Prepping For A Violent Election Day – A Pretty Good Survival Plan

I just watched this video and wanted to share it with you.  As most adults and a surprising number of children know, the coming election will likely be a wild circus of Marxist/Anarchist/BLM/Communist riots.  The enemies of the Republic will probably cause a lot of problems in major cities, and a good plan on how to avoid that, and what to prepare for and how long, might be a big help to you.

Be smart.  Store as much food as you can.  Vote early, as soon as the polls open if possible.  Vote absentee if  you can.  Be sure to vote, preferably for Trump et al.  Yes, he is a strange cat but he has done some great things.  The alternative is Kamala Harris, because if Biden wins, the Dems will Article 25 him out of office, and Kamala Harris will become the President.  She is very bad.  Even the democrats ranked her last among the early Democratic candidate selection process.

Pray.  Pray that Yahuah will heal America.  He can if we will.

Bottom line is to hold fast to your faithful obedience to His Word.  We are in the tribulation era and the world will only get less stable as the weeks roll by.  That is to be expected, and if you can keep yourself safe and fed, you will do alright.

Ask for help if you need it.  We will all both need and offer lots of help in the coming months.  If you have children, you might begin to accept the probability that the school year will not run through to completion.  I will be surprised if schools are still open by March.

If you have to sell some things to get cash to buy food and other necessary supplies, by all means sell.  Sell now and don’t wait.  The US Dollar is almost vaporware, and if it makes it another 12 months I will be very surprised.  Paper money will lose its value quickly.  Buy silver bullion, the one, five and 10-ounce coins and bars.  If the dollar falls, silver rises.  So does gold, but gold is difficult to trade because an ounce today is $2000.  An ounce of silver is about $35 dollars, and is easier to trade for things.

A common loaf of wheat bread, $2.79 today,  could be $5-$7 dollars come spring.  Beef sirloin could be $20/lb.  Food is more valuable than anything else because without food, we perish.  Food, water, ammunition, silver and gold – these are all valuable because in the coming collapse of the global economy, they will prolong your life.

Trust that Yahuah loves you.  If you are His, know this: He is going to burn down the house of the wicked, and He is NOT inclined to burn His children down along with the wicked.

As hard as my life has been, and as much as I deserve destruction, I count on and believe in His love for me.  I was lost, and He saved me.  He didn’t have to save me, but He wanted to save me.  He will get me, you and every one of His children through this.  If we physically die in the tribulation era, we will be glad.  So fear not, for He is with you.


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