Pressure: Its Going To Become Astronomical

Originally posted on May 22, 2020 @ 1:52 pm

The pressure is building all over the world.  We are in the biblical tribulation period, just waiting for the Third Temple to be built and the false Messiah to stand in the Holy Place.  How are you personally going to live through this?  What will be your mindset, your personal approach to living in peace during the hardest time in world history?

What is the best path for us as we enter the dark time?  Do we fight?  Do we run?  Do we hide?

Fighting, running and hiding are options, sure, but its going to be very difficult for families to do any of those things.  And if you are the solitary believer in your family, the non-believers in your family will never join you and will most likely turn you in to the authorities assigned to exterminate the faithful.

Remember that Yahusha (aka “Jesus”) told His disciples that His family consisted of only those who hear Yahuah and obey Him…

Jesus replied, “My mother and my brothers are all those who hear God’s word and obey it.” Luke 8:21

So there is your family, too.  If you follow the Way, if you are obedient to Yahuah and are saved through Yahusha, then your family is everyone who serves Yahuah in that same manner.

This might exclude your children, or your spouse, or your parents or siblings.  You might be the only Natasari in your entire world of people.  You might be the weirdo.  Certainly I am a weirdo, and am used to it.  People don’t harrass me or make fun of me like they used to.  My skin, especially where it concerns Yahuah, is made of thick iron.  I feel more akin to John the Baptist, who told it like it was right into the face of the Serpent Pharisees.

Satan Is Leaning Into The Battle

Satan is really attacking now.  Its a full-on fight and its global.  He is determined to move forward now, as he is no doubt being squeezed by Yahuah.  Satan cannot operate outside the limits established by Yahuah.  So Satan is like a sprinter who just heard the pop of the starting gun.  He is running at top speed now.  The timer is running and he has to beat the clock because all this will end and he wants the souls of men.

Satan is using the Covid19 setup to stampede the lost into the vaccine.  That mask you see everywhere is a sign of submission more than anything else.  It is the mask-wearers symbol of subservience.  It seems innocent enough, but what it signifies mostly is that the wearer is fearful, lacking on knowledge and understanding, and willing to comply with whatever social pressure is applied.

Do the masks work

Mask wearers can mostly be expected to line up for the coming injections, which Trump says will likely be ready by December and will be administered by the US military.

Yes, the military is going to drive around in trucks and set up tents and inject everyone who shows up with whatever magic vaccine Gates/Soros et al conjure up.  A genetic vaccine, one which modifies our DNA. Voluntary at first.

There will absolutely be a “2nd Wave” of biowar, and worse than the first one.  We can carve this on stone, because a second wave will be the catalyst for the stampede to the injection tents.  A tidal wave of dead and a tsunami of sheep lined up for “the shot”.

Will they tie employment and freedom of movement to the “vaccine”?  Maybe.  Certainly they want to.  They might even attempt to take children out of homes where the parents refuse to allow the injections.  Are you prepared to deal with that?  How will you confront that reality?

I have three small (two middle schoolers and one 6 yr old) children and one ex-spouse.  My X asked me to “come home” and told me she made a mistake.  Um hm.  My oldest boys were ruling the house when I moved in and they resented my presence.  Gotta love that.

We have a much more normal living environment after six weeks of me being here, but the year I was out caused a lot of damage.  The boys went from being good kids to being smart-mouthed know-it-alls with no interest in Truth.

The scriptures teach us that our enemies will be members of our own household.  That’s just a fact.  That being fact, then who is the person most likely to submit your name and location to the police?  Unsaved children and unsaved spouses.

Do you know how you can tell who is saved?  I mean, there are Christians and there are “Christians”.  There are Natsarim.  “Natsarim” is the plural of Natsari.  Natsarim are of the Way.  These brothers and sisters adhere to the commands of Yahuah and have the testimony of Yahusha.  These Natsarim are the target of the Red Dragon of Revelation.  These Natsarim are the ONLY IMPORTANT ENEMY of Satan on earth.

So yes, if you consider yourself of the Way, then certainly you are on Satan’s Christmas list.  He knows who most of us are, where most of us live, what our cell numbers are, who our contacts are, where we are likely to be at any given time on any given date.  He knows what websites we visit, what our aliases might be, what we post in comments, and much more.

I do not believe he can read our thoughts.  I do believe he can develop technology that can read thoughts, but the shatan himself does not have that ability.  The satan is a finite, though celestial, being.  He relies on technology and support from the wicked, you can believe that.  Why do you think Google is so hell-bent on getting our movements and contacts 100 percent accurate?  Why do you think Google is so evil?  Because it is an organization that hates Yahusha.  The leaders of Google (as well as Microsoft and hundreds of other tech organizations) hate.  They mock Yahusha, laugh at “Jesus walked across the water”, scoff at resurrection and do their best to squash any truth everywhere on the web.

But you probably know all that.

This past Monday afternoon I decided on the spur of the moment to load up a pack and go camp in the woods around our subdivision.  I hate subdivisions, even nice ones.  ….no, don’t get me started on subdivisions.

So I loaded my US Army Alice 2 and stomped off in the heat to some place yet to be determined.  After an hour of hiking, I found a fine location.  Bear in mind that in South Texas, the terrain is rugged and the trees are frequently mountain juniper.  These are mean, sharp-limb’d eyeball rippers that grow in tightly packed forests with limbs reaching to the ground and out into the limbs of other mountain juniper trees.

That creates an impenetrable jungle of very hard hiking, because the ground is commonly steep and very rocky.

But to my delight, I found a green, lush creek bank sprinkled with live oak shade that was level and beautiful and large.  It is a miracle of topography, for sure.  A very rare combination of terrain and plants.

I hung my hammock, assembled my pack stove, cooked some freeze-dried food and watched the darkness settle in.  It was so beautiful.  All around me I could hear birds in the trees overlooking this huge creek bed.  The creek bed only has water when it floods, and this particular section of creek bed is about forty yards wide and 20 yards deep by 1/2 mile long.  There are pools of water that remain in one section, and there are some large fish in those pools.

As it became dark in the woods around 8:45 PM, the fire-flys lifted from the grass and trees, and I saw fire-flys everywhere.  They were present for a good three hours, and were in the grass, the trees, the creek bed and in the trees across the creek bed.  There were also lots of birds, some that I have never heard before.  A cacophony of squawks and whistles filled that air, and some growling, mean-sounding creature approached in the dark from my left, but I never saw it.

The long and short of it is that I was treated to a spectacular, unforgettable display of Yahuah’s creation.  It was the most uniquely satisfying night I have ever spent in the woods, and was so exciting that I could not sleep.  I was constantly looking out from my blanket to see the sights and hear the sounds.

The sound from the million tree frogs was deafening.  It was thunderous, and when they all stopped suddenly to total silence, the vacuum created by the quiet literally pulled me into that sound vacuum, made me sort of stabilize myself in my hammock.  It was a marvelous experience.

Although I was deep in the forest, I was still close enough to streets and homes to hear, just barely, cars and trucks and one ambulance as they motored around in the quiet of night.

The experience that night was prehistoric.  Amazonian. The woods is where I feel safest, and I have spent my life in the safety of the forest, yet have never had an experience as fascinating and gratifying as this one night in these woods.

When I returned home at 11 AM the next morning, everyone was still asleep.  No school, no work and free movies keeps all of us up late every night.  But still, 11 AM and everyone was asleep.

I went into my X’s bedroom to find out why everyone was still asleep, and that’s when I learned of the ambulance.

I cannot share everything with you out of respect for privacy, but let me tell you that satan will attack your family at its weakest point.  That point is going to be a person, and it will be the person most resistant to the Word.  Your family members might all pay lip service to obedience, but Yahuah knows who is His.

If your family life is blowing up, or is just constantly brittle or on edge, this is likely to only get worse over time.  A man’s enemies will be members of his own household.  You will be mocked, laughed at, lied to and stolen from.  And just wait until an outright ban is placed on being faithful.  The Noahide blasphemy will make it illegal for you to even read Torah, and executions are written into the Noahide covenant for anyone who says that Yahusha is the Mashiach.

Your own child might very well turn you in.  I mean, the odds are high, not low.  Just because you believe does not mean your child or spouse will, especially when the penalty for faith is death.

Those are the days we are entering now.  That is the world you inhabit.

Try to find some Natsarim you can rely on.  Remember that Yahuah is Lord, he is the King.  He loves you and He has His eyes on you.  We will live in peace in all this, but expect major disruption.  Just go with the flow.  One day you might sleep at home, and the next day you sleep in the woods and never go home again.  Sounds hard, and it can be hard, but if you continue to keep Yahuah in mind, He will satisfy your soul.

I plan to keep writing right here as long as I live and as long as I can pay for the hosting.  I want to be a voice for the salvation of the lost.  I want to encourage you while also addressing the reality of a life lived running from the executioners.

They might catch me :)

camp.gif by TallyHo -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Note: The power of the Holy people will be broken, and after that the end will come.  The end will not come until the power of the holy people is “shattered”.

And the man dressed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, raised his right hand and his left hand toward heaven, and I heard him swear by Him who lives forever, saying, “It will be for a time, and times, and half a time. When the power of the holy people has finally been shattered, all these things will be completed.”  Daniel 12:7, Berean Study Bible.

We are the holy people.  The pressure is 100 percent designed against Natsarim.  It is high honor.

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Janis Moller
Janis Moller
4 years ago

Hi Jerry, I was so delighted in reading your beautifully well written experience and reality of today. I totally agree with you and I was also asking Yahweh where He wants me to be knowing that He will order my steps and shelter me and hiding me from the eyes of the enemy.
My daily prayer is: Let my life be invisible and invinsible to evil power in the name of Yeshua.

Welcome To The War
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