Podcast: Famine, Floods, War, Giant Military Exercise

Sometimes I feel like the angel of death, delivering more and more tribulation news.  But in my heart I know that I am only warning people by giving them facts that align with the Seven Seals.  The Second Seal will most likely open this fall.  Look for a significant or even catastrophic war to break out in late October, maybe early November.  I look for Seals to open on or near Torah feast dates, and most of them are in the fall.  Some, but less, in spring.

If you will recall, Event 201 happened on October 18, 2019.  Sukkot was 13-20, 2019.  So in the midst of Sukkot, Event 201 was conducted, which started the Corona virus ghost chase and produced the mystery injections.

The First Seal – the white horse rider who came in peace with plans to conquer, wearing a corona and carrying a toxin.


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10 months ago

There will be dense darkness that will fill the earth Matt. 24:29, Joel 2:21; Luke 21:26 vs 24 Jerusalem has been trampled for 75yrs plus. I expect my King and High Priest to come within one year. I hope, whether it is September or October when the 50 yr Jubilee begins. It is 50 yrs since Yahuah again brought his first born into the inhabited earth, Hebrews 1:6 and Revelation 12:5 as well as Luke 1:45, (my translation is correct) which reads “Blessed or Happy too is she that believed, because there will be a complete performance of those things spoken to her from Yahuah. I heard from Yahuah in 1966 and was told about the second coming of our King and High Priest who will rule over earth. Our King, his saints (Rev 5: 9, 10) and the Holy Angels will battle the demonic principalities. This will be the Sons of light against the Sons of Darkness as the D.S.S. and book of Enoch. If you can listen and consider and would like to discuss further after considering the above scriptures and after praying for divine understanding. But it will begin as you say in U.S. just before His Coming.

Thea van der Bij
10 months ago

I am not sure this is the first seal….
Can you add me on Whats App if you are able ? Thea from the Netherlands.
Too tired to type ….sorry. Could be a real prince getting the Crown….

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