Is Nimrod The Beast Which Will Rise From The Abyss?

Video: Rob Skiba, Torah teacher and loves Truth.  A reliable witness.

Nimrod is a fascinating person to study.  He was the most powerful king on earth in his day.  He was the son of Ham and the grandson of Noah, who was still alive during Nimrods’ reign.  Surely the satan wanted some payback for the flood, and he deeply corrupted Noah’s grandson, making him the fiercest human enemy of Yahuah who ever lived.

Nimrod was in the process of “becoming a mighty hunter”, according to Genesis.  Being a “mighty hunter” or a “mighty one” was like being one of the “men of renown” – a bad thing.  Like the Nephilim, Nimrod was doing certain wicked things in order to gain what we would call ‘supernatural power’.

He planned to kill Yahuah and become god himself.

There is much more to Nimrod than most people realize.  His religion is still with us today, promoted very craftily by none other than the Mystery Babylon itself – the Catholic Church.  The Catholic Church is wicked beyond measure and serves its god diligently.

The goal of the satan is to deceive the entire world.  To that end, he infiltrates every organization on earth and uses his influence to create vast armies of liars, working together to blind those who do not seek the truth.

Seek, and you will find.  Leave no stone unturned, and challenge every assumption you have until you possess the truth.  There is much to discover.

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Spiritual Darkness Wears Human Flesh To Fight – The Fight Is Either At Your Door… Or In It

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Who said that? Yahusha (study the linked page) said that. If Yahusha said it, we can be certain of it. A house divided against itself cannot stand. It will fail, collapse, divide and decay. His statement applies to nations, churches, marriages, teams and all organizations or entities which are comprised of more than a single mind.

This makes His statement “I and the Father are one” uniquely powerful in that Yahusha states that He and Yahuah are of one single mind, that Yahusha only does the Will of Yahuah. Beautiful stuff.

In America, we are not so in agreement. In America we argue constantly, throw bricks, burn buses, sue in court, and more. We are not in agreement because we the people have turned our backs to Yahuah. We deny Him, disobey Him (and obey ha shatan) and do every evil under the sun.

Marriages are exactly like our political situation. Just as Americans have denied Yahuah, so do marriage partners. One or both partners will deny Yahuah and claim self. Yahuah is denied. He is rebelled against in so many ways it dazzles the mind.

Satan did not want Adam, Eve and Yahusha to SIN. His objective is to get Adam, Eve, Yahusha (when He was human), you, me and our families and friends to DISOBEY Yahuah.  The idea “disobedience to the commands of Yahuah” was defined by the Greek translators with the Greek word “sin”.  That is his only goal – plain old disobedience, for disobedience is rebellion, and rebellion requires death. The satan wants to force Yahuah into a position where Yahuah has to destroy His ‘masterpiece’, for whom Yahusha died, for whom paradise is waiting.

The satan hates Yahuah, you see. This adversary loves death and he wants to force Yahuah, by keeping His Word, to have to condemn to hell BILLIONS of human beings who disobeyed the Words.

Satan has lots of help in this world. Yahusha tells us that ha shatan is the Prince of this world. If the satan is the prince of this world, he clearly has extremely powerful influence on what takes place here, especially in governance.

The turmoil we see in America and the world is simply a reflection of the rebellion of mankind against Yahuah’s commands. All tattooed up? You blatantly “in your face, god!” rebel against Yahuah. Do you disrespect your husband? Be honest. Respect is obvious when it exists. Ask your husband if he thinks you treat him respectfully. You cannot serve both Yahuah and mammon.

In Greek, mammon or mammonas refers to money or material riches in a way that suggests avarice. During the Middle Ages, mammon was viewed as demonic as feudal lords took advantage of the peasants around them. Even today, we think of mammon as having an evil focus on the things money can buy. Mammon even plays a role in the game of Dungeons and Dragons as the devil that rules over one of the nine layers of hell. The demon is the personification of greed and lust.

Serving “mammon” then means rebellion against Yahuah, and reliance on self to choose whatever path satisfies the rebels’ lustful desires, plain and simple.  You cannot serve both Yahuah and Yourself.  We cannot be both self-serving and also serve Yahuah.  We will, as Matthew 6:24 states, either love one and hate the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other.

How many wealthy Torah-observant brothers or sisters do you know?  I do not know any, as Torah keepers are not worldly people, and generally have little interest in the world.

If there is an anti-christ in your circle of friends and family, you must make a decision – either to drive that wicked man or woman from your midst, or drive Yahuah from you, because you cannot possess both good and evil.  I mean wicked, not merely weak in faith or even unsaved, but vile, hateful, cunning and malicious.

There are wicked people all around us, wicked, lying, poison-dripping wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Maybe you have a sister or brother, mother or father who drip drip drips poison into your mind, always using subtlety to drive wedges between you and a true son or daughter of Yahuah.  These ghouls are masters of deceit, doing all to draw close to their victim, evincing the most innocent of friendships in order to draw close and destroy, manipulate and control.

These ghouls look like normal people.  They walk, talk and comment like normal people.  But if you listen and sort through the statements the ghoul makes, you will easily discern intent based on the barbed darts of criticism of others, especially of followers of Yahusha.  Like vampires run from sunlight, these wicked run from holiness.

There is a vein of hatred running through these people.  I know one woman, a perfectly elegant looking old woman who for all appearances looks like even an exceptional person.  But she watches only murder on her TV, in total darkness, throughout the day and night.  One after another, one murder on top of another.  She loves death and is a wicked person.  I stood in her front door one afternoon to check on her (she is rather old), and just while we were talking at the door, I saw two horrifying murders on her TV.  When I commented on how bad that was to watch, she told me of a third that she saw earlier the same day, explaining in detail how it took place.

Morbid interest in death? Yes, for sure.  Does she fit the definition (obviously she is not a phantom nor does she likely eat human flesh)?  Yes.  In fact, there is a ‘nastiness’ about her that I can feel in my body.  Its a spiritual energy that is my enemy, and I cannot deny it. She is evil.

(LITV)  But he who sins against me does violence to his own soul; all who hate me love death. Proverbs 8:36

You see?  The Word states plainly that people who love death, hate Yahuah.  If one hates Yahuah, what spirit is manifested in that one?  Is it normal for a person to hate Yahuah?  Sure, most people ignore Him, but how many do you know who overtly mock Yahuah?  The old woman of whom I speak does mock, but not around me.  She nibbles around the edges of my family, like a rat in the dark.  She tells my children to lie, to deceive.  She offered to let my 10 yr-old son watch Harry Potter, and he replied that he could not watch it because I forbid it.  Her response? “Watch it when he is not around.”

He told me.  Good son.

This is the same one who got in trouble at school for the “marijuana”, which turned out to be a cigarette butt he dumped the tobacco from into a sprinkler head and took into the school to let his classmates smell.  The school apologized to me and my son just got accepted into the best military/Westpoint/Annapolis prep school in Texas. 

It is easy to discern who hates Yahuah, usually.  Very often, one can literally feel the hatred radiating out from a person, especially if you begin to mention Yahuah, salvation, forgiveness of sin and that sort of thing.  One can also feel the joy of a believer in the same fashion.  A “believer” is one who obeys the commands of Yahuah, not one who thinks they are saved because they think they are saved.  Obedience is worship.  Obedience is evidence of salvation.

I know a woman who told me that she has “a sweet relationship”‘ with Yahusha, and that she is just fine, though she seems to have lost her bible many years ago, never seems to pray, never speaks His Word, and never exhibits any evidence of any faith at all.

You know what?  Believers will be obviously obedient to the Word.  They will read the Word, and they will love obeying the commands of Yahuah.

If you are kind of swallowed up by the dead around you, take action and get away from them.  If you are married to the dead, that is a tough situation, but it will not always be so.  Remain true to Yahuah and your unsaved mate will either turn from wickedness, or turn from you.  And what does the Word say about unbelieving spouses letting go of believing spouses?

1Co 7:12  But to the rest I say, not the Lord, if any brother has an unbelieving wife, and she consents to live with him, let him not leave her.
1Co 7:13  And a woman who has an unbelieving husband, and he consents to live with her, let her not leave him.
1Co 7:14  For the unbelieving husband has been sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife has been sanctified by the husband; else, then, your children are unclean, but now they are holy.
1Co 7:15  But if the unbelieving one separates, let them be separated; the brother or the sister is not in bondage in such matters; but God has called us in peace.
1Co 7:16  For what do you know, wife, whether you will save the husband? Or what do you know, husband, whether you will save the wife?

We are to remain in the relationship, but if the unbelieving partner chooses to go, let him go because we are “called to peace.”

A house divided against itself will not stand; it will fall.  We must either love Yahuah, or hate Him, and there are living ghouls among us who look just like regular people but who are in fact lovers of death and haters of Yahuah.  If you are married to a dead soul yet you love Yahuah, remain where you are because you are the light for the dead to see.  But if that dead soul wants to leave, let him go.  You do not know that you will ever save that person, and you are called to live in peace with Yahuah.

Brothers and sisters, no matter what trial we face, eventually that trial will end.  We all deal with trials of various kinds, and most of us have very similar experiences.  We will make it.  We might not care too much for the road, but the journey is magnificent and the destination is worth any price.

Let us pay that price, shall we? And in these days, one might reasonably suspect that the closer one gets to the Way, the greater will be the battles against darkness.  Remember Revelation 12 – ha shatan ONLY comes to destroy those who have the testimony of Yahusha, and who keep the commands of Yahuah.

Obviously, plainly and clearly the adversary, that fallen cherub and murdering liar has you in mind specifically.  You and others like you are his ONLY targets.  He has everyone else already, it is the Natsarim, those of The WAY that he seeks to break or kill, because we are the only people on earth who accept the salvation of Yahusha and endeavor to obey the commands of Yahuah.

If the fight is not close to you, you are not much of a threat 🙂  Be a threat, and understand the fight.














Nation Against Nation, Kingdom Against Kingdom, Brother Will Betray Brother Unto Death…But We Are Called To Peace

Looks like we are there, but I grew up watching the Vietnam war, the Berkeley riots, Kent State, Malcomb X, general rioting, bra and draft-card burning, bombings, Woodstock and more, and all before I was 10 years old.

It was “bad news” every single day, and I was fascinated by it.  I remember a poster I saw at a big department store, a poster one would buy and hang up in his bedroom.  It was during President Nixon’s first term, and I will quote it for you here…

“The streets of our cities are in turmoil. The universities are filled with students rebelling and rioting. Communists are seeking to destroy our country. Russia is threatening us with her might and the Republic is in danger. Yes, danger from within and without. We need law and order! Yes, without law and order our nation cannot survive … 

I assumed that Nixon made that statement, printed in big white letters on a blood-red background, because we had all these problems going on and Nixon was a law and order president.

Imagine my snap when I get to the bottom of the poster and the quote was attributed to Adolph Hitler. Made me think Nixon was like Hitler, but I was just a boy and knew Nixon was a pretty good guy with a lot of civil unrest on is hands.

One source even claims that the quote never happened, that it was made up.  If so, was it made up by the Leftists of those days, and there were plenty, in order to make Nixon look bad? They do that constantly these days. We are buried under an avalanche of disinformation.

Civil Unrest Is An American Hobby – Practically A Sport

There have been revolutions and riots in America for ever.  Thousands of riotous formations from the very beginning of America.  Disharmony and conflict is normal for Americans.

Like General Patton said – “Americans love to fight.”

I share this with you because I do not want you to be overly concerned about all the foolish nonsense taking place.  There are always going to be rabble-rousers among us.  And you Aussies have to deal with the same stuff, even worse because your government disarmed you. Are you going to remain disarmed, or will you obey Yahuah and arm yourselves?

American conservatives are well-armed and prepared to do what is necessary to defend the Republic and the United States Constitution.  We will work with legitimate law enforcement to maintain order and restore rule of law.

The weak-knee’d Marxist “rebellion” going on in America today is nothing compared to those days when I was a boy, so let’s not panic. Nonetheless, things could possibly escalate.  There is a weakening of the strength of the Holy People, and our strength WILL be broken.

The man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, lifted his right hand and his left hand toward heaven, and I heard him swear by him who lives forever, saying, “It will be for a time, times and half a time. When the power of the holy people has been finally broken, all these things will be completed.” Daniel 12:7

You can read the entire chapter here:

The point of the Angel is that there is going to be a 3.5 year period of extreme hardship following the cessation of sacrifice in the third temple and the establishment of the “abomination that causes desolation” in the 3rd Temple.

That’s what the “time, times and half a time” means – one year, plus two years plus 1/2 a year = 3.5 years, and these are the bad 3.5 years, a time of global persecution.

So rather than keeping an eye on general rebellion and political chaos, which is currently only at birth pangs levels, keep instead an eye on that 3rd temple.  The date that temple sacrifice is outlawed in the 3rd temple will probably be the same day that the ‘abomination that causes desolation’ rises there, although it might not be the same day.

That is what we should be looking for, in addition to preparing for general economic collapse.  I just cannot imagine how the global banking cabal can survive the financial lunacy of the worlds governments.  You definitely DO need to prepare to sustain your life with no help.

Have FUN

The coming end will be a tremendously exciting time.  The monotony of this interminable waiting will be over.  The best way to pass the time is to study the Word and teach others the Truth.  Also, have fun.  Enjoy the time you have as a human being on earth.  Spend time with friends, look up old friends, take up a favorite hobby.

In April I bought three mountain bikes, one for me and two for my oldest sons.  I trained them for two months in some excellent terrain, and then took them on a two-week adventure to New Mexico, Colorado and Utah.  We rode some of the most famous mountain-biking trails in America, at altitudes exceeding 9000 feet (and breathing was difficult).  We camped, got flooded, rode like the wind and saw the most stunning scenery of our lives.

Not once did I think of the evil in the world, and what a blessing that is.

So get out and relish the time you have to be a child of Yahuah.  Enjoy this gorgeous earth He made for us.  Love people and do good for them.  Read the Word and talk with Yahuah.  Follow the Way and as much as possible, live in peace with all men.

Be wise – do prepare for food shortages, power outages, water rationing, rioting, vigilante groups and persecution.  Those things will come.  We will be hated, and the haters of Yahuah have significant strength in the world.  The power of the holy people WILL break, and the flood will come.

Here are some interesting videos that pertain to the current situation in America.

The first video is simply a conservative recap of the madness of the left.

This next video is from Mike Adams, whom I have taken advice from for over a decade on health management. Brilliant man, honest, truth-seeker and reliable. If you are concerned about the coming months of anticipated domestic conflict, this will be a realistic comfort to you. Excellent, common-sense advice.

Alright, now plan to have some great fun in spite of the nutty things, and get busy enjoying instead of worrying. We are personally and individually loved by the Creator of all things. He is faithful so read His Word, teach truth, love everyone and enjoy the beauty He gave you. Live in peace, as much as you can. –



Examining Commands – How Our Lack Of Understanding Spreads Error World-Wide

Let’s begin a divine instruction study by starting at Deuteronomy (DaBarim, Hebrew for “The Words”), ch 12.  While there are many commands of Yahuah, beginning in Genesis with “Let light come to be”, DaBarim 12 is the only place that I find which begins with:

These are the laws and rightrulings which you guard to do in the land which your Yahuah, Alahim of your fathers, is giving you to possess, all the Yomim (days) that you live on the soil.”

If you are obedient to the command in Numbers that states from the mouth of Yahuah that there is one law in the congregation of the Hebrews and the non-Hebrews, that we are all commanded to submit to the same set of instructions, then congratulations, for you have received the love for the Truth.

Here is the command to the congregation –

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Stress, Anyone?

I don’t know about you, but the social tension/aggression is really growing, especially in the USA.

Recently I watched a video on Youtube produced by Jason A, and it was about street violence.  Really shocking stuff, and one guy took a sledge hammer to the car of another guy, then hit the driver of the car in the back with the sledge hammer as the driver tried to run away.

Crazy stuff.

Two days ago I was standing on the sidewalk of a burger joint with my 4-yr old held high in the air and my 10 and 12 yr olds standing there talking to me as we waited for my wife to join us from the car.

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Willful Ignorance Is Rebellion – Especially In The Pulpit Of Christian Churches

My family and I went to a typical “Christian” church this past Sun day, (linked to pagan origins of the whole “Sun Day idolatry) and I saw several people there that I am acquainted with.  It was good to see them.  The Pastor there is also an acquaintance, and I have always liked him quite a bit as a person.  Before I was summoned by the Holy Spirit to Torah, I even loved his preaching 🙂

He preached a sermon that was remarkable for its fantasy-weaving attributes, especially for the statement he made near the end, when he said “The love of God (he means Yahuah, not Moloch or ISIS, or Baphomet, etc) is ‘”unconditional”, and that there are no “performance requirements” from the God he promotes.

Here is the audio excerpt of him making the statement.

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Strait Is The Gate And Narrow Is The Way, And Few Are They Who Find It

This is a tremendously exciting scripture.  When one understands that we are called to accept Yahusha’s salvation and to follow the commands of Yahuah, the whole Bible lights up.

For example, last night I was teaching my sons Torah, reading from the front page of this website.  The part from the Book of Acts was a terrific teaching point, and one we are all to remember.

Acts 24:14 (NKJV) – “But this I confess to you, that according to the Way which they call a sect, so I worship the Elohim of my fathers, believing (“believing” means doing) all things which are written in the Law and in the Prophets.

Who wrote this?  Who is it that stated they worship Yahuah through believing all the law and the Prophets?

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Obama In Sights of Criminal Investigation

UPDATE 3:54   5:18  PM EDT (SEE BOTTOM) — Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats HAVE BEEN SUMMONED to the White House for a 3:00 PM meeting today (Monday) . . . . “to receive an ORDER directly from the President of the United States.”

President Trump’s tweeted “demand” for an investigation will be conveyed as an “ORDER” during this meeting!  And wait until you hear what the ORDER says . . .

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The Pope States “God” Made Some Men Homosexual And Accepts Them As They Are

I hate taking time to write of the blasphemy of the Pope, because there is much blasphemy from the Pope and the “catholic”, or Universal (catholic is Middle English for the word “universal”), as in Universal Church.

Getting right to the point, followed by the content – The Universal Church is the church of the beast.  This is the church of the dead and the damned, and this Pope “Francis” is a blasphemer who schemes to take possession of Jerusalem.

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