Podcast: Love – What Did Mary Think When She Watched The Roman Guard Stab Her Divine Son In The Heart?


We all have imagined ourselves loving our persecutors, but how many of us have done it?  How many of can love those who persecute us?  Will we be able to love those who eventually come to arrest us?  Will we forgive the person who drops the guillotine on our neck?  It might be difficult, but we might actually be able to do it.

This is the secret to life and peace in any circumstance.  It is not for us to “win”, but to love.  We will not get through these times with buckets of freeze-dried food and magazines of 5.56 ball.  We might indeed have to fight, but this is Satan’s world and this is the end of it.  Love is the ONLY righteous path, and it begins at home.


The Seven Seals Of The Tribulation 


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