Podcast: I know a Secret.

You have every reason to be wildly excited today, even if its tomorrow or next month when you hear this podcast.  Its so beautiful.  Have a peaceful and glad Sabbath, brothers and sisters. 

Yahusha will surprise you with life is you are His.  Do NOT mess that up.  Obey His Fathers commands and embrace Yahusha as Messiah.


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6 thoughts on “Podcast: I know a Secret.”

  1. Nice listening 2 U. I wear a mask of copper. Supposed to kill virus but at least easily breathe. There is 2001 documentay on la palma possible mega=tsunami. 9-11 is on currency and so is tidal wave over {babylon} NY. thanks

  2. Shabbat Shalom
    I get rid of cold / covid /flue in 2 days with Yarrow .
    LOL about the batteries . Thanks
    Yes Trump Sniveled & he had Years to arrest Soros as well.
    Please have a restful Shabbat and Sukkot up.

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