Podcast: Prophecy of the Silver Rain and The Rising Bride Of Yahusha

This prophecy was given in 1961, and repeated to the gentleman who received it three times over three mornings.  Each time he had the vision, it was identical to the previous mornings vision.  I have also had a powerful vision that was repeated to me three times, and I do believe the vision of this gentleman is genuine and accurate.

The power and authority of Yahuah will be poured out onto His people who are alive during the Tribulation.  We will exert unstoppable authority in the very face of the anti-Christ.  Clash of the titans, indeed.  You will love this prophecy and I am pleased to read it to you.

This recording starts with 15 minutes of education on being armed in obedience to the command of Yahusha, and then I read you the prophecy for the remainder of the recording.  This is a beautiful vision that I do believe Tommy Hicks did receive from Yahuah in 1961.



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5 thoughts on “Podcast: Prophecy of the Silver Rain and The Rising Bride Of Yahusha”

  1. What can you tell me about following Torah? Why do all of the other Christians think the old testament is complete? I have been really thinking about all the points you’ve made. I remember talking a couple yrs ago and you making good points. Why does Paul write about a better covenant than the first? What does he mean? God says in Hebrews that he will write the law in our hearts. What does it mean? Honestly asking, thanks. RH

    1. Yes, it is reassuring, isn’t it? Transcript – no, I read it from a book. That book by Michael Snyder on prophecies of America. He has information on his economiccollapseblog.com. I bought the book off Amazon.

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