Pedophilia Being Promoted As Normal

“Scholars” are giving presentations promoting pedophilia as normal behavior.  At some point, I must lose my life fighting the wicked.  I don’t mind.

I do not know when or where these two speakers spoke promoting pedophilia as “normal”.  Looks like a TED Talk.  Maybe it took place in a Christian church.

And this is a copy of an ad that was on Facebook:

Facebook – the cup of inequity for the entire earth.

Wickedness … I am torn to pieces and broken.  Not one cry for righteousness.  The people are becoming worse than animals on a global scale.  People I know, people I love, people who know precisely what I stand for and believe and who I worship and why I worship Him continue to escalate their rebellion and make worse their sin.

A sadness is overwhelming me.  Grief.  Wickedness, the spirit of anti-christ is everywhere.  No one wants to know the truth.  No one seeks Yahuah.  The sticky ooze of darkness and death is on the hands of many around me.

If you pray, pray for me.


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