Pfizer Fever, or “How To Ruin Your Health”

I don’t know about you, but under no circumstances is the fraud Biden going to force a covid injection into me or mine.  This nice woman enjoyed good health before her injection of Pfizer’s magic solution the other day. 

Hank Aaron, the legendary baseball home run king got his first magic injection two weeks ago in order to be an example for other black men, and two weeks later, I guess after he got his second injection, died.

Lots of videos on DuckDuckGo encrypted search for covid vax deaths:

I’m passing on their injections.  Many doctors agree with me.  Covid is not a threat any more than the flu is a threat.  Sick people catch the flu and often die from it.  The mortality rate for 2020 was not much different than it was for any other years, but the globalists chose to destroy the small businesses of the world and cause massive unemployment because of their POLITICAL AMBITIONS.

Global communism, leg by China as the selected model, is the purpose of Covid.  People wearing masks, which are 100 percent ineffective in stopping viruses or bacteria, only make the globalists stronger.  Obviously, the masked people don’t even bother to read or study to discover the truth.

It has to be a gift from God to be free from ignorance.  What a gift, indeed.




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