Podcast: Uvalde Secrets; Lithuania Starting New War; Red Flag Law Before November Election Fraud; Get Ready Now. Video: Watch The Democrat Mayor Of Louisville KY Get Knocked Out


The Uvalde police department hired a law firm to shield the department from inquiring minds.  The Uvalde Police Department also refuses to cooperate with the Texas State Police investigation into the dereliction of duty that got school children executed.

Someone has some secrets.

For entertainment, you get to see the Democrat mayor of Louisville, Kentucky get knocked to the ground by one good punch in the face.  I don’t know why all Democrat politicians don’t get punched in the face.  Its the Tribulation era, we are rolling into the Third Seal and on the road to Crazy Town.  So Democrat mayors are fair game, right?

Listen Up

Come on, do you really think people who seek to expand sodomy and abortion are worthy of peace and respect?  Are we called to tolerate the murder of unborn babies?  And what about the butchering of these confused children who want their genitals cut off so they can be a different “sex”, only to commit suicide when they realize later what they have done to themselves?

Its Luciferian, designed to confuse as many people as possible, as many different ways as possible.  There will be more.  Critical Race Theory is another.  “Woke” is another.  “Pride” is another.  “Racism” is another, and on and on it goes, all designed to distract us, all of us including the Left from the agenda of establishing a world government with Satan perched on the throne.

The blood-thirsty tyrannical Federal Government wants to get a Red Flag law passed specifically so they can No-Knock their way through their hit list before the November election, hoping to disarm those who will strike back when yet again the cabal choking Liberty to death  falsifies the election outcome.

I am telling you – Get Ready.



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