Prepare For An Imminent & FALSE Red-Flag Crisis Conducted Nation Wide By The FBI

I did see the video of the armed Stryker Vehicles and the armed soldier walking with the Stryker.  It was in a civilian area, looked like a truck stop or civilian fuel depot.  Armed Strykers are never seen in this manner, so someone is preparing for something somewhere in the USA.

More detail is available inin the video produced by Jeffery Prather.  Jeffery is a long time US military special operations guy with high-level experience in several organizations including DEA, DIA, Border Patrol, Green Berets and more.  He retired from all that and became a Chaplain, a believer and follower of Yahusha.  He is careful with what he puts out into the clear and he verifies things.

I recommend that you listen carefully twice to this video.  Make some coffee, find a quiet place and listen.  Expect major problems to suddenly bloom in America.  Do NOT participate in the MAGA marches or assemblies planned for several cities (“all 50 states” according to the KGB FBI).  I expect the FBI to be solidly behind ALL of the trouble coming up.

Any breathing human being can read for an hour and learn enough about the FBI to know for certain that the FBI is hostile to the US Constitution.  I told my spouse last week that I fully, 100 percent, expect to be arrested at some point in the future for my public position on the corrupt US government.

Maybe it is foolish of me to take a stand, but my mother didn’t raise a pansy.  When I was a little boy, if I got into a fight, lost and came home crying, she would take me by the hand, march me back to the kids house and demand that I finish the fight.  I lost every single fight I ever had until I was enrolled in a boxing program at age 16.  My dorky friends enrolled all of us one day and came to my job (grocery sacker, Safeway) to give me the good news.

I went, loved it and never lost a fight again.  I did lose one fight in one tournament by a split decision.  Double vision.  Couldn’t hit my target.  Dude got a killer punch on me early first round.  Boxing changed my life and I thank Yahuah for it.  Jesus changed me, too.

I do not think we have a lot to fear.  Some will say that we have nothing to fear, and while that is true, I don’t know a human alive who would not be afraid of some aspects of what is coming.  Besides, as I teach my own sons – a man cannot possibly be brave unless he is also afraid.  Bravery is the act of overcoming fear.  Fear comes before bravery and bravery conquers that fear.  Fear tells us to pay attention, and bravery tells us to take the fight to the enemy.  If we do not fight, fear won.  To hell with succumbing to fear.  Winning is the only path.  If the enemy wants me, here I am.

Jeffery Prather tells us that approximately 25 notebook PC’s were stolen from Congress on January 6th, not only one from Pelosi.  Pelosi did not go to work yesterday.  Expect an FBI setup against Trump supporters.  They will try to paint us as the bad guys, and it will be all over the controlled media that “MAGA” did this, that and the other thing.  None of that will be true.  We learned from the antifa infiltration in D.C. on the 6th that wherever we go, there our enemy goes, also.

We are in a war.  You do realize that, right?  It is a war to take down YOUR country, to enslave YOUR children.  We are losing it, too.

This stock image of a Stryker is the vehicle/s in the video below…

A Stryker carries about eight soldiers and their combat hardware.

Below is the video of the armed Stryker rolling in TX.  Texas is the conclusion of the producer of this vid, which was sent to him by the truck driver.  I am not sure that the Texas location is verified, but it is current.  It does look like a dusty, west Texas environment.  Maybe El Paso, where Ft. Bliss is located.  Lots of fighting equipment there.  Maybe along the Texas border.  Can’t tell.  But armed Strykers off the reservation means that someone ordered them to post up in civilian areas, and if there is one, there are more.

Bear in mind that over 10,000 National Guard troops were just sent to Washington, D.C.  and more are enroute.

If you see something, ASK questions of the soldiers.

These are American kids for the most part, and they will tell you what they know.  They won’t know much, but if you can find the Company Commander or some officer, ask HIM what is going on.  If he clams up on you, go get more people and come back to him and demand answers.  He can’t harm you and will almost certainly try to answer your questions.  These soldiers are not the enemy.  The enemy is in Washington, waiting for their lying politician to be sworn in as the new President of the United States.

If Biden takes office, hell will open its gates here.  You better prepare to fight now.  Prepare NOW.  Food, medicine, water, defense, local network of like-minded people.  Already the tech companies, the House of representatives, many of the courts including and especially the US Supreme Court are subverted.  When proof of fraud and States suing States in Federal court is refused a hearing by the only court with original jurisdiction, then we are already under the thumb of the enemy.  Major change is pending, change that will harm everyone, both the good and the bad people.

I’m going to bring some great news soon.  Great news.



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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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