Prophecy 2nd Week of October – The “Wicks” Are Lit. Dana Coverstone

Re-listening to Pastor Dana Coverstone’s dream regarding October.  The “2nd week of October” is precisely 15 days away.  In the second week of October, according to his dream, the “wicks, like a firework” ignite in the heads of the select wicked.  This includes the governors, the federal officials and “everyone else”, a sudden explosion of conflict that spreads like fire.

The violent protesters will attack the more passive protesters for not being sufficiently violent.  I have seen that happening already.  Dana says that the violent will attempt to break into nursing homes to get at the old and the infirm.  The demons, and let us call them demons, want to kill the older conservative people.  Driven by the satan, the goal is to wipe out biblical, conservative voices especially, and to kill the weak and the infirm in general.

A $100 bill on a flagpole like a flag, catches fire and burns down to 1/3 of its original size.  People wept as the dollar crashed.

There are small numbers of faithful believers praying, protected by “bubbles” but under constant attack.  Behind these praying believers he saw “small gates”.  Straight is the gate (in this use, ‘straight’ means small or a  tight fit) and narrow is the Way, and FEW there are who find it.

When you go to vote, expect unending distractions, all done to limit the turnout on election day.  GO VOTE.

Passover 2021 is important.  According to Dana’s dream, it is major, momentous and apparently it is a marker for even more and worse conflict.  Unknown.


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1 year ago

Your dream is as Revelation 16:10,15; And they began to gnaw their tongues; vs 15 keeping outer garments on that we do not walk naked and people look upon shamefulness. and vs 16 the worlds rulers are in preparation for the great battle against Almighty God and his Firstborn. This is Armageddon. I know the Firstborn to have been born of a woman in 1971 when Rev. 12:5 was fulfilled and that Firstborn of God was caught away to God and to his throne before the serpent could devour the woman’s child. See it wasn’t churches that gave birth to Immanuel as Matthew 1:22,23 foretells how could it be? see Hebrews 1:6. ps I am outwit organised religions of this world. I belong to the instructive teaching from the Most High God Yahveh-Nissi-Yireh Genesis 22:14 and Exodus 17:15,16 but only in some translations.

Susan Nemie
Susan Nemie
1 year ago

I am happy to say that I have already voted in person in the state of Virginia. Line wasn’t too long and am happy I did not have to take a chance on mailing a ballot. In my opinion, this is the most important election. Thanks for your inspiration and all you do.

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