Powerful Press Conference-Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell- God Bless President Trump

After the US Supreme Court is finished ruling on the election crimes brought before the court by Donald J. Trump, the world will change again.  His attorney, Lin Wood, said very matter-of-factly that we will find ourselves in a revolutionary war.  People will die on both sides.  Dana Coverstone had a vision of Chinese and Russian blue hats issuing orders on American soil in his dream for November, 2020.

If it comes to war, then war.  It is time, as Jefferson said, to water the roots of the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants and of patriots.  I expect the left to go berserk when they are kicked to the gutter by the law.  I also expect good citizens to defend their communities with the best available means of defense.

As General Patton said regarding fighting the Germans, “Lean into them.  Spill their blood.  Make them die for their country.”

Do you remember my vision?  The flaming sword, roaring down from the stars, and the voice like thunder saying “I am coming to separate the righteous from the unrighteous.”

That flaming sword is here.  The separation is happening.  Rejoice that finally, we are active participants in the overwhelming strength and glory of Yahuah.  Our God does reign.  There is no greater god than Yahuah.  He keeps His promises, and no entity, whether human or celestial, withstands the Will of God.

I say again – be willing to fight.  King David had bloody hands, yet Yahusha will rule from David’s throne.  King David hunted his enemies to the ground.  He killed all of them (when obedient) – men, women, children, dogs, goats, donkeys- every living thing.

The point is that Yahuah does not run from a fight and you are created in His image.  God is a warrior, so says the Word.  You be a warrior, too.  Do not think yourself too holy to get your hands dirty.  God doesn’t consider himself above such outcomes, and Yahusha commands that we arm ourselves for a reason.  That reason?  Because we might have to fight.

Be ready.  Organize.  Make a plan.  Know who you can count on to fight their way to your aid if necessary.  And know that you are prepared to go to the aid of others.

Have water stored to last for a couple of weeks.  Rule of thumb on that is one gallon per person per day.  Buy any batteries that you already use.  Be sure to have spares for any weapons you use that require batteries.  If you do have to shoot someone, get names of witnesses.  Write down the circumstances, time of day, pertinent details that led you to pull the trigger.  Self defense is a legitimate reason to shoot a man or woman. Get the ID of the dead and save that for law enforcement, even if it is a week or more before you see any law enforcement.

I do not know what the next few weeks and months will look like.  Maybe calm and a new direction of righteousness for America.  Maybe.  Lots of people are praying, that’s for sure.  I do expect Mr. Trump to prevail.  The democrats proved themselves to be snakes, and snakes get their heads cut off.

If Yahuah gives America Biden for President, his presidency will not last very long.  War will happen.  I would never submit to human garbage like the democrats.  The republicans are not really any better.  But Trump is neither democrat or republican.  He is a whole ‘nuther breed of cat and I thank God for him.

Listen to me – you will feel a lot better if you have some armed friends.  Make some friends.  Make a defense plan.  Build a fire team.  Even if you are old like me you can still shoot a rifle or a shotgun.  If you live in a city, or in an apartment, talk to people and figure out who you can trust.  The best place to recruit is in church.  Everywhere, church members carry weapons.  Pistols, folding rifles, large knives – I have seen it all.  People are prepared, which is God in action.

I don’t know what will happen financially.  If you live outside the USA, it might be prudent to dump dollars.  Ethereum and Bitcoin both look very good.  The Bible says people will throw their gold and silver into the streets, so it must be crypto that becomes the dominant fallback currency.


Don’t take it.  That’s all I have to say about that right now. Do not take the vaccine.  Not only is Gates Moderna vaccine a trojan horse into your DNA, but covid-19 is absolutely nothing to fear.  This is a setup.  Don’t take the bait.

Watch this news conference.  Trump will prevail.  The truth always comes out.


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