Podcast: WEF Panic, Righteous Anger Growing, Spectacular Destruction, Executions


Yahuah takes care of me and I am blessed.  I am unworthy of His eyes, yet He watches me.  I considered Him one time, and He Sealed me.  Yahuah is the only reality.  All else is dust and vapor.

I discuss Satan’s urgent push for his own destruction, our soon-to-be-experienced persecution by the Luciferians and their WEF.  We will have the best fellowship among the Righteous that we will ever experience on earth.  We will genuinely share our suffering and our immense blessing.

We are within a key transformation.  Reality is becoming dominated by the Will of Yahuah, and not the will of man.  Rejoice, for the hour of our release from this wicked place comes in power.


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1 month ago

The more I hear, the more i question…while listening, I couldn’t help but wonder if the whole mortgage thing, the push for material goods, better careers etc etc, was all part of the plan…..it was the trap to ensnare the population for this final agenda, the death vax…once they were in the trap, they were caught…and as such, were easy to be deceived into taking the final bait…..

If it wasnt for the mercy and grace of Yah, there go I……

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