Podcast: Who Are The Righteous? Not Everyone Who Appears To Be.

Our Creator has a narrow band of requirements that determine who is “Righteous”.  Considering that He is coming to take His Righteous ones from the earth, it might benefit many to begin to live righteous lives, righteous as defined by I AM.

Time is short and Yahusha tells us that He comes at a time when He is not expected.  Most people do not expect Him to come early in the Tribulation, so expecting Him now is smart.

If you expect Him, surely you desire to be Righteous, yes?



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5 thoughts on “Podcast: Who Are The Righteous? Not Everyone Who Appears To Be.”

  1. I listened to your podcast and thank you for it. You’ve put into words what I have been living through for some years now. Your bio and mine are quite similar having reached this point of discovering and accepting Yhuah in truth. Shalom.

  2. Truth about the name of Yahshua.
    Languages are translated.
    Names are Transliterated =Yahshua
    Greek name Jesus = Translated search the meaning please.
    Peace and Shalom

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