Podcast: Late Night Conversation About Torah, The Elect, Heaven, Tribulation Seals, Death and Hades and The Thrill of Being In Heaven

Late at night I like to talk a little bit about an assortment of biblical and human topics.  We all will face persecution, some of us will be killed, but all who keep the commands and accept Yahusha will enter Heaven.  And Heaven is an astounding place where you will be an incredible person.


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David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
3 months ago

I love you brother Jerry. My heart is full and heavy but in peace despite the war that is raging across this world. A day of lamentations and repentance for God is judging me. May I fall more in love with you Christ today, His Word today and the Torah today cause tomorrow is not guaranteed, this next minute is not guaranteed. Father put in me a burn the fire unwavering to read your Word and to tell the truth no matter the cost. Its time to bend my knees for continued prayer then to bleed and then to die for Your Truth Father, nothing less, no more time. We are Natsarim. Rise up American Christ-following patriot! For the Lord Most High Yahuah. Fight fight fight fight with the Sword of the Spirit. Send me.

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