the brother of Moses by Yahoveh my Sovereign Lord. I was guided to see that this family had descended from Phinehas who was given a covenant promise that his offspring would have the promise of a priesthood to time indefinite as written Numbers 25:10-13. That is because the Son of God was to again be brought into the inhabited earth (Hebrews 1:6), by that linage in the Second Coming when the Son of God was caught away to His Father’s throne before the serpent could devour the woman’s child as foretold in Revelation 12:5. And that Son was named Emmanuel as foretold in Matthew 1:22, 23. And even although on the day when Elizabeth visited Mary her cousin and she called out by Holy Spirit “Blessed are You among Women and Blessed is the fruit of thy womb as written in Luke 1:42 and then it was spoken by these women “Blessed too is she who heard (will hear) from Yahweh and who will believe because there will be a complete performance of those things spoken to her by Yahweh, Luke 1:45. All that and tons more of evidence because the earth is to come to the woman’s rescue Revelation 12:16. But no one will listen. I was told someone will listen and receive blessings on the day of recompense. But: ‘NO ONE WILL LISTEN!’ to date all this is ignored by all religious Theologians, preachers, Prophets so called., neither government officials except one who lost his position for listening to me because I was listened to too soon and Satan had power over the situation at that time. But not so now.

The wicked of this world rule have devised terror for billions of people that same terror must be applied in retribution billions of times. And they have gained no peace nor happiness from all the wealth they accrued from their wars and from taking from the poor and impoverished of the earth. Nor did they get satisfaction from the terror they plied upon their victims nor did they gain a good feeling from the power they were given over people even though they were honoured by those they blinded by their mysticism.

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