Policeman Shoots Unknown Man Charging Him With A Hatchet. Are You Prepared For This?


Check this out.  A police officer is in the process of a common traffic stop when another car drives up, stops quickly, and a guy jumps out with a hatchet and sprints directly toward the policeman.

Rather cool-headed police officer.  Maybe the hatchet man wanted to die?  Or maybe he just wanted to kill himself a cop?

This is some classic Tribulation-era behavior.  The police officer handled himself very well.  He drew his weapon and fired directly into the assailant quickly and precisely.  Well done.

What about the assailant?  What’s his story?  Did he just freak out?  He obviously had a hatchet.  Does this make obvious why Americans have the God-given and government-recognized divine right to be armed?

Honestly, my heart goes out to the dead assailant, because something triggered this behavior.  The policeman did no wrong, but something deep in the psyche of the assailant drove him over the edge.  Think there might be a lot more like this guy?

This is why I recommend that you take a second pair of eyeballs with you when you go shopping, especially you women.  And since being a Caucasian, or “white” has become a culture crime, if you fit that profile, maybe you also carry a handgun.  Yahusha does in fact command us to be armed.

Personally, I tend to be prepared, although I confess not carrying in the grocery store.


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17 days ago

Was this real, or a drill…..I didnt see any blood….

16 days ago
Reply to  Jerry

Ahhhhh, ok…..I wasnt aware of that. I thought the blood would have poured out…🤔
And…Actually, that was my first thought, the person getting the ticket!
As if getting the ticket wasnt bad enough….they got a bit more than they bargained for.

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