Another Trusting Child Dies From Advice Given By Her Parent And Mandated By Her Government


This was an easily avoidable killing.  The daughter of a doctor in Australia died in her sleep.  Her mother, who is the leading medical doctor in Australia, is a persistently nagging enforcer of Australia’s “get injected or starve” laws.  Certainly her daughter trusted mommy and certainly she got all of her biowar injections, as mandated by the seemingly demon-driven Australian government. Continue reading “Another Trusting Child Dies From Advice Given By Her Parent And Mandated By Her Government”

World Health Organization Is Very Close To International (and USA) Submission Through Treaty. Chile Demands Protections For Genetically Modified Job Applicants.


Reading about the new law in Chili this morning, a law that makes it illegal for employers to deny employment to Chileans who are “genetically modified”.  The law also provides the methods that businesses are to use to determine the genetic modifications.  <sigh> Continue reading “World Health Organization Is Very Close To International (and USA) Submission Through Treaty. Chile Demands Protections For Genetically Modified Job Applicants.”

Infanticide, Giant UFOs, Alarming Food Blowout, Satans’ Injections


There is a sense of urgency in my belly that just will not go away.  My X is getting passports for herself and my three sons to take them (her) to a location in Mexico this summer.  I informed her of the risk but she plans to go anyway.  Its a bad idea.  Continue reading “Infanticide, Giant UFOs, Alarming Food Blowout, Satans’ Injections”

The Truth

לוחם חנית

Alright, please take a deep breath, because no doubt, some will be offended by what I present to you as Biblical, Holy, Inspired “Truth”. You must relax, trust me a little bit and understand that I approach you from a position of love. Love first for the Truth, and then love as I am commanded to love YOU just as much as I love myself. Everything here is scriptural, and most is from the mouth of Yahuah (aka ‘GOD’) Himself.

Shalom Continue reading “The Truth”

Did Satan Hate You Before He Hated Yahuah? Are You The Reason Satan Rebelled?


People need to know how darkness spreads. Yahuah saved me from this very darkness, from my mother’s foray into the occult when I was a boy to my own request to ha shatan during that time to give me power. I needed power because by the time I was 10 or 11, I was pretty much beaten to pieces by my parents. I became a bitter kid. I remember sitting on my parents sofa one day, making a deal with the devil. I needed some power in my life, and the whole “church” thing was a total fail.

I got the power I sought.  Much sorrow from that.  But I did learn his business, somewhat.  I know how he seduces.  I know his cunning ways of deception.  I can see his handiwork from afar.  I know his words. Most importantly, I can feel evil or wickedness in some people.  My second instinct is to walk away when I feel that vibe in someone.  My first instinct is to destroy it.

But a few years later (aged 20), Yahuah put His mark on me. He took me, claimed me, saved me, put His spirit in me. He did it in the most explosive manner, inconceivable by me. I was overwhelmed and to this day, 43 YEARS later, I am still reeling from that moment. Yahuah claimed me. He did it. He saved me from death and gave me life forever in His realm. I will be with Him, and He chose me. Me. I am crying even now. He is THE KING of KINGS and ruler of all that is.

Let me tell you about our enemy, the one who is called “the devil”, or “satan” or “lucifer” or “Mephistopheles” or “Zeus”, or many other names.

This celestial being was the best, by far, of all of Yahuahs’ created beings. I will call this being “Satan”, although that is more verb than noun.

Satan was the Covering Cherub (Cherub = Kr-ube). His place, his assigned physical position for formal gatherings at the throne of Yahuah was ABOVE the throne of Yahuah. He was like an overseer, a position of extremely high honor. Even Yahusha will sit at the right hand of Yahuah, not above Him.

So all of the other created beings in heaven could see Satan above the throne of Yahuah. All know of his gleaming perfection, his brilliance, his power. Truly a god in his own right, as humans label such beings. He is gifted in intellect far, far beyond human capacity, and beyond the capability of every other angelic being, including Gabriel, Michael and all others. This Satan is capable beyond any yardstick of human measure.

To any human on earth, he will appear to be as “god” himself, if that is his desire and if it suits his needs.

But Satan is not Yahuah. He is not the equal in any way to Yahusha. In spite of his immeasurable capability, he cannot do what Yahuah can do.

Satan is a counterfeiter.

Satan, you see, cannot speak things into being. He cannot create actual life, and if he wants to travel, he has to find a ride. He was thrown to earth, if you recall. Yahusha saw him fall “like lightening” to the ground. What a battle!

The scripture tells us that Satan was thrown down to earth, cut down to the ground, and this was AFTER he broke down the people on earth. Pay attention to the Words:

(LITV) Isiah 14:12 Oh shining star, son of the morning, how you have fallen from the heavens! You weakening the nations, you are cut down to the ground.

(YLT – Youngs Literal Translation) Isa 14:12  How hast thou fallen from the heavens, O shining one, son of the dawn! Thou hast been cut down to earth, O weakener of nations.

Do you see that? “Nations” consist of people.  He corrupted people on earth before he was thrown down.  Maybe he was thrown down after he corrupted Eve and then Adam.  But then “nations” is plural, and Adam and Eve were only two people.

Satan, “weakening the nations”, is subsequently thrown down. Was this before Adam, before Eve? Before the Garden. And please, “before” you call me a blasphemer :), just keep listening.

There was a huge, world-wide network of highly advanced beings here at one time. Many of you know this already, but because of the six-day creation time line and subsequent genealogies of Adam begat Seth begat etc, we are perplexed. How could Yahuah create the earth and everything in it and Satan show up to deceive Eve and all of this happen in such a compact span of time if, IF, Satan was thrown down for “weakening the nations, you are cut down to the ground”?

That “weakening the nations” part comes BEFORE the “cut down” part.  So did Satan bring sin to Eve and then Adam before he was thrown out?  Maybe.  Did the fallen ones subsequently build the impossible stone walls at Cusco, Peru.

The magnificent interlocking stones at Saksaywaman
A huge stone wall at Saksaywaman, Cusco, Peru. Impossible to build interlocking walls this tightly without Computer Aided Design and state-of-theart cutting tools. But there are no signs of cutting. That is a supernaturally strong fortification.

The Flood did happen certainly, later. But before Adam, was there another era on the earth? Do we have enough data to figure out these huge questions that loom over our holy reality like a cloud? There is much that we do not know, and much that we are not taught. But there is MUCH that is available and until one understands who the enemy is, where he came from, how he operates, it is difficult to conduct warfare against darkness.

Yahusha commands us to arm ourselves with actual weapons, so certainly He expects us to study and know the truth. “My people PERISH from LACK OF KNOWLEDGE”.

Same Cusco, Peru location. Upside-down granite stairs. Doesn’t take a genius to see the ruins of war. The question is this: What exploded with enough force to hurl this granite staircase? The walls were unbroken, which seems to rule out earthquake. But if this was a temple of the fallen ones, then perhaps the angels of Yahuah did this, or it happened between a conflict between the Nephilim.

It dawned on me last night how very few followers of the Way know how carnal the celestial Satan is. By carnal I mean how he uses lies, intelligence and deception to advance his dominion over creation. And that is his goal – to subvert all that is created, to remake everything that exists in the human realm (those things bound by the laws of physics that bind us to this thing we call “reality”) in his own image.

He does this because he hates Yahuah, but before he hated Yahuah, he hated you.  It might be that Satan deceived Eve and Adam and was subsequently thrown to earth “like lightening” because he hated the thought that Yahuah was creating a new world and that He was putting His image into the new “man”, and going to offer the new man eternal life in heaven with Yahuah.

Satan could only imagine a billion or so former human beings with the image (attributes) of Yahuah in heaven, being glorified from their former made-from-mud state.  Satan hated the thought of it, because he loved his glorious appearance so much.  I believe he was consumed by jealousy over the love Yahuah has for His created ones on earth, created with His own attributes.

Perhaps, in his prideful state, he feared losing his premier position among the angels to one of the mud people with the attributes of Yahuah.

Then, despising the humans made in the image of Yahuah, Satan sought to raise his own throne above that of Yahuah.  In his mind, he pondered “Why not?”  His job kept him above the throne of Yahuah as the Covering Kerube (Cherub), therefore it was his rightful place as ruler.

He needed help, and because of his celestial superpower of communication, he convinced 1/3rd of the angels in heaven to join him in rebellion.

What did he tell them?  Maybe this:

“The Mighty Yahuah is bringing His chosen mud people, who eat and defecate and sleep near the ground and whose bodies rot and feed insects – He is bringing them to this kingdom where you will be required to serve them as slaves, due to His obsessive love for them.  You witnessed His making of them, and how He punished the singing stars for merely being out of position in the sky He made for the mud people.  We will have to bow to them as we bow to Him.  They will rule from 12 thrones and we will be their servants, they of rotting flesh and fetid bowels, with breath that smells of old meat and hands that are always dirty.

Just typing that makes my heart pump harder, because that moment when contempt was found in the Covering Kerube is the moment all these awful things began. That moment when the most influential created and known being in the history of created beings’ hatred for Yahuah triggered a cascading series of endless global warfare that we are all still fighting today.  Additionally, there is SO MUCH MORE happening right in front of our faces that 99% of humanity totally MISSES, the HUGE LIES that trap humanity in the FALSE REALITY created by Satan.

I will conclude here, now, with this: Everything in our human existence is based on some of the most elaborate lies one can imagine. So big, so woven into the fabric of a false “reality”, that people cannot imagine any other truth.

That is the trap Satan built, and why so many a

These Days Are Difficult And These Are The Easy Ones.


Ecc 1:17  And I give my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly: I have known that even this is vexation of spirit;
Ecc 1:18  for, in abundance of wisdom is abundance of sadness, and he who addeth knowledge addeth pain.’

My life now. I know that many of my friends here suffer from the same sorrows.  In our wisdom, given through the Holy Spirit of Yahuah to all who are called to life, we grieve over the progress of the Seven Seals, and greater sorrow is to come.  We are obviously in the era of the Seals.  But we see these times as the fulfillment of the promises of Yahuah.  Every step the world slouches toward Gomorrah, we draw another step toward freedom and liberty and life and light and love and peace and joy eternal.  Continue reading “These Days Are Difficult And These Are The Easy Ones.”

Video – Collapsing Magnetosphere? Alien/Demonic Claim To Human Souls Via Injections?


If you are interested in the very unusual with some actual potential, you might find this video fascinating.  I have watched it three times and although I have some questions, I do know that Steven’s German guest is a very diligent investigator who has essentially given his life to study and warn about the alien technologies that are being forced onto the world and into us as human beings. He is unsaved, but honest. Continue reading “Video – Collapsing Magnetosphere? Alien/Demonic Claim To Human Souls Via Injections?”

The Coming Post-Human Apocalypse – Tim Alberino


I’m listening to this video in the background while I am working on other things, but the dialogue keeps me snapping back to this interview.  Quite interesting, and I just ordered the book from Amazon.

If you are interested in trans-humanism and the relationship Adam and Cain have with the first trans-human process, and the coming post-human era, listen to this video.  And I learned an amazing fact about Tim Alberino, too.  Did you know that he dropped out of high school and went to the Amazon jungle to begin his exploration of the gospel?

Wish he had been my friend growing up.  When I was in high school, I asked my best friend if he wanted to go with me to South America but he didn’t want to do it.  Continue reading “The Coming Post-Human Apocalypse – Tim Alberino”

44 Government Documents That Base 100 Percent Of Their Calculations On A Flat, Non-Rotating Earth


This is a pretty quick scroll through 44 official documents that base calculations for critical technologies and objectives on a flat, non-rotating earth.  Although my primary interest in this era of the Seven Seals is in WARNING the human race about the wrath of Yahuah poised with His personal sword raised and ready, there are many billions of people unsaved who we must testify to.  The Fourth Seal rider is the next to come. Continue reading “44 Government Documents That Base 100 Percent Of Their Calculations On A Flat, Non-Rotating Earth”