Podcast: Prophecies Of America During Tribulation And The Hope Of 144000 Annointed Preaching The Gospel In The Face Of Anti-Christ

Rereading the book Lost Prophecies of the Future of America (Listen to Chapter 1 here.) and obviously its really bad.  The future of America is simply this: America has no future, especially regarding the lost.  The lost – unbelievable despair for them and they make up by far the majority of America.

But there is hope for them, even in the Tribulation.  And there is community among the saved during the Tribulation.  This is where the church will shine, and this is where a big harvest of lost souls will be made. You will very possibly be a part of this harvest, because you are probably saved.  Plus, you will remain here until Yahuah releases you to leave.  All of us will remain here until the time appointed for us arrives.


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David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
9 months ago


I understand the desire to move on. I have that same desire.

You are doing much good for Yahuah because of Yahuah and His Ruach in you. I see much fruit in you. And there is much that Yahuah has in store for you. Much!

Love you Brother and neighbor!


9 months ago

I remember people doing this out behind the school gym.
A guy let go of the passed out candidate and hearing his head
hitting the cement and sounding like a melon.
Not always so safe.

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