Podcast – News, Physics, Firmament, Deception

Podcast – I’m beginning to feel more comfortable doing these, but writing is still the golden key.  One big benefit of podcasts is how much more snappy and vigorous my verbal response is when I hear someone denigrate my Lord.  Maybe this is training for a more vocal role against the anti-christs in the near future.

This starts off with a ramble about the shocking content in the news we read daily, and the nature of the physics that our bodies exist in.  That leads to a brief section regarding the firmament and wraps up with the deception of mankind, a subject I am quite passionate about.   In fact, just typing that last sentence has my heart beating harder and faster.

We are in a war and human lives are being extinguished on an escalating scale.  More dead, faster.

Remember Australia in your prayers.  It is turning into hell over there, and the people surrendered their weapons years ago.  NEVER DISARM yourself.


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3 thoughts on “Podcast – News, Physics, Firmament, Deception”

  1. Jerry, this is David Knollhoff. I like your website and the materials you provide. I have a suggestion.

    Can you provide a location on your website that contains available real time information related to mask ineffectiveness, vaccine dangers, covid-19 lies, therapeutic advantages ? Maybe provide downloaded materials?

    May Yahuah continue to bless you.

    1. David, what you are asking can be done, but that will take several days to get right. I think a single page with those features embedded in it would work. It’s the ‘available real time’ component that will be tricky, as there is no single source for that data now and everything must be manually updated daily from multiple sources and also verified from other sources before published.

      Weekly makes more sense, but I am sensing that the mass of momentum has shifted against the vaxxers. There is a preponderance of proof in the market already that has a lot of velocity. Less educated or less information-oriented people are walking around chock full of correct data regarding the fraud of covid-19 and the true aims of the people promoting injection.

      I perceive that the leading edge now is in the destruction of the organizations creating, distributing and promoting the injections. That is the phase we are just beginning. In my opinion, that is where leadership is needed.

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