Podcast: Christmas, Divorce, Anti-Christs, War

Christmas has no part of Christ in it.  Go figure.  Its a Catholic invention made to attract a broader audience into the “Universal Church”.  When people write “X-mas”, they are actually correct.  So don’t get all blown up over x-mas.  Its a totally made-up lie.

Some conversation on the injections, on war with Ukraine, divorce, money VS Truth, anti-christs everywhere and the simplicity of obedience.

Peace to you, and fellowship.  You are loved.


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4 thoughts on “Podcast: Christmas, Divorce, Anti-Christs, War”

  1. Shalom brother, Thank you for your blog. I can SO relate ! Divorce is horrible. My first, and truly only “real” marriage lasted 32 years. Very painful. But now I know why it had to happen. YAHUAH had to pull me out of it, and away from my kids, to get my undivided attention !!! Praise YAHUAH for YAHUSHA, and for calling me out… Jerald W Richter

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