Podcast: The End Of Days Approaches, But Before That…


Podcast: Clarity regarding the open and opening seals.  Some hope, but the third seal is being prepared and is already opening.  The Fourth Seal is soon coming.  That Fourth Seal is pivotal.  Many will go, both the Righteous and the unrighteous.  Hades comes with death. 

I pray that all who listen to this information receive the peace that is freely given by the Spirit of Yahuah.  Open their hearts, Yahuah.  Teach them the Truth.  Make them strong, oh Holy One.  You alone are Yahuah, and you are mighty and the maker of all that is made.  I know You come to separate the Righteous from the unrighteous, and that the work is soon to commence.  So be it.  Praise You, my beloved Father, in Whom resides the roots of Perfection.  Your Perfection is complete, my Father, undefined, immeasurable and total.  No man can measure your totality, nor can we understand it.  Truly You are The One.

Category: The Seven Seals

Prophecies of America


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