Podcast -Torah VS Salvation: Which Is Better?


It is obvious that salvation and eternal life is immeasurably better than the covenant promising prosperity to the Torah observant.  The New Covenant is as superior to the former covenant as the suns light is superior to a Ray-O-Vac.  Yet many Torah-centric churches do not teach the New Covenant, choosing rather to dress up in Rabbinical tradition and omit the cross.

I understand the interest, but much of Rabbinical teaching is pure blasphemy and totally absent of wisdom and understanding.  In fact, virtually every “Rabbi” (which means “my master”) is an unsaved anti-Christ, a fact ignored by most Tallit-wrapped Torah teachers.  Why is that?

I recently posted three writings on “Kill and Eat“, discussing the words of Yahusha regarding defilement being purely a matter of one’s heart, and not a consequence of eating a pork tenderloin.  My words offended some folks, who pushed their holy noses up into the cleaner air and stopped talking to me. 

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Sha’ul said the following in Romans 14…

Do Not Cause Another to Stumble
Rom 14:13  Then let us no longer judge one another, but rather judge this, not to put a stumbling-block or an offense toward a brother.
Rom 14:14  I know and am persuaded in the Lord Jesus that nothing by itself is common; except to the one deeming anything to be common, it is common.
Rom 14:15  But if your brother is grieved because of your food, you no longer walk according to love. Do not by your food destroy that one for whom Christ died.
Rom 14:16  Then do not let your good be spoken evil of.
Rom 14:17  For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

So there we see that Sha’ul, personally chosen by Yahusha, states plainly that no food is unclean unless one decides to call it unclean, then to that person, it is indeed unclean or common.  And if we eat something that a person accompanying us considers common or unclean, then we sin by not loving that person and not respecting their belief and eating what they consider unclean.

Common stuff among churches and wherever human beings congregate.   To deviate from the dogma is to ostracize oneself.  Except for this: When I walked into my congregation this past Sabbath, fully half the people were absent.  Why is that?

It is the fig tree.  The parable of the non-bearing fruit tree.  No one is being saved and no salvation teaching is put forth.  Its all Shabbat shalom and Adonai.

These are righteous people, too.  Some of the most faithful I have ever known.  Solid, consistent, genuine.  But I think a bit overly Rabbinical and insufficiently evangelized.

Problems abound in any congregation anywhere, whether its Torah or Microsoft.  “Where my people are, there will problems be also.”  Right?  But not much wickedness, merely human-ness.  To right the boat, emphasize the most important thing – Salvation through Yahusha and how to walk that walk, and then the last Sabbath of every month go full-on Rabboni with as much Torah teaching as a body can stand.  Have fun and lay the Torah foundation deep and wide on that day, then three Sabbaths per month to Yahusha, one Sabbath for every day He spent within the earth, perhaps sharing the good news with those imprisoned beneath the earth, and on the fourth day – TORAH!

…because I don’t know about you, but I love Torah and I love eating food that Torah calls food.  And yes, Yahuah is counting.  I love obeying Him, don’t you?  Eat whatever you want in front of me, it won’t put a dent in my faith.  I willingly submit to His Words.

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1 year ago

Hi Jerry. This passage from the book of the Natsarim 9 : 41- 42 “I have not come to abolish the Torah or to change the teachings of the prophets but to complete them, adding any necessary clarification and interpreting them to the understanding of men.But the time has come to ask when will they put intonpractice?.When will men bring Yahuah out of the temple and make Him a participant in their daily lives?. When will men carry these things in their hearts and stop paying them lip service?” “I,say with certainty, somlong as Earth and the Heavens above it remain, not even the smallest particle shall be deducted from the Torah, until the purpose it serves has been completed.Therefore, if anyone try tonavoid even the least obligation imposed by the Torah, or to set aside the slightest of its restrictions, or to teach others to do the same, he will be an significant thing in the life to come.But whoever lives by them, leading others to do likewise,will achieve the greatest heights of glory.… Read more »

Gillian Cockwill
11 months ago
Reply to  Jerry

Yes the Rabbis think they are the privileged ones & us ‘goyim’ are pigs, & fit for execution as is stated in the Noahide laws. As they don’t/won’t recognise Yeshuah as Messiah , they’re still waiting for theirs to come (they’ll have a long wait). I saw a piece of a rabbi foul mourning & vilifying Christ, but they can say as much as they like it won’t make a difference.

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