Parasites Kill The Host. Inaction Guarantees Death.

Originally posted on February 7, 2022 @ 11:39 am is not a political website, although political topics are sometimes commented upon. is a place where I publicly discuss Truth.  Truth is defined and exemplified by the Holy Bible.  It is in fact the only source for Truth on earth, in all the history of mankind on this earth.

Truth is not variable.  Truth is not subject to the whims of expedience.  Truth exists, and Truth is permanent.  Truth is forever and Truth is always the same.  Truth is the solid rock upon which we stand.  There is no gray area.  There is darkness, and there is light.  Truth is that light.  With Truth, one can safely navigate the Way.  Without Truth, death prevails.

Sometimes Truth necessarily collides with government.  This happens when governments abandon Truth, for Truth is the solid rock.  It is the basalt of human discourse.  The cornerstone of life, of justice, of respect.  Without Truth, only death prevails.

There comes a time in every era where governments have wandered so far from Truth that they evolve into pure parasitical organisms.  They feed off the blood of the servile community.  They abandon Truth and indeed, cannot comprehend what Truth might be.  They are a deep shadow of the darkness that, like a dense fog flowing down the hills onto the valley below, overruns cities and towns and states and nations of people.

We live in that time.

Darkness has overtaken us all, world-wide.  There is no nation of justice.  Sin  – violent, bloody, hate-driven and feverish, abounds.  Even in governments.  Especially in governments.  Particularly in the government of America, a one time Truthful nation.

The people are aware that something is wrong.  Those who love Truth, and there are not many of them, understand this fully.  The majority, including the so-called ‘conservatives’ and the liberals and the independents all understand that the nation is failing, but they insist upon political solutions.  It is the perpetual insistence on political solutions that has gotten us into the mess we are in.

We can solve our problems quickly and joyfully by turning to the Truth and abiding in the Word.  We can become righteous people who honor God by  obeying His commands.  That is the only path to victory.  Every other path leads to destruction.

Some talk of civil war.  Some, secession.  Others speak of dividing the nation by red/blue and forming national governments for each.  That is a sure way to bake war into the cake.  Form two opposing factions beside one another and give them rockets, planes and explosives.  Brilliant.

But in this era of wanton parasitism, perhaps the only way to heal the dog is by killing the parasites.   The parasites refuse to abandon the host, knowing fully that abandonment of the host leads defacto to death of the parasite.  Asking the parasite to commit suicide, that is what the people are doing.  They ask the parasitic government to kill itself when the people implore upon the parasite to be less of a parasite while the parasites in the communities demand even more of the hosts’ blood from the parasitic government.

Centrally planned illegal immigration creates a new and enormous pool of new parasites, who will place enormous new parasitic demands on the eagerly willing parasitic government to suck ever more from the blood of the dying host.  This accelerates the death of the host, the parasitic government and the parasitic communities.

What we have in Washington, California, Illinois, New York, Paris, London, Beijing and in countless other nations, states, cities and towns is an infestation of parasites, human beings who feed from the produce of others and offer nothing of equal or greater value in return.  Parasite governments tax the blood from the people who work in order to bribe or satisfy the parasitic communities of people who demand more and more buckets of the hosts blood in exchange for their unearned consumption of the diminishing nutrients available to keep the host alive.

Food availability is rapidly diminishing.

This death spiral will end badly.  Either the parasitic governments will turn their guns on the host in order to obtain more blood for the communities of parasites running rampant within the host, devouring unearned and diminishing resources, or the host will initiate the healing protocols which eliminate the parasites.

In Truth, there is no middle.  There is no gray area.  Parasites will do whatever it takes to survive, up to and including killing the host.  They do not know when to stop, and in fact are necessarily unable to stop.  Paracitism always leads to death of the host.

We are dying.

If the host, which is the people, do not take whatever measures are necessary to rid themselves of the parasitic organisms within it, death comes, and with death comes destruction.  These things are certain.

Jerry W. Davis


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2 years ago

What a powerful post. Halleluyah! Thank you Jerry, Shalom, Kathleen

karla altiero
karla altiero
2 years ago

This all documented in 4 books. All power structures are corrupted.

Jeffrey Belden
Jeffrey Belden
2 years ago

Which version of the bible do you recommend? I’ve read & heard that KJV is corrupted, and wonder your thoughts on this. Also, what day is the day of worship? Sat. Or Sun.

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