Podcast: News Commentary and Intro To Great News Regarding The Body of Believers During The Great Tribulation

Commentary on news in America and an introduction to perhaps the best great tribulation news for the children of Yahuah this side of the second coming.  Listen…

Shalom, brothers and sisters.



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11 thoughts on “Podcast: News Commentary and Intro To Great News Regarding The Body of Believers During The Great Tribulation”

  1. My son Matthew read the whole Bible while he was at basic training. He is at Ft. Bliss now. He is such a good dude. I wanted to tell you. Im just proud of him. My son is so much better than me.

    1. Hey I know some stuff is just between us. I dont have a way to contact you otherwise. There was no infantry at Bliss 20 yrs ago. Matt is mechanized but still an 11 Bravo. I thought you might think its cool he’s at Bliss. He said he going to Korea for 9 months after Christmas then coming back to Bliss. He is in for three yrs. Joined in March

      1. Bliss is a very special place. Very. That he read the Word in preparation for his journey is good, and indicative that Yahuah has plans for your son.

  2. Hi Jerry,

    Thank you for informative website. The last podcast I am able to listen to is 9/22/2021. However there is a podcast labeled 9/23/2021. Please let me know if 9/22 is your latest, or if something is blocking me from any posts there after


    1. Dawn, I just checked 9/23 and it played fine for me. Maybe your browser cache is conflicting with something. Opera and Brave Browser are both reliable browsers, and Brave Browser does a good job of protecting your privacy by eliminating cross-site tracking.

  3. Hi Jerry
    I can not subscribe to your page as the internet won’t let me and
    I do not want to have anything to do with subscribing to Google
    Facebook or Youtube. Anyway
    Your search for the first text /Otiot of the Torah and the Renewed covenant can be found by review of Alan Horvath as he searched for these same text. He has passed on now but he did reference the books you may find useful in some of his videos.
    Peace and Shalom

    1. Enoch, you are subscribed. I don’t know why the subscribe form is displayed to people who are already subscribed. My apologies. It does the same thing to me.

  4. I love your posts! I am so grateful for your work. Please forgive me Uncle Jerry if I was too loose woth my words in the past few years. I like to think of myself as your biggest fan. Hadnt even listened to this latest podcast yet, bout to now. I love you. -Ryan

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