Podcast: Mike From COT Has A Dream. The Dream Sounds Like A Warning Against Enemy Infiltration Into America And Their Subsequent Attack At Christmas 2023


You can listen for yourself and decide.

My podcast recording has Mikes entire 8.14 minute excerpt in it.

My other podcasts are here: https://www.jerrywdavis.com/category/podcast/, where I have spoken repeatedly about Chinese infantry and special operations walking right into America at the southern and northern borders.  We must take action now, and disregard Federal attempts to increase the invasion numbers by demanding that we stop defending our borders.  The borders are NOT the Federal governments object to destroy.

The 8.14 minute excerpt from Mikes dream…


Hi, I’m Jerry Davis with JerryWDavis.com. Today is Monday, October 16th, 2023. A few days ago, I made a podcast. It spoke to the tens of thousands of military age, single foreign males entering the United States through the Southern open borders. Remember, diversity destroys. It does not make a country great. It breaks its culture.

George Soros knows this. He knows that he can gain immense power and authority if he can break cultures. And you’re attempting to break the culture of the United States, of the American people, of the predominantly Anglo-American people, but also a lot of blacks and a lot of Mexicans as well. We do share a great culture. And if I left anybody out, that’s just too bad. cry somewhere else. You’re not getting any sympathy from me.

We have problems in the United States. We’re in significant trouble. If you’ve listened to my previous podcast, you know that I’ve spoken in a fair amount of detail about the transport of these predominantly Chinese, but also Pakistani, Iranian, and other enemy nations, these military-age males that are coming through the border. And they’re being bused all over the country. I’m seeing the buses more and more. And they’re headed out into nowhere land because I live in nowhere land.

There’s nothing where these buses are transporting. The only thing that can be waiting for them is an in-processing center, lots of water, food, clothing, shelter, some cash, and to wait for the orders. We will be attacked and we’re going to be attacked from within. These people, there’s Demetru Dudeman had a prophecy of these Chinese soldiers springing up as if from the grass itself. Just bursting forth. out of the earth.

People are going to say, how did this, where did these people come from? It will appear for all practical purposes that the Chinese army has successfully invaded the United States when in fact, it will be, it’s like mayonnaise on a bread, piece of bread, right? You don’t have much, so you have to spread it thin. And they’re not going to have, they don’t have plenty enough to get, it’s going to blow up water towers. They’re going to blow up. You know, the grocery stores while people are shopping and there’s going to be power stations going down. It’s going to be maximum chaos all over the world on the word go.

I mean, all over the United States. You need to prepare for that. And don’t be shocked and tell your friends. Tell your friends, hey, you got to be left to look for a Chinese combined Chinese-Russian surprise attack in the United States. And they’re going to say, oh, pusshole, they can’t attack the United States. There are too many people with guns. But you know what they’re going to do? They’re going to sup. It’s a surprise. It’s a typical Sun Tzu tactic and it is my favorite surprise and overwhelming force. It will appear to anybody that we’ve been overcome, that we’ve been taken over. People are going to get killed. Schools, school buses, grocery stores, dentist’s office, power supply stations, water towers.

You name it, on a given day or in a given week, all of these things are going to happen. It will be in every state of the United States and every significant town and city, even small out of the way places. And it will happen. They are preparing for it. And I don’t want to beat this drum too much, but you need to prepare your head for it. You’ve got to prepare your mind for what is about to happen. And it’s going to be super hard. I mean, it’s like I’ve been preparing my ex about it.

I haven’t really gone into details like this, because it’s disturbing, particularly to women, especially to mothers who are She’s not really a single mother because I’m over there almost every day to try to help her with my older teenage boys. And you know, we have generally a good time. It’s good. But I can’t tell her what I’m telling you. She just, she couldn’t handle it. I mean, she would worry to death and rightfully so. I’m super concerned about it. But you know, I know I’m saved. I know I’m going to heaven.

I’m not worried about that. I have a great relationship with Yahuwah. He’s been so good to me. I would gladly lay down my life for him and stand and stand until the end and I’ll fight. Now Yahusha said arm yourself, so I’m arming myself. You must also, if you claim to follow him, you must obey his commands.

That’s the only command I know of with the subsequent command. He says, don’t tell me that it costs too much. You go sell something. Sell your cloak is what he says. And a cloak is, you know, a smart aleck was gonna say, well, a cloak, you’re not gonna get much of a fire, a gun or a sword from selling your bathrobe. The cloak was the most valuable thing that most people had back then. It kept them alive in the winter. It kept them covered and warm in their bed.

That’s about all they could afford. Most people couldn’t even afford sandals. You see in the movies everybody has sandals, but in reality they didn’t. So a cloak was extremely important, a life or death thing. And Yahusha’s saying, sell it and arm yourselves. So he’s talking to you, Christian. Man up. So anyway, I was listening to Mike from the Council of Time, Mike from around the world, Mike from Cot, C-O-T, last night. And I’ll be darned if he wasn’t saying the same thing that I’m telling you now, except the fact that he doesn’t know what he’s saying. He doesn’t understand it and what he was talking about.

Excerpt From Mike From COT

I’ve got this excerpt for you. So I’m just gonna let you listen to that right now. You just listen. And this starts at about 13 minutes and 20 seconds, runs for about nine minutes. I’ll have the link to the entire audio from Mike from COT below. Just listen. And then I’m gonna go over what he said in that nine minute span. And you’ll see. that he’s talking about these Chinese soldiers springing up out of the grass, specifically targeting people, human beings.

Okay, let’s start that. but accuse and he’ll lie and accuse and do everything to isolate the saints. Christ reconciles the saints. He does not isolate them. He called them out of the world to a higher standard. You have a lot of people who don’t want that. They’re deeply embedded into the world and they will not break away. Unfortunately, even in the Bible there’s a falling away.

Even in the Bible some don’t make it, right? And there’s truly a remnant at the end. remnant. But that season is upon us. Now here’s the second dream. In fact, I had this last night. Um, well, not even last night, I guess it was yesterday around, well, about the time I was supposed to broadcast. Uh, normally, I don’t know about anybody else, but normally it kind of hits me. I cannot stay awake.

All right. I’m not one to sleep, but when these things happen, it’s almost like, uh, I’m forced to take a seat somewhere. I could be sitting up or anything could happen. And all of a sudden I’m in a dream state. And this one, this one I didn’t like. This one I didn’t, is somewhat odd. I just need you to hear it. I saw all these people preparing. There were bosses everywhere, right? Bosses full of adults, not kids full of adults, school bosses full of adults everywhere. and they were about to go somewhere.

All of a sudden I hear somebody say, it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming, right? And everybody starts running to higher, almost a higher elevation. But I noticed down on the ground, crocodiles started coming out from everywhere, big crocodiles, and people were running for their lives. away from these crocodiles, right? So everybody got up to this place, it was half grass, half concrete, because something was coming. But these crocodiles were all over the place. I mean, big ones trying to get people, they were just specifically focused on people.

When they said it was coming, and I could begin to hear things, they said it was coming, they kept saying it was, and when it came, whatever it was when it came, over the mountainside, gifts, gifts came over the mountainside. These were presents that were wrapped up. Gifts, they were presents, they were wrapped up. They came over the mountain like a tsunami, right? And they started hitting the ground and they were breaking, you know, hitting things. These presents were over, they just overwhelmed everything but these crocodiles were on the ground at the exact same time the presents were.

Now I remember thinking an odd thought. I hope that people are honest And will not you know because some people are not going to be alive to claim these gifts and I hope they get to the right people That’s what I was thinking But everybody was scrambling scared for their lives Taking these crocodiles and I picked up a shovel Because these people these elder people were getting on a bus and I picked up a shovel And I hit the back of two crocodiles and they dent it but they were still You know, mobile, so I hit them again. And they dent it and I said, oh, they can be stopped. They can be stopped.

I remember the one lady saying, yes, they can be stopped. Some can even be killed, but more are coming, right? More are coming, this one lady said that. And well, that wasn’t good. The problem with this dream was, the gifts coming over, coming down like a suit, like a… Avalanche, I’m sorry, just like an ambulance. Presence and avalanche of presence. And what that lets me know almost instantly, because I thought about this still in the dream and almost instantly at a portion of understanding. It was this. This time that we’re in right now. The fears of humanity are coming upon them, right? But not in man’s way.

It’s almost like the fear they imagine the most will come upon them, a fear, a threat. At the same time, an outpouring is also coming at the exact same time. But the season, right? The reason they came down as presence, And it looked like snow coming down was, that had to do with the timing, the timing of it. The season of this happening is near the season people celebrate because people were getting together, families were together, right? For a season, an earthly season, while all of a sudden in conjunction with this season, something else was happening also. So the timing was impeccable because during that season, right?

There are gonna be some massive changes. and outpouring in one way, and enablement, because gifts do not come down in the form of an avalanche, unless something has happened where people can actually, or they actually had a change of heart, something altered within people, they were different, they were acting different. They did not do what I expected them to do in the dream. They were not selfish. They were actually helping one another, but something. something surfaced to attempt to destroy or kill as many as could be killed. And these things were sneaky. If you did not look for these things, you were gone.

You had to know, you had to look for these things. If you did not pay attention to the ground, you were gone because they were sneaky, right? They didn’t make any noises, no growls, no anything. They just happened to be there, right? They started coming out from everywhere. like they woke up from a long sleep. And they had, they made no noises before they would assault someone. And when they, I heard a couple of people attacked. Nobody wants to hear that because it was swift. Then it was over.

So. everybody else was running. I was very disturbing because the sense I got was that this is almost immediate. The unexpected, those crocodiles, those big giant crocodiles were coming out from everywhere. It’s almost like a threat, an impossible threat that will come out from many places during that season. I just want you guys to hear about that, which lets me know that first dream. is nearing almost a closing cycle. I know that people, we always discuss the end times, right? But I want you guys to take note of something. With all the conflicts and wars we have had since Christ, there were certain conflicts where hardly any life was left on the earth. Do you guys know that?

This was since Christ. This is without the Antichrist, without the day of the Lord, life was snuffed out on the face of the earth. We’ve had plagues that consumed large amounts of people that just happened out of nowhere. And to a degree, those plagues are similar or more.

Okay, so you heard that. Very interesting, right? He talks about these adults. These adults are on these buses and he says they’re school buses. So if they’re school buses, that means this is some kind of a public service thing. Not necessarily a good thing. These are all adults. Where are the children? There are no children on these buses.

These are only adults. And believe me, if Chinese soldiers are coming out of the grass, on a given command in the United States, they’re not gonna be looking for kids. They’re gonna be looking for adults because adults are the immediate threat. And if these school buses, if these were school buses that he saw, then these would be school buses that are trying to get people out of given areas. Just come on this here. Here are these buses. Get on these buses and let’s try to get you out of here.

So they’re going to try to get people out of wherever that threat is. Okay. And then someone shouts, it’s coming. They don’t say what it is, but apparently, um, At that same time, that’s when all the crocodiles start showing up. They just start coming from everywhere. And according to Mike, they are specifically killing human beings. They’re not going after dogs or cats or chickens or anything else. They are pursuing people to kill them. Adults. Remember, only adults are in the dream. No children. And then he says these gifts. presents, you know, like Christmas gifts. They start pouring over the hilltops towards the people.

In some cases, they land on people, but the people aren’t stopping to open these gifts. Maybe the people don’t see them. And I think that maybe this represents Christmas. because I mean that’s when most gifts are given is at Christmas and apparently it’s a lot of gifts coming over the hilltop and But all these people are running Everybody’s running nobody cares at all about the gifts.

They’re running because these crocodiles that spring up from nowhere are killing them So he picks up a shovel, Mike in his dream, our vision, where he picks up a shovel and he hits a crocodile in the back with it and he sees that it wounds, it makes a dent, he puts a dent in the croc itself and he says, okay, so these things can be wounded if they can be, and this lady next to him says, yeah, they can be wounded, even killed, but it won’t matter because more are coming. that again plays into my Chinese infantry coming in from the border, crossing this border illegally and they are infantrymen and they’re trained.

It also goes back to the United States military, the Pentagon buying all those AK-47s like train boxcar loans of them a few years ago. And same thing with AK magazines. And they never told anybody why they were buying all those AKs. So I guarantee you. They’re for use in the United States. Remember when Obama hid all that ammunition? Okay, so anyway, these crocs can be wounded and they can be killed, but more are coming. And the crocs just showed up suddenly.

These crocodiles came from everywhere. And it was an immediate appearance and came from many places. And I’m telling you, this is exactly, this is exactly what I’m talking about. With the Chinese soldiers coming across the border of the United States, you better prepare yourself. I am. I’m doing what’s necessary to make myself ready and I’m gonna start scouting for locations where they might be hiding in the next 48 hours. I’ll start scouting.

I could use some help. I could use a drone. If you sell drones and you got a great one and you wanna make some kind of donation, I could use a drone that would save me a lot of time. It needs to be pretty robust, gotta be pretty stout. I live out in, there’s a lot of territory out here. I need to get some altitude and I need to be able to keep it up there for, I don’t know how long. I don’t really know anything about these drones. If I could keep it up there for an hour, that would be awesome. Anyway, thank you. I just wanted to go over this with you.

Wanted to put this excerpt in this podcast so you can hear it. I’m telling you, you need to get ready. I think it’s gonna be this Christmas. I think it’s going to be this Christmas. I think all of a sudden Christmas, because man, you know, if you’re going to surprise attack the United States, then yeah. And yes, I know we got this war thing going on over there in Israel, but more and more Israeli people are saying, you know, that was an inside job, a setup.

They let those Palestinians slaughter those Hamas people. And Hamas is a Hebrew word that means violence. Hamas is not called Hamas because of the Hebrew word. That’s H-A-M-A-S, they stand for something. I can’t remember why. It’s just interesting that the word Hamas is also a common Hebrew word for violence. Hostages or something like that. Hostage takers. And Yahuwah, he’s going to have his way for sure. No doubt about it, that kid Natan in the video that I pushed out a couple of days ago. It’s a repeat.

I put it out again four years ago. But you need to read that transcript. You need to listen to that video. He says Israel loses in two weeks. And I’m getting the people in Israel and also in Europe, the United Kingdom, they’re watching this video. And you can bet they’re having second thoughts. You’re bet you can bet because they according to Natan Nathan the boy 15 years old that died and had division He said Israel loses him in 52 weeks.

They’re done and in two days they were already They couldn’t withstand the enemy at two 48 hours. That’s all they had in them Yeah. Well, we all knew that we were going to live in the end times, didn’t we? We did. We did. We all knew that we were going to be living and live in the end times. And here we are in it. And all of a sudden, it’s not so exciting anymore. Also, pray for Dr. Tom Horn. Dr. Thomas Horn’s in the hospital. He he has a hundred percent blockage of one of the arteries coming up out of his heart into his brain. Hundred percent blockage.

They’ve got a machine doing probably 80% of his heartbeats for him. And he’s very weak. And they had to revive his heart at least twice as of this morning. And I don’t have any more information beyond that, except that he is alive. So please pray for Dr. Thomas Horn. He is a brilliant and beloved man. He is the top of the heap. The cream of the crop, the best of the very best. Yet if Yahuah wants to take him, then he gets to leave early. And that’s good, he deserves his rest.  Absolutely, amen.

Heavenly Father, in the name of Yahusha, lift up everyone who hears me. Ask you to fill them with your Holy Spirit, Heavenly Father, to teach them who you are, to teach them who they are in you, to guide them, to protect them, to look after their finances and their children and their families, Heavenly Father, and give them courage and hope. Make them strong, Heavenly Father, and help them to be supremely confident, richly endowed. with confidence and competence. Help them put together a plan, Heavenly Father.

Help them have the finances to get food and store it. And help me to have the finances to get food and storeable food, Father. We’re going to need it. I see that plainly. And let us rejoice, Heavenly Father, and not live in fear. If we have to go up against the enemy, hallelujah, praise God, Heavenly Father. I’ve got a sharp sword and I am ready to swing it. there are others, Heavenly Father, who are not constituted as I am. They will need some help, help them to organize, help them to form teams, Heavenly Father, of trustworthy people and keep these liars and these lying serpents and these snakes away from us, Heavenly Father.

Shine a bright light in their face, Heavenly Father, and say, these are the liars, these are the betrayers, these are the thieves. These are the destroyers. These are the antichrists. Don’t let them… shine your light on them. Please deal with them as necessary. In the name of Yahusha, I love you, Heavenly Father. You’ve given me life. Look after my children, Heavenly Father. In the name of Yahusha, amen.


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