Podcast: The Way Walkers – A Testimony Of Truth And The Beginning Of Full Disclosure

I made this before Christmas, and in the bundle of activity surrounding that pagan celebration of fraud and blasphemy, forgot to post this podcast.  It contains some personal testimony and highlights some key milestones in my very supernatural relationship with our Good Father.

Please listen and enjoy what you learn. 

More info than I am comfortable sharing, but true in every detail.  My life has been and is an adventure.  I was terribly lost, then terribly hostile to God, then presented with the option of heaven or hell, and I turned to Him forever.

My salvation has been His doing.  This GOD went to the trouble to save me, and I owe Him everything for it.  He is so much more than we give Him credit for being.  He cares about us and He actively intervenes in our lives to guide us toward Him.

Surrender, and live.



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2 thoughts on “Podcast: The Way Walkers – A Testimony Of Truth And The Beginning Of Full Disclosure”

    1. Thanks. I’m sick with either a cold, a mild case of the flu, or deadly CoronaVid-22 and saw that it was still on my recorder and figured I hadn’t posted it. I’ll leave it up, though. People need to listen to it.

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