Prophecy: America – Body Sores Like Chicken Pox or Small Pox

Quoting a man generally considered a prophet by several reliable witnesses, John Paul Jackson…

There is coming another pandemic.  It’s not the day after tomorrow but it is coming.  And this one is a serious one.  This pandemic – the problem is that, the first one that was coming wasn’t going to be that major, and that people would kind of make light of the next one.  But the next one is not going to be that light.  The next one is going to be a very stunning issue and there is going to be a lot of people – I didn’t see but in a way it looked like a chickenpox type of thing again or like a smallpox type of thing again, where there are sores of the skin that take place.  I’m not a doctor, so I don’t know what to call that.  I don’t know what they symptoms might be called, but there were sores on the skin that erupted because of this issue.

John Paul Jackson

Right now, so many people are talking about a prophetic warning that Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj issued on March 29, 2020.  According to his account, he was shown that the next pandemic will “make this coronavirus look like child’s play”…

“Another great wind is going to sweep all over the world.”

And when He spoke the word “wind,” it was made for me to know this. Another great wind, worse than coronavirus pandemic is going to sweep this whole world. The world is shaken with fear and trembling because of coronavirus, but the word of the Lord came to say, another, worse than coronavirus, is going to come. When that comes, it will make this coronavirus look like child’s play.

Apparently, this second pestilence will produce boils all over the skin, maybe like Monkey pox or maybe in fact Monkey pox.  About forty days ago (July 20th, 2021) the first case of Monkey pox was discovered in the United States.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently confirmed the first case of monkeypox in the United States. This came after reports over the weekend that a Dallas resident was infected with monkeypox.

The full transcript of this prophecy is located here:

Youtube censored the video, which is of some concern because youtube mostly censors true things.

Monkey pox was just last month (June, 2021 ) found in Texas, brought 21) there by a man who flew from Nigeria to Georgia and then Texas.

So when this great wind comes, it will sting people like a hornet’s stinger. When a hornet stings a person, a person feels hot, with fire-like sensation and swelling like boils appears on their bodies. In the same manner, when this wind stings a person, that person will feel hot like fire over them, and their temperature will rise above 100°F, above 38°C. So, the feelings will be hot like fire burning all over their body, and fever will shoot up in their bodies, more than 100°F, and boils will develop all over their faces and bodies, especially in the chest area. These are the physical symptoms when this virus stings.

Now doctors and scientists will be baffled and perplexed at not being able to discover at all any medicine or vaccine for this. This morning I read in the news, a scientific report about this coronavirus, that the scientists are still trying to understand the DNA of this virus. And they say, a vaccine will still a long time away. So there is no medicine; there is no vaccine. And by that time they claim that they have found something, this hornet will come to sting. But this time, the doctors and the scientists will not be able to discover any way how this virus works, and they will not be able to discover any medicine or vaccine.

The originally linked video is no longer available, but I think this might be a duplication of it…




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karla altiero
karla altiero
11 months ago

If you all want to know the real truth tribulation now {on utube} Believe me watch it. Johnathon Kleck has the ability to see satanic signs and symbols and numbers and use strongs concordence,interpret them matching to the bible- and the Luciferian plan foretold in the bible is revealed. The Luciferians “turn everyrthing upside down” See what Obamas wierd presidential photo contains. It ALL fits together.

11 months ago

The Father YHWH gave us the natural herbs for healing.
Folks are mostly too lazy to research to identify the herbs and
the medicinal values of what is right outside their urbane cement jungle. Sometimes right outside their door.
Things like Yarrow and Wormwood, for example.

karla altiero
karla altiero
11 months ago
Reply to  Enoch

I recently began taking many herbs incl for anxiety and ptsd and feel much better.

11 months ago

I meant the army of the Heavens will battle the demonic principalities any time from this month onwards. As this is the 50th Jewish Jubilee year and as our Saviour was again brought into the inhabited earth 50 yrs ago and as it is written on ancient Dead Sea Parchments and in the book of Maccabees or/ and the book of Enoch the Army of the Heavens will consist of persons aged between 30yrs and 50 yrs and as our King is now 50 yrs since caught up to His Father’s throne before Satan could devour the woman’s child (Revelation 12:5) I am of the belief that battle will begin very soon. Although I was told to search for a man who would believe what I write who would receive a blessing in the day of recompense but cannot find one before that Great Day I believe it must therefore happen before there is no flesh saved (Matthew 24:22).

Rightly or wrongly I have came to the conclusion that preachers and theologians are standing up preaching primarily to have a source of income from Satan’s World Structure where they neither have the freedom nor will to see what is true from scripture. I was however told I would find a person before it is too late. Only our Most High God knows it this is possible. I have been searching many years without let-up. I see terror facing this world and am especially concerned with children left without their parents or seeing their parents crippled with autoimmune disease or die of blood clots in front of them and who will care for them?

But the suffering of many people has been shut out from before our eyes by our governments who have brought starvation, death and disease upon the world by their wars and by the development of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.

11 months ago

The pox has came owing to jabbing into victims. My own daughter was forced to accept a jab to allow her to continue her newly developing business in 2015 or 2016. My daughter who was a optometrist diagnosed a change in prescription for me. The next day I began to suffer from shingles. The pain was unbelievable. My ears were 3 times their normal size and were suppurating. I had spots and pain was shooting up the back of my head that was so bad it was unbearable. Later my daughter had autoimmune disease which she died from last year.

I believe our King and High Priest will battle the demonic principalities between this September. This. month.

11 months ago
Reply to  June

I am replying to myself to reveal I was told the bible was about my commission to reveal the coming of Our Saviour as written in prophesy. I was told I and my family are written about throughout the bible. For-instance in Micah 4:6 (different interpretations by theologians are at odds) however, I and my daughter who saw for herself she was about to die of autoimmune realised that scripture which reads in some translations ‘I will gather her that is lame’. Also her who is dispersed. My daughter realised on her own accord that was reference to her sister who died 10yrs prior to her. As Zion is to have her daughters taken care of by the flank I know my daughters will be returned to me on earth Isaiah 60:4.
My Saviour is coming to rule over earth and earth is to be adjoined with our Father in Heaven. There is to be a resurrection onto earth where the righteous will receive their reward and the wicked will receive retribution according to the way they have done to others it will be done to them. There are many scriptures testifying Yahuah will bring terror on those terrorising the innocent, defenceless people of this wold. If anyone would like those I can provide many.

Welcome To The War
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