Podcast: “I Will Send A Powerful Delusion”

The Lord Yahuah will allow church-going people to believe a huge error because they “did not receive the love of the truth.”

2nd Thessalonians 2:10 – “and in all deceit of unrighteousness (the lies that lawlessness is covered by grace) in those being lost (in the process of falling away), because they did not receive (it is offered and taught in the Scriptures – but rejected by the church) the love of the truth in order for them to be saved.”
2Th 2:11 And because of this, God will send to them a working of error, for them to believe the lie, (“a working of error” sounds like a work within the church, a doctrine in the church that is in error and that this error is a lie, not a mistake; a false premise, not a position of sound doctrine.)

What if the delusion has been part of your life for decades?  What is it is part of your basic understanding of the Word?  The word says “in order for them to be saved.”  Think you are?


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9 thoughts on “Podcast: “I Will Send A Powerful Delusion””

  1. Thank you for posting this.
    I am the only one in my life that understands the following of the way to Yahshua HaMashiach .
    If it were not for the truth being available on line I would have been lost to the deception.
    When I try to relate the truth to others in my life, they react badly.
    Thanks Again
    Peace and Shalom

    1. Enoch, we are a very small group within the overall “christian” population, and the Christian doctrine has taught for at least all of my life that the “Old Testament” is essentially a dead book. For the “Jews”, for a “different time”. And think about your journey to Torah. It was a personal leading by the Holy Spirit, right? You responded to the prompting by our Father. Why? Because you received the Love of the Truth, Enoch. The love of the Truth is extremely important, but how many people on earth have that burning desire to know the Truth?


      But I assure you dear brother, everyone who is of the Way has the burning desire to know the Truth. It is a fire that will not go out. We are a very elect band of Natsarim. Many are called, few are Chosen. Able to deceive even the very Elect, if that were possible. To destroy those who keep the commands of Yahuah and have the testimony of Yahusha… Until that which restrains is removed. Two will be gathering grain in a field, and one will be taken…

      Its us, Enoch. I am beginning to believe that it is we of the way who are the restrainer who restrains, which is why Satan comes to destroy specifically us, and why Yahusha calls us out of the world, as in my own vision and also I discovered the same phrase in the bible last week…”to separate the Righteous from the unrighteous”. The righteous are those who seek to obey the commands of Yahuah. The unrighteous are the entire rest of the human population on earth. – to remove that which restrains so that the work can be finished.

      This will also explain why there is controversy over a “rapture” event. Obviously people will be saved during the 7 years, so the Holy Spirit is present and is not the restrainer who leaves. But there is persecution of the church, which implies no rapture. Yet clearly there is some event that removes some people from the battle, and I think it is us, whom I and other call “Natsarim”, or people of the Nazarene.

      Check this out: https://777denny.wordpress.com/2013/12/27/who-are-the-natsarim-the-christians-the-catholics-the-protestants-the-sabbatarians/

      1. 2nd to the last time time I saw you, you cooked Pork steaks there in San Antonio for me and my kids. Meredith and your sons and Rango were there. How was the pork a detractor? And how did we get to a point where our understanding of Yahuahs forgiveness be tied to it? I just don’t get it? No one in the family is making fun of anyone for adhering to the Jewish laws, But. But I can’t believe we have gotten to a point where those pork steaks and that good time with family. The last good time we all had would be Condidered sinful, or Christmas of the 80’s. The tree, the intent. I just don’t get what you mean, and it is disrespectful of your mom and family to think our salvation is any less than yours, or to distance yourself. Pork on a table shared among family lost is family at a table , how would Jesus see less of it? Share show Enoch can see please

        1. Ryan, I appreciate your comment, because it describes precisely what the world sees – a class of believers who are profoundly different from the “Christian” religion. The last time you saw me was over a decade ago, right? In the time since, Yahuah has opened my mind to more Truth. You have no understanding, Ryan. You pursue your own righteousness as defined by your own self. Pork is acceptable to you, but not to Yahuah. Christmas is a fine holiday to you, but not to Yahuah. You accuse me of disrespect to my mother and family, while you have the plank in your own eye – you disrespect Yahuah by rebuking His commands that we keep HIS holy days and that we abstain from even touching pig meat, as well as other items eaten by those in rebellion to His commands.

          And Ryan, my heavenly Father is far more important to me than my mother, my dad, my sisters, my children, my friends and any other thing that exists.

          If you read the Word and if you obeyed His commands, you would be a different and better person. As it is, you continually reject Truth, you do not read the Words, you question Yahuahs’ wisdom, you promote the Babylonian heresy called “Christmas”, which has nothing to do with Yahusha. You question His prohibition of unclean meat and actually argue against Him.

          I cannot continue to explain the same things to you over and over again, Ryan. You must take your ignorance to Yahuah, lay it at His feet and ask Him to give you wisdom and understanding. He is generous and gives in abundance to all who ask. If He does not lift you up, then He has His reasons. Yahusha said that most will not be saved. Maybe you are unsaved. Not all who cry out “Lord Lord did we not cast our demons in your name?” will enter Heaven, Ryan. I have met many “Christians” who had no understanding of Truth whatsoever. They had no relationship with Yahuah at all. They thought they were saved because they were Republicans, or because they live in America or Texas or whatever. The dead. The walking dead. Even the demons believe in Jesus. Belief is not salvation.

          You obviously are not reading the Truth, Ryan. The love of the Truth is not in you.

          Ryan, you have been asking the same questions for years now. Your values are in the flesh. You want what you want. You clearly do not read the Word and you obviously cannot submit yourself to Truth. You question His wisdom. You reject His commands, and you ask me why your life is so miserable.

          You are the reason that I rarely communicate with you. You are not like me, and you fight against Truth. Although this will sting you a bit, you are in fact a thorn in my side, a broken record that forever whines the same lament against the Truth. I will always seek and stand for the Truth, Ryan. The enemies of the Truth are the enemies of God. The enemies of God are the enemies of me.

          The division, Ryan. The separation of the Righteous from the unrighteous. The Righteous are those who keep the commands of Yahuah. You do not.

        2. Rya, Yahuah gave the command for certain foods not to be eaten because they are harmful or can be. Pork is one of the non Cosha foods because people could get ring-worm or other disease from them. Especially if wild boar. You might think it is alright to eat pig now owing to farming methods now and perhaps you are right but pigs are still given rubbish to eat. They are scavenger beasts that will eat anything and from what I heard a while back they are still given junk to eat. The law given the Israelites forbids eating fish that don’t have scales and fins that is because anything that lives on sewage and decaying matter can cause disease like typhoid and other fevers.

  2. Great podcast Jerry…interesting concept about the true believers being the restrainer…definitely something to study out further.

    I sometimes wonder if the terminology that the translaters used may have been a deliberate attack to keep ‘christians/church goers’ from the truth? EG:
    Saved v’s redeemed. They have used the word saved instead of redeemed, which gives christianity not only a false hope, but a lazy and arrogant attitude towards the true message of the Gospel of the Kingdom…aka the rule and reign of Yahweh .

    We are ‘redeemed’ by the blood of the lamb; but as you stated, salvation IS a process.
    He who endures to the end WILL be saved…we must go the trials and tribulations of the testing of ones faith.
    We are to WORK out our salvation with fear and trembling. …work is a hebrew idiom for obedience to Yahweh’s instructions. His voice!
    Also, 1 peter 1:5,9

    Also, I have a 1754 edition of ‘Notes on the NT by Wesley’, and his comment on Matt 5:19 is this, “one of the least 《so accounted by men》- And shall teach 《either by word or example》 – shall be the least 《that is, shall have NO part therein 》 ”
    NO PART!!!! They do not get in, which confirms v17 and ch 7 v23. And the scriptures in revelation.

    And I totally agree….its obedience that gives us strength.

    Stay strong in the Truth.

    1. Great comment, Kate. That word “least” did gain my attention, because I wondered what that word meant. Did it mean saved, but least among those in heaven, or did it mean lost? Nonetheless, we will be amazed at the variety of believers in heaven, for those who love Yahuah will be inclined by the Holy Spirit to walk in the Way, even though most people will not know of the Way. Yah is merciful, wanting to bring in the largest harvest He can obtain.

      But we of the Way have our own mission, which is to guard the Words and act as watchmen in order to guide and warn. Warning all and guiding the called and the chosen into Torah and life. The commands of Yah are sacred. To ignore them makes His Name into nothing, while worshiping His Son.

      “You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve.” – Yahusha, Matt. 4:10.

      Who do we pray to? Only Yahuah – Matt. 6:6 We do not pray to Yahusha, as the Father is greater than Yahusha. He (Yahusha) said that Himself. Disregarding the commands of Ani makes His name into nothing, as Enoch brought up elsewhere. Praying to His Son also makes the name of Ya into nothing, and when we diminish Yahuah we necessarily cover up sin and the consequence of disobedience.

      Yahuah is who we worship, and His commands are holy and sacred, to be obeyed forever. Satan and the children of Satan deny the righteousness of Ya’s commands, and tell the lie that the perfect commands of Yahuah are no longer valid.

      1. Not all people go to heaven. The apostles and faithful tried and tested disciples were taken to heaven. But think of the words in the Prayer Yehoshua gave us ‘Our Father in Heaven is to have his name sanctified over all the earth. And His Kingdom is to Come (to earth) and His will is to be done on earth as it is in heaven. The Son of God is to rule over heaven with His Saints as Revelation 5:9,10-14. There is to be a resurrection of the righteous and the unrighteous Acts 24:15 also if you read Revelation chapters 21 and 22 you will see Yahuah our Creator will be with mankind and death will be no more, mourning outcry and pain will be no more. If we look to Yahuah for Salvation through the Ransom Sacrifice of the Only Begotten Son of God that draws us close to the Father Almighty and he can teach us as John 6:44-47. And we can obtain everlasting life. It will be harder for those who are not inclined towards knowing Yahuah but it doesn’t mean they receive damnation either. It depends on whether a person has a good heart that loves others or if they hate without cause and commit deeds that are wicked and refuse to turn back. I know this because I stood in the presence of God Almighty and did learn what I have written from that time.

        1. I see a mistake I made the Son of God will come to rule over earth with his saints but I wrote ‘heaven’ by mistake.

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