Powerful, Annointed Video Regarding Donald Trump, Righteousness and The Wicked Who Sought To Harm Him. Trump WILL Serve Four More Years.

Originally posted on January 21, 2021 @ 12:19 pm

Have you ever watched someone begin an endeavor and recognized from the start that it was a doomed project?  Or have you ever watched someone working busily on some project that you knew already was destined for failure?  This is what I see when I watch that pathetic, lying, racist, brain-broken liberal lying Joseph Biden sitting at President Trumps desk.

The liberals want to make it illegal to say that the DNC is a criminal organization staffed with the scum of the earth, willing to do anything to gain what it perceives as power.  Its like the Dawn of The Living dead, and the dead are trudging to the polls in their dirty masks to vote for policies that create more living dead.

The Abortion Party.  The American Communist Party.  The Democratic Necrosis Committee.  Call it anything you like, but any organization that supports the slaughter of babies is the party of satan, made of demons and the living dead.  The DNC is the abode of the wicked.  It draws them in like feces draws flies, and the flies die in it.

But I digress.

I have a fantastic, powerful, uplifting speaker for you today.  His name is David Sorensen, a real brother who immigrated to the USA from Belgium.  He is the right kind of brother, one who walks in the love and power of Yahusha and who stands up for the truth.  In his video I can personally verify that the quotes he attributes were in fact made.

This video is about 60 minutes long, and you want to watch it when you have an hour to listen with no distractions.  This is something you want to absorb.  You want to sit quietly and pay attention to what he has to say.

Donald Trump WILL go back to work as President of the United states.  It will not be long and as Yahusha teaches us, fear not.  Justice is coming to the wicked.

What Sorensen says about those ruling the world is true.  The rulers of this world hate us at a level we cannot imagine, nor do we want to imagine it.  From that evil peak comes a dark power that, as I said, draws the wicked to it like feces draws flies.  That is why liberals are so violent, so hateful and so dangerous.  They are convinced of their own righteousness, and their religion is hatred for the sons of God.  Many Christians are liberals, too.  Christianity is no standard of Righteousness.

“Mad criminality” is how Sorensen describes it, and he is bang on.  Insane, wild, demon-driven hatred driving the followers of satan to do anything possible to drive Trump from power.  But Trump is a praying man.  He was not, and now he is.  Yahuah will have HIS WAY.  Praise God.

Lin Wood, you rock my friend.  

Visit David Sorensens’ website by clicking the box under this sentence.

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3 years ago

I am a Christian and I listened to Mr. Sorensen’s impassioned reasoning. However, I found it to be misguided, delusional and rife with mistruths about Donald Trump. I have found that most prophesies have moved the goalposts numerous times since November 3rd and continue to do so. This is cognitive dissonance incarnate…

Welcome To The War
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