Podcast: Separating Souls From Bodies. Yes, That Is A Real Endeavor.

The soul exists separate from the human body.  Yes, the soul is inside the body, somehow connected to it internally but able to leave the body when the body dies.

So of course, the demons in the CIA and other organizations around the world are working to figure out how to do it first.  The USA, ever the deal-maker with Satan, might have the upper hand as the rumor is the USA attacked Iraq to obtain the mummified corpse of Nimrod. 

Satan would certainly want to figure out how to do this too, and for a number of bad reasons.

Items discussed: DNA capture, soul separation, satans’ attack on heaven, demonic possession,  soul of Nimrod, genetic tracing to souls, stealing mankind


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6 months ago

Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen, Robert Duvall, R Lee Ermey,
“Apocalypse Now.” This movie had a big impact on the lives of many servicemen during our time.

6 months ago

79. Apocalypse Now. Martin sheen, looks exactly like his boys Emilio and Charlie. Like you talked about, it was a little dark. But it was unique. It was Val but Duvall who had the small role, maybe.? “I LOVE THE SMELL OF NAPALM IN THE MORNING”. Ha! Good flick.

Brendon Naylor Australia
Brendon Naylor Australia
6 months ago

Hi Jerry,
Thanks for a great podcast, with good information. I empathize with you, it does get monotonous doing the same thing day in day out. You cant waste time with people that want their ears tickled.
better off looking after the ones that listen.
meanwhile I am painfully unarmed……. I don’t know what i can do, other than pray.
Brendon Naylor

Jerry Richter
6 months ago

Thanks bro…

6 months ago

Yes Jerry More Truth YHWH knows the end from the beginning.
The industrial war machine has made the Rothschild Luciferian Banksters richer ever sense the Battle of Waterloo .
They will be at this until the end of days.
They finace both sides and the highest invester has the best chance of defeating their ememy. Winners of the wars get to pay the debt of both sides. = Wicked ways of man.
Listen to Dwight D. Eisenhower and JFK on the subject.
Peace and Shalom

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